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1:14 -flappydad-
3:08 -sup3r ewen-
4:47 -NICHOLLS clips-
5:16 -Shawn Owens-
6:41 -Dutchie Does-
7:50 -Dutchie Does-
8:07 -Z BG-

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That first biker was really tough. He chased those women down and bent their mirror like a boss......
The Caviar Man
6:10 Nick & Nate Diaz
Ivan Raskovic the end those fucking fuck them up you fucking biker pussy, you fucking talked it? You fucking bitch fuck you m..fucking disappointment
madbob gaming
There’s one from where I live at 4:40 in Taunton next to the police station πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cucky cuckcuck
How is this a smash mirror compilation??
runescapeNINJAs101 boiii
Click bait only one mirror was hit don't waste your time with this shit vid
It's Dinky
1:25 YBR Lifeeeeeeeeee, coz its cheap an im broke
Cyber Vacke
You cant drive bike on mid of line and juge sombody at "BAD DRIVING"pls drive normas no in mid , ALSO VERY GOOD GUYS ☺
best part of this vid was tim meadows
10:00 Savage fight.
Abdulellah Altassan
One broken mirror WTF!!
bob dole
Getting tired of these, "biker smash mirror" with 1 mirror smashed...
Not GlitchD
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Thank you
There is moronic drivers in everything, cars, bikes, lorries etc.. Alot of Bikers though seem to have a major chip or self entitlement, don't get me wrong, there was stupid car drivers in this, but the attitude of some of the bikers is just pathetic.
Chris Elias
Some of these people have some shitty ass bikes lol. Tf is you riding ?
Wade Wilson
0:29 lol πŸ˜‚
Chase Wuelfing
This video only had one good mirror smashing.
Mr. Calcifer
Seems like the title should be vise versa

Angry sensitive who gets mad over small things bikers vs drivers
Faith Jason
The guy at the end drives at a fast pace into there blind spot then sits there swerving back and forth until they change lanes LIKE WTF?!?!???
King Koopa
Some of these bikers are wrong though XD!
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
8:20 is crazy
Brokky 86
Holy shit last clips prove there are still human behind the wheel
The second one is just an idiot
I've watched tons of motor rage videos now and the last spot showed the first nice american reaction :0
ahpek senhau
i love bikers
ahpek senhau
The people on 9:23 are nice I don't think I could ever get mad or stop them for anything
Jay Guerrero
I like that ending
Mark Cherrett
they hit the mirrors and then ride of because they are pussys
Tyler4life 112342
Half of these don't have mirror smashing in them what the FUCK
Latte Cup
Misleading title
last guy was awesome because he has that t-shirt
Swole Astronomer
The last one is how civil people discuss their mistakes honestly.
Mohd Hadi Aiman
The last one, the man on bike was so lucky that the accident didnt hurt his hand
Nimi Chan
you are learning so you should fucking die in an accident caused by some dickhead. according to this guy 4:35
8:10 This is why you wanna stay on the ride side of the left lane so you are visible. And never hang around someone's blind spot. Either go fast or hang back.
"Lucky I was in a good mood." Dumbass shouldn't drive in the middle of the fucking lanes.
Tyler Robbins
When bikers think they can skip traffic by driving on the lines. Lol i wouldnt let you threw either
Anni Redfield
I like bikers, they can be cool but they can also be delicate as fuck and overreact.
Michael Bahynurey
those bikers are so fuckin overreacting,if all that moment happen in my country nobody will get angry
Steel Heart
Some of the bikers where sensitive af for nothing
Zem Magsumbol
That girl with the marijuana lol
MLG cGeniuss
Motorcycle = blind spots lol
Bartosz Brzozowski
I thought the title should be right ...
Bok bok Marshal
This is titled as a bikers smash mirror compilation but it doesn't show much bikers smashing mirrors
hassan gamerz100
Yooo 8:17
Csongor RΓ‘dai
Mirror smashes?! No!! The video have 2-4 mirror smashes!!! CLICKBAIT
Kamyaputra Iswarapranidhana
Apart from 3:50 6:50 and 8:15, y'all bunch of pussy riders. Getting easily pissed by the little things. Smh.
hasib dreyar
foken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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