DIY- Make your own cheek stain!

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BLOG that I saw the deodorant idea from:

Duaa Al-
Gionee G33
the song used to be my favorite!
Elizabeth Kiser
miss river
İ make bronser ...its very beautiful. thankss
Melanie Arteaga

Maria Martinez
Sup Bro
Rukiya bintha
Ewww you are so messy
The Sparkling Unicorn
Juan Buestan
all peolp are the best.
Lucy Browell
Kine Bjørkheim
Itt really bothers me how she put the old deoderant in the top/cap after she took it out of the container... (I'm a perfectionist, is that eaven a word? Idk #Norwegian )((Sorry for bad english, dont comment on mistakes ive written..))((( i had to write it.. cause youtube)))
maiesha afroz
never gonna trust rclbeauty hacks again -_-
it's always a failure and now i have pimple all over my cheeks
jacob stefan
lol 💯😂
Texas Brierley
Who's watching in 2017
Afton's Video's
For the jar one after putting it in the microwave it is Liquidy
Maria Boca
the song is romanian song?
Auchira Roy
i love your vids so much
Ender Girl
lol thats my deodorant
Tiffany Sanchez
Grace Reardon
I made it
Victoria Andronic
do you use elena gheoghe's music ''ecou''?
Ignacio Maciel
Love your
Diy's and you look pretty and perfect 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😜😜😜😜😋😝😝😛😛😝😜😋😋😜😝😛😝😜😋😜😜😝😛😛😝😜😋😋😜😝😛pretty little girl
gamer girl 101
fit queen over here
I love it
black cat
Ati vazut ca a folosit melodia "Ecou" pe fundal?
Like daca esti roman
Jhanvi Sahay
Whose watching in 2017 ????
lizzy Skrzypczynski
2013! Wow
Emma P
My soul left my body when she broke the second chapstick
ZBM awesome style
me I watch it and want to do it but never do it
Anailuig's Channel
the hand made is more expensive because you have to waste 3 Chapsticks
Dani Klemke
tall. me. to
Jordan Ann
RCL lip stain OMG!!!!!
nalamal shinnatamby
who else watching on 2017
Certs Bates
your diy;s are so insanely cool and creative
Dodo A
I did it and it's Amazballs
Diana Camacho
Kirsty Powdrell
its just a waste of lip balm
Diya's sparkling parlour and entertainment
Debanhi Ambriz
can't you guys believe how much Rachel has grown
Dezi Palomino-Gallardo
you know I like you your cool I'm only 6 and I like you videos you're my Inspire and you are my hero
latifa tanner
Me: Awesome now I don't have to buy a cheek stain
Future me: Still buys it anyway like if you do the same thing
Ahmad Elayan
I love your videos and you are vary smart
Lesley Martinez
I love you so much and you are so funny 😂
Genina Izabell
Alena_ 116 Queen
Alena_ 116 Queen
#rcl cheeck stain
Rebekah The narwhal
That is literaly genius
Charlotte K.
I miss these videos😔
ArianaGrande FanGirl
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