Markiplier SLAPPED by PewDiePie and JackSepticEye

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Sorry for the delay of uploads! Currently in New York for a creator summit so as punishment here are a few friends slapping me in the face!
PewDiePie β–Ί
Green PewDiePie β–Ί

Isabel Trillo
Jack and Mark: Fuck Septiplyer
They hug afterwards
Macy Romero-Craft
Please Tell Meh No One Is Going To Ship Mark & Jack Harder Please!!!!!!!!!!!!! >~< I Ship Them With Their Girl Friends And Sorry To People Out There Who Ship Mark & Jack And BTW This Video Was Funny As Heck!! XD
Pugs4lfe 22
I love that baby voice thing mark did when jack hugged him he was like "awwee itssokieeee"
darkassassin 4730
Mark: If i don't upload tomorrow they get to slap me on the ass
jack: OOOO don't upload tomorrow
The Galaxy cosmos
did anyone just put their hand to their heart when mark said septiplier is dead? I thought it was so freaking ADORABLE when after the slap Jack when over and hugged mark out of the kindness of his heart. we all know Jack didn't want to slap mark.
Cory Chee
Sean is so precious
Pokken Pro
How did pewdiepie become santa
Sydneys World
Septiplier😍😭😍😍😍Lol jking XD
Daniel Phantom
mark: Septiplier is dead, I will never be your boyfriend!
me: NOOOOOOOO! MARK, WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT! ( my inner fangirl died alittle when he said that😣!!!)😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
Kitten Tuber
BooDues Gaming
Pewds had a beard???!!!
Rachel Obenschain
That looks like something pewdiepie would do
SEPTIPLIER !It still lives on in my heart...
alex martinez
Who ships jacksepticeye x markipleir?
1:19 Oh my god, Septiplier? Are you ok? Oh my god, I think he's dead!
1:33 Phew, he's alive...
dat ending tho
Alyssa D
I actually died at the end 2:06
Y Mark he is the best there,noooooo
The Darkness
I remember this bless
Alpha Ms
Mark:If I don't upload tomorrow then they'll slap me on the ass

jackaboy:Ooo,Don't upload tomorrow!

Septiplier???? maybe no?
Djoudie Alexander
the getting slaped video has 7m views ! 😁😁😁
Panic! In Jorvik
Waiitttt after jack slapped him did jack say"love u.." ?!
Rebecca Puffenbarger
"septiplier is dead" jack instantly slaps mark
Destiny Myers
Brayan Yahir Sanchez
Hi im Brayan en im your fan ceep duweng vedosπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
teen 24/7
they both say i love you in fanfic
Hunter FDemon
Septiplier yes the hug
Bianca Cura
1:22 Look at how mad Jack got after hearing that!
Meloetta Moon
1:54 Listen closely to what Jack said
I laughed so hard what I heard
Skippy Boi
wait...jack wants to hit mark on the booty? i thought it was dead and then he said dont upload tommorrow...hmmmmmmmmm 😢😢😢
Skippy Boi
"FUKIN FUCK SEPTIPLIER" (srry i cant stop ze fangurlingning)
Skippy Boi
DID JACK SAY HE DIDN'T WANT MARK'S SMITTEN FACE TO HIT THE TING?!?!? (lel probably. chill out tho)
Azul Pastel Le tiny werewolf child
Mark: Septiplier is dead
Me: * Eye glows * BITCH WHAT?!
paperjam sans
septicplier rises from the grave
I love seeing Mark in pain!!...after he said that ceptiplier was never going to be a real thing
Mark: comedy

Jack( Sean ) : energy

Pewdiepie ( Felix ) : king
Unusually Abigail
Boredom 1000
Mark- Maybe I can get them to slap me on the ass tomorrow!
Jack- Owwhhhh don't upload tomorrow.
septiplier fans: YES!
Jelix Fans: NO!
Me: Has trouble deciding on amyplier, septiishu, Melix, Septiplier, Or Jelix
Perla Ramirez
jack is to much of a lil sweet Irish potato
Spencer Lu
Look at the description...

Emily Del Rio
I'm so mean if I get the chance to slap someone I would SLAP them really hard πŸ˜‚
Emily Del Rio
mark : septiplier is dead I will never be your boyfriend

jack : * SLAP * TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I WISH also SEPTIPLIER AWAY it's like he is mad he said that 😁
amanda brotherton
Pewds: I don't care at all

Jack:I'm so ooooooooooo sorry
Kitty Kate
jack is so cute!!
Fiesty Fox
Markiplier: Maybe I can get them to slap my ass tomorrow

Pewdz: wtf jack
Emmy Bean
mark and jack hug anyway
Anna Art Princess
Hey don't wory Jack,Mark's subscribers is your subscribers too because Mark is making more than 10 videos with you and somebody likes you i like and Mark and you Jack and Felix tooπŸ˜‰
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