DIY- Make your own cheek stain!

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BLOG that I saw the deodorant idea from:

Julia Peng
Shauna Madle
Who is watching in 2017
Hannah Patterson
love your videos.
Bakhodur Mamashev
I love you rachel you look beautiful at makeup p
Camryn Chaco
We ❤ you Rachel!
Jenny Trinh
Who is watching in 2018
Rachel Dodge
Do you have to use glycerin or can you use something else And my name is also Rachel
Karen Cao
Why does she only have 3.7 million follower on intagram
harini Subashini
so nice
Ava Wagner
Hi Bob
Jasmine Nguyen
Molly Morrison
Watching in 2017 so sad
agatha mazengera
do you like juju on the bet
I would never waste THREE chapsicks probably 1/2 of a chapstick
Bob has no friends 1 like one friend
JenniferJelly Rose
what is the use she literalLy just use 3 chapstick
Nicole Rebello
can u do diy life hacks plz
Sahara Tasker
the thumbnail looked liked a cupcake icing
Roxy 4x
Elena Gheorghe feat. Glanze-Ecou!
Who's bob
Whats cheek stain? Im only 11..
MyLittleChannel X
When she opened the deodorant stick, did it remind anyone else of diary of a wimpy kid when some kid ate half a stick of deodorant to go home from a school trip where Silas scratch was 😂 😂
Melinda Lawlor
Rachel rocked that thumbnail👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Juanita Becerril
Rachel I am your fan 😮😮💋👄❤💙💚💛💜💔💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👍👙💰👢💄👚👗👜💲💳🐕🐶🐰🐩🐥🐣I love you
Ishita Roy
I don't have a microwave at home. So where o I need to boil it.
Aaaaflac Duck
or just mix vaseline w blush
Anne Santos
The chopsticks DIED'!
hi my name is Bella
john grisales
hello kitty
I added u snapchat
1121angel123 Angel
How many minutes do you put it in the freezer for
Lucy H.
Who is watching in 2017??
Paula Richardson
deodorant sorrrrrrrry
Paula Richardson
i have the same doeoderent
Sophia's SUPER Corner
Hey RACHEL. I am here commenting for your 2017 COLLABAWAY! I have commented alot on your insta. Please pick me for the collab. I live in Florida and on my channel we would do a challenge!! My name is Sophia BTW. PLEASE PICK ME!!!
Trish cardella
hi rachel
PuppyLovez Maliha
vanessa brown
yoou said do dod near the end of your vid
vanessa brown
yoou said do dod near the end of your vid
Layla Riley
rel cheek stain
Layla Riley
rel cheek stain
sup its jacky
Did anybody else notice that at 3:50 she said do do
Maria Gonzalez
I have the same microwave as u
A Roswech
Bob is bored
Amy N Georgie
I made a different sort of cheek stain using my a broken blush and vegetable oil
Addi Cakes
Do DIY edible rings
Samyat Consin
You are the best person
Sanj Ali
Your so amazing
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