Francisca aparecida silva rodrigues rodrigues
Dana Chomik
Nadia Langtoo
I love it 💞💕
Nadia Langtoo
I love it 💞💕
Daisy Perez-Tzintzun
Do you want to be my boyfriend yes or no
david Myrick
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS A kid this young should not be singing this song this might actullay ruin outcast for me.
Саша Токар
Felicia Shu
Good you tuber
leigh troubridge
mapkios mapkinios
A hhhhhhhhhhh •••••••••••• I Iove MB
Nancy Perez
Omg pls tell me there isn't going to be another JUSTIN beiber
cringe .-.i can't see this
Mackenzie Vance
I love you maddyb
Nicole Boeff Staudt
Que boy lindo de mais quem acha curte
Anusi Freje
Ana levi
You suck
Maria Valencia
I love you like if you agree
Jamie bluemel
Alvin and the chipmunks Chipettes
Cool video I'm just 7 to like this and have my own channel
Scarlett upfold
I love you👫😍😘
Carmen Genovez
Alma Guzmán
soy Azul
Alma Guzmán
hola te quiero mati
world star regect
Your a savage matty b is fucking gay
Natalie Myers
You are cute matt
Louidy Noel
I just love Matty B's my favorite person I watch him all the time
am lieing
Whos watching matty b old vedios now to see how he got famous😂😂
It's so bad it's funny and that makes it that much more disrespectful.
Yesica Mena
Savali Amosa
So sad
Jp Paraños
Hi Matty b
Gerardo Velazquez
Wolfy da Nexo Wolf
Wut is Dis shit
Lulu Moreno
why did you ruin such a classic.
Merissa Peralta
i love this song
TW-Gamer 12
This little peace oft shit ...
John Gibbons
Zircon is my city
Gonzalo Galarreta
is beutifull 👋👋👋👋👏👏👏👏👏
Sergio Figueroa
Me gusto
Hugh Reed
This is so terrible I don't even feel angry. I just feel empty inside
į d̾ęşţŗǫƴ ķįd̾ş įŋ ɠţą5
This kid just stole Outkasts views that's why he has over 98mil views and this retard have over 147mil views
Jorge Arias
Paris Johnson
Love. you
Angie Morales
Soy angie
Emma Smithkyyw
I feel sorry for you
Ferdifedi Ferdi2
Yarleni Moreno
I love u
Caylee Wilson
You are cut
Mara Lopez
i like the original one betta
Seth Mutz
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