If You Couldn't Stack Items in Minecraft

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Imagine you were playing Minecraft... then you noticed something a little different. You can't stack items anymore. How difficult would playing Minecraft be with this minor change? Time to find out....

Actors: DA_SLAYER1, iBeCaptainPiggy, creeper321448, ZephPlayz, Sqarkz, Shird

What would you do if this Minecraft update was real? What would be the worst part of it in your opinion?

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Client Mackenzie Calledo
Jendrick Pallera
If there is a new dimension
Amir Shell
Stacking 1 block used to be a thing in minecraft
Brandon Servis
Well... Now we have shulker boxes which makes it so you can hold much more!
Kade Haviland
So with the use of Shulker boxes and the off hand slot you can actually hold 85,248 items on your person at one time.
Coming to help u cereal killers!
Nadri Pelinku
Prestonplayz Lover
Preston and Lachlan I can't believe it I'm definitely downloading it and join your team 🙅‍♂️ double dab
Make videos of dragon city then will install it
hello Moroña
If a Realistic Graphics Was Added To Minecraft -Red
Williette Filsaime
Peggy Silveira
Mjlynn Ramos
if deadbush were removed in minecraft..like if you agree
Drus 13
I want to join ur team after i got many dragons and i am in lvl. 13 on Dragon City i like Preston so CEREAL KILLERS
robert haga
if invinsible mode was added MINECRAFT
robert haga
Zara Lau Bei Ni
I dont have enough gems in dragon city 🙁
Joe Costilla
Diamond and emerald switch places
Victor Laskowski
/ \
| R.I.P |
| All The Doritos And Mountain |
| Dew That Despawned, You Will |
| Always Be Remembered In Pink|
| Mustache :''( |
| 1 Like = 1 Respect For Those |
| Poor Things |
Kobra Tag
I play dragon city and I help!
Dogu Demircioglu
Paps dragon?!?
sachin bhagat
if we need to start our MC world in nether
JJ Gaming
If everybody was a noob
Noob dude
why would you kill cereal? :( poor poor cereal
Herokiki06 Herokiki06
If fish and rain swapped places
In minecraft
The RealKobiPlays
Erika Garcia
Kaye Oliver
If Kpop group(male/female) added in Minecraft even their music
Ace Hongayo
Ace Hongayo
Sheilla Abrigo
If exploding tnt has on creative mode
Jonas gaming
If dragon city played minecraft
Billy The Big Fat Gamer
i will join my own team thank you verry much
Devon Batiste
Can ya do a reaction? I wanna hear your voice
Tomek Chomczynski
Of course PurpleShep is an alien 👽 because he is from the End
Charlie Roper
If you couldn't make new woulds in mincraft
Charlie Roper
If you coudn't make any new woulda
Sebastian Whittingham
This was done on my birthday
Shaky Haikel
Exploding tnt make new vids pls
hussain 12
I love!!!! doritoaes
Sergio Aparicio
If a "you died" Block was aded to minecraft
Dear Fairilu Supreme Leader Lip Fairilu
You forgot you can stack them in a chest
Johnny Joseph
Let me join no let everyone join and when it fills up we will make cereal killers 2 and on and on you get it cereal killers most build a army for tournaments and not fight each other
Claire Otrin
OMG you pared up with preston and lachlan!!!!!!!! Wooooooowowowowwwwwww😁😁😁😁😁😁
Mixed Gamer
Hey Exploding.... it would make my YEAR if I could be in a video with you. What can I do to make that happen
Cora McLeod
Well I already have Dragon City and I love it but I have no idea what you're talking about
Ezeck Kiel Sotor
If notch and herobrine switch places
Janella Cruz
I already downloaded this game (DragaonCity) and im level 16. I have 897650 Coins and 450 Gems. 44445 Food. Lolz im so good at this game!
Perlita Lopez
I will never delete my dragon city because i will miss my dragons
Perlita Lopez
If minecraft take over the roblox
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