Comic Relief
Watch out for the full sketch on the big #RedNoseDay night.
I can't wait for the new series
niclas arnold
thousand Catholic prior workshop century buddy disability representative refuse act.
bumboclaat rude boy
Dragonflay NeedtoCry
haha always love this :D
James Perera
was this video real or its just some joke no offence
James Perera
was this video real or its just some joke no offence
Marques Jones
Beats kills me
Dan McPhearson
3 likes and I ask out my curhs
Taga Bukid
What was that?
if he says stop again i will will scream why is he treating ed like that
ed is ginger and who cares gingers are people they better stop treating ed like that. ed sheeran is my favourite singer
ballet girl 007
ed is so adorable and innocent
Fridda Irene
I want to cry with this video...Ed is my angel!
Tran Lee
I only came here for ED!!
I know this is a skit but I felt so bad for ed loool
Zara H
You guys don't understand how much times I have seen ed wear that top
FireStrike [Gaming and More]
ed is so good at acting at being like upset and 'left out'
Zsack Brayley
"he's ginger thats the whitest you can get, end of the spectrum" hahahahaa im dead
Hybrid Driver and Wholefoods Shopper
Jimmy Danger
Kurupt? Ed? Chabuddz is the biggest star in that room
Hari Lakhani
cant fing the second part
11000921 Bournville College
+comicrelief yes Ed big up Γ· my baby ginger boy ahw.πŸ’–
Ginger lives matter. LOL
Anna Loika
Ginger lives matter πŸ˜‚
Emianna Corona
i hated those guys as soon as they started to make fun of Ed Sheeran.... Almost broke my ipod, throwing it around...
Kellie Satta
Love it... Lmao.. Ppl who just do nothing banging show
Spot on!
Lucas 2
I'm english and I don't find this funny at all. British comedy is stuff like Monty Python, Blackadder, Fawlty towers, Dads army.
Eliya Briand
It made me cringe so hard when Ed went to shake their hands but they just left his hand waiting in the air and just continued without shaking it. The cringe level is more than i could handle.
Josh youare
came here to read the comments from americans/little girls who don't understand the video. hilarious stuff. I advice anyone in need of a smile to have a quick scroll...
Priyanka S
this shows how weird certain people's taste is
K . H
It's so funny how Ed acts in his skits .He acts so innocent here but seems rude in his skit with Casper Lee .πŸ˜„
Grace Doyle
Idiots I love Ed sheeran
Brett Watkins
when he said blow back you could tell ed was trying not to crack up
Alexis Simmonds
You guys are mean
ED SHAARAN¨s handshake -_-
omg awkward handshake at 1:04
Jed Davis
It's only bloody ed sheerer πŸ˜‚
Livie Gee
Mr Numba 1
this genius yet its gonna go over the heads if so many people. a shame
Nick Milligan
Ed Sheeran looks so lost in this video
Josh Pickles
People just do nothing is so underrated. Great to see it getting recognition. Karupt!
Jack Chapman
Can this just be pinned for everyone to see

I love you yanks over the pond, but you will not ever understand our dry dry dry dry dry dry humour. We don't need canned laughter or slapstick to find things funny. This is literally British humour down to a t.
Nana Tsakiridis
Pure comedy.

Edit: The way Ed is sitting at 2:57 is so cute lol
Thought the vid was gonna be some kids and ed just doin nothing
Is that fueled by ramen
Lulu Barr
XaSsAsIn 120
U better kill them four people did you see ed sheerans face shanos
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