David Dobrik
Guys I just want to make it clear that when we interview Dom and his girls none of that is scripted and neither are the big long bits where everyone is talking ya feel
i remember this was the first vlog i watched with josh in it and i was like asdfghjkl dats da funny one from drake and josh
Matt Barakat
Josh Emery
Corinas feet looked really nice 👣
Hunter Nelson
seth looks like sebastian haller
A. Roo
I haven't noticed until now, Charlie and wyatt in the background when they were doing the cockroach thing
Lily 218
3:33 wow😂
Awkward Girl With Glasses
Charlie and Wyatt are just there in the back
Nerdy Llama
0:45 Jason’s kids Charlie and Wyatt are in the back lol
Fandom Lord
0:39 yo Jason's kids in the back ground in dying😂😂😂😂😂
Yazmin Uribe
Jason's kids in the back at 0:25!!!! I choked💀💀💀
Just realized the kids were in the back.
Mattilyn Evans
JASONS KIDS IN THE BACK LOL (during the cockroach bit)
This may be stupid to ask but does Jason really have kids ?
Idk Jj
Rip jason💀😂
Superboy 216
Sorry the person who got a cockroach in his mouth cause he could die, R.I.P if he does
Danica Degoma
Jason:hows your mom looking nowadays
Lauren:my mom passed away
???: it was at this moment that he knew...he fucked up
Cierra Downing
Omg I never noticed Charlie and Wyatt just setting in the back like there at the kids table and the grown-ups are talking 😂
Mishani Hitchcock
I see Jason's kids in the background
Max and Tom's Channel
Poor cockroach lol
Julianna Jakubiak
Anyone else see Jason’s kids in the back?
Wee Em
0:33 using bad language in front of kids 😂😂
She wolf Pack
Natalie Bentos-pereira
At 36 seconds you can just see Jason's kids sitting in the background 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Jasons kids in the back
Myranda Beltran
I live in MN
Ella McPeake
Wyatt and Charlie in the background though
Eric Flores
Anyone notice Jason’s kids just sitting in the back
Zara Miranda
Do the cockroach challenge Jason’s kids in the background
Next day:
Wyatt:hey wanna play a game
pulls out the tube and a bag of cockroaches
Cat Cereal Box
Jason's face when she said her mom passed away😭 his face looked so gently
Slouchy Why
You can tell she wanted to say she was vegan
Tahlia Jolly
Haha Jason's kids in the corner watching it go down
sir octopus
I like how Jason’s kids are in the background
It's Okainator
Did anyone notice the kids
It's ya girl Sammy
Did anyone notice Jason’s kids in the back hahaha
Sydney Mueller
I love how Jason’s kids were in the background just watching it all go down
Rakul Í dali
omg i just saw jasons kids in the background in the cockroach scene!!
Cory Alvarez
Jason's kids are in the back 😂😂
spider pig
Jasons kids in the back
Lemon lime Tea
At 0:26 on the chairs it looks like kids in the background
Kyra Faith
Did anyone else see Jason's kids in the back
Dang okay
Amy Tran
0:42 it’s sad that Jason’s kids are sitting in the corner watching all of this unfold
Shalu Mishra
Omg the poor kids in the back hahaha feel sad for them
carlos jpartida
I love how Jason's kids are just away in the background sitting
david guttenbeil
Who else sees jasons kids in the background? 😂
Ayden Denny
I love how Jason's kids are just in the back chilling and listening to the adults
david dobrik trash
Sabirah Gallie
I've never seen Scott or Kristin at the apartment or together with Dom
Rubi Becirevic
i feel so bad for jason's kids in the background of he group
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