If You Couldn't Stack Items in Minecraft

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Imagine you were playing Minecraft... then you noticed something a little different. You can't stack items anymore. How difficult would playing Minecraft be with this minor change? Time to find out....

Actors: DA_SLAYER1, iBeCaptainPiggy, creeper321448, ZephPlayz, Sqarkz, Shird

What would you do if this Minecraft update was real? What would be the worst part of it in your opinion?

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Pinggu Jimmy
how do i join ur team
Libres Gelyn
i dont have it
Jesus Alvarado
Added fire to control her
Blue Hunter
Ok on the dragon city thingy I have the game and will join u I'll try my best I have legendary dragons on lvl 35 I'll be there
ActionJackson O
this reminds me of food in the alpha days in minecraft
Shamima Islam
can you play clahs royel
Chong wai teng
if minecraft was created by Explodingtnt
Tuấn Anh Trần
Josh Alaban
you play that i hack that with lucky phacher
Cj Garrido
what if you make a "if there is a cleanliness bar in minecraft"
DubAlex 25
No hurt feeling everybody but I think ROBLOX is better that minecraft. Because ROBLOX is free and you can add friends and chat to them and ROBLOX has thousands of diffirrent kinds of games. But minecraft thay dont have that. Sorry minecraft. If people have to vote Minecarft or ROBLOX I would vote ROBLOX. And also because minecraft is bloxy and not that realistic.
make a video called of Disney was in minecraft
Nathan Bass
Hey guys, if you need help, here it is. The best part is at 0:00. Thank me later.
Andrew Calsado
Explodingtnt that was me and my name is Kyle
Andrew Calsado
Kyle"explodingtnt!!! Which game is better? Minecraft(pe),roblox or the greatest game ever... PIXEL GUN 3D as the same as minecraft
Andrew Calsado
My name is Kyle and..... hey!!! You can't do that to Explodingtnt's cheese... i'll make a new update from mojang office and no more diamonds, no more ores, no more multiplayers, no more portals, no more wood, no more saplings, no more animals, and no more anything from..... MINECRAFT... AND DON'T BURN UP EXPLODINGTNT'S CHEESE 🧀 OR I WILL DESTROY YOUR........ MINECRAFT.... right tnt?🙂:)))
Joey Link
dun Dun DUN
Joey Link
And join the surelle killers
Joey Link
Pig(gig mi soum mli)
If pink sheep turned white
JohnPaul - Roblox & More
No holding one thing at a time is not realistic SO You should make it so you can hold 2 items at a time
Game Beast
Why are you playing dragon city
Marby Mic
ExplodingTNT can u make if night mod can't get burn in day????
Ziad ال لعب جمىلة كىف ىمكن تحمىل العب Ahmed
what are you talking about riley GD?
Sher 11
Video starts at 1:37 i wish this will help you
if you couldn't sleep in minecraft plss
why mouses are not in minecraft
hi explodingtnt i am gonna join on your team in dragoncity
Hyasmine Bonzon
If Justin Bieber took over the minecraft
Huxley simangan
im dowloudint it pink sheep
Stacie Love
If there is heaven in mc
Shawnea Greene
Do if Minecraft only had McDonald's restaurant's!
John Doe
Make part 19 or else Your cheese is poisoned
Gregory Mann
Im on disco ninjas with vanossgaming
Alexa Chavira
if tv characters could play MINECRAFT!!!😲😲😂😋😇😀
I joined the cereal killers
Andries van der Merwe
If EVERY thing was a portol
Idea: If explodingtnt and pink sheep switch body
Christian Espineli
if ores doesent exist
Rustie Kim
This is a Minecraft Video and i got a Minecraft ad how unfortunate
roblox and more
is that sub with exploding tnt
cringe kanava
hey tnt play monster legends
Matthew Docherty
i joined cearel killers
Saimir Hoti
You play dragon City 😨 OMG 😱
progamer 999
Can u do if player's and pets swap like this if u agree
Aidan Paul
listen ExplodingTNT Warren King she is about to get down revenge and trust me there are other seats red sheep Black Sheep green sheep Black Sheep bound to get revenge and blow up and see Origins and kill you not and everybody Minecraft so you must listen to say them see Origins and Minecraft you must team up with black sheep red sheep and purple Shep which I think what you would be a bad idea but still Ender Dragon Crystal sheep they'll boot here Brian not other people that you know but still we need to feed MC Origins plus Minecraft and I know I haven't been on your server but I know so much about this is a warning you must be prepared for empty Origins a video of people
Assassin Reig
why ghost don't exist in Minecraft
That girl behind2004
If you couldn't kill anything in Minecraft :p
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