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1:14 -flappydad-
3:08 -sup3r ewen-
4:47 -NICHOLLS clips-
5:16 -Shawn Owens-
6:41 -Dutchie Does-
7:50 -Dutchie Does-
8:07 -Z BG-

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Moto Sapien
What's up with these pussies telling people "You're on Camera"
Bolt Thunder
Coffee Beans
mirror smashing is dumb, you want them to watch for you guys but your gonna smash there damn mirrors. people pay ALOT for cars. its completely stupid. stop behaving like a child smashing mailboxes and handle the situation like a real man
Jorge Cortez
I see a bunch of mortosycals and think coooool!
Bikers are pretty much at 8 out of 10 times in this video
Victor Vargas
this was done vary well .
Syed Maisum
3:00 ; love that british/scottish accent!
Mitchell Lymon
The bikers are breaking the law.
Fair Judgement
Bikers are idiots that think drivers must part like the red Sea to let them through. You can have me on you shitty little cam but if we collide your ass is getting fucked up not mine.
The guys at the end were the most amazing Respect full ppl I have ever seen before
Wonosalam bro
this video show bikers who are arrogant stupid...
Dominick S
Bikers need to remember they are not cars
Seth brough
That girl was smoking weed 😂
Lotte Maes
Output above United vdstoic course progress by proper deal
christmas tree
Itwired that the bikers break the other people's mirrors likemif you agree
abderrahim yajid
Bikers and cars make mistakes. That's why when you drive you account for other drivers fuck ups.
Bikers have you ever heard of defensive driving?!!!
just lost in the net
The people at the end is the least and how everyone should act after nearly killing someone ..x
Frank Sauvageot
Biker friends I know don't cry like this.
Phil Brenner
4:30 Monkey business!
Arindam Roy
So bikers are not supposed to yield even when they see a turn signal...bitched
Ken Desjarlais
most bikers are whiners, entitled to the whole road, bitchin cuz someone passes them?
sway Bruton
they deffinetly deserved that so welldone to all the people that smashed the car mirros
Stephen edwards
your a fuckin idiot....break the road rules then bitch moan about others doing it
D&R best
سيناريتو Gamez
عاشت ايدك
7:35 rly?!?
A f*cking joint?!?
i dont see any windows being broken thats a dislike
Sandy Prawira
Most of the bikers in this video are idiots
Zigor Doritos
In the first one, the girl just speedup like ALL THE FUCKING BIKERS DO
Jewell Force
I thought you were nice people
Matthew Mayhem
I've noticed more and more in these videos (which I'm a fan of) that the majority of bikers bitch and moan about trivial things. Some even overreact. I'm for bikes, my dream is a Kawasaki Ninja 650, but come on... when you ride a bike, you're taking a risk. You have to be as observant as a car driver. If you're going 80 mph in a 60 mph lane, and a car switches over quite a few car lengths ahead of you, perhaps you're in the wrong if there's an accident or close-to. Lane-splitting is also very dangerous, so maybe slow down when you're doing it -- you don't have to go 40 mph in the middle.
Glad there were only like 2 mirrors smashed..
B. Stevens
Last people are cool
Jennifer Conklin
7:30 is that weed?!!!
Harrison O’Farrell
That was F
bigmack lad
That last couple were awesome 😎 how nice they were
I always love how the passenger has a problem too. You ain't driving, so shut your fucking mouth. And besides, if you are a passenger and riding with a driver driving like a dickhead, say something to the driver.
Taylor Lords
10:30 is nice to see. No matter how careful you are, sometimes you lose your concentration for a split second, or something gets through and it just happens. Nobody got hurt, nobody started a fight, both walked away from it more aware of their surroundings for next time, regardless of who was at fault. Eyes in the back of your head, folks!
Hoang Tran
I like smashing part
It’s not very often you find people like the last guy..
Bálint Verebélyi
The last one just gave back my faith in the humanity!!! Damn. That's needed to my soul!!! :)
Sekai Ni Heiwa
fucking dumb these bikers "its one lane " :) LOL what an idiot
I also ride a bike, but to shout that because someone is on his lane and you cant pass through the lanes (which is illegal!), is like an asshole wod act. He had only to say: hey dude, can i pass?
renz ramido
Saw what you did with that man in a white car. You are the asshole here you fucktard. You have lots of space on the side of the road for overtaking. He should be the one asking if you think you're proud. Becareful cause you're an ass. I hope you don't get shot on the face.
9:30 100% canadian♥️💕🍁
Austin Graham
It's a nigger in a BMW funny thing about I had 1991 GMC truck I ran over a bmw with a black nigger in it
Vishal Pandey
8:23 mf biker was on blind spot
Khaos ElFeo
First video The Guy Doesn’t Smash the mirror he just bends it back , she can easily bend it back lol
Edwin De La Cruz
I don't know but some of these bikers splitting lanes and cutting to the front is not cool
Cool man
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