Dr. Mayim Bialik

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"The Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik tells Wendy why she decided to leave science research and return to acting.

Then, Mayim talks about her "attached" parenting style and new vegan cookbook, "Mayim's Vegan Table."

jerome bill
Oh my shot...that's what has been bouncing in the back of my mind.
Ashley Davis
Well I was 26 when this interview came out and still never seen an episode of Big Bang. Blossom allllll the way!
BigKid nao
How could somebody so like her be pro-Israel?
Shame that in her quest to be soooooooooo "all natural" that she chose NOT to ditch the genital-mutilation-of-baby-boys part of Judaism.

Another thing, there's absolutely NOTHING "natural" about veganism for an inherently omnivorous species like man. And if she's subjected/subjecting her growing kids to such an UNnatural diet, then that's tantamount to child abuse.
Willa Herrera
hilarious 39 second interview
Willa Herrera
Mayim should try and get some class. Someone please text a Kardashian and have them contact Mayim to teach her some real class.
Jacob Perez
Love her attitude and how she presents herself
Sassy Gal
She is adorable! I have always loved her.
She really does give great interviews. A great conversationalist
Wow! Such an inspiration. Love her!!
Life Is Hell #1
Props to you Wendy , respecting Mayim and calling her a Dr , it's so important !!
Deev JJ
Well tats the kind of parenting in India..and also majority of Indians were vegetarians before
Wow, I am genuinely impressed! A real woman in Hollywood, how rare! Well, I am not a neuroscientist but I do have some crappy video you can watch 😂😂😂. I have a PH.D. in humor, does that mean I am a doctor too 🤣🤣
Maleficent Regina
Mayim is such a great woman so inspirational. So beautiful n talented.
"Doctor"... (Snicker, snort...)
Lalos SAW
she is amazing, hope more girls my age and younger take her as an example. I believe living his way must have been after long years of reading, she must be well educated about many things. go Mayim and show people a new way of living
English Garden
She is just weird!!!
dewey cheaten and how
both trannies-deceitful lie
She's amazing!!!
I really like her too!!! Mayim would be a great person to sit around and chit chat with :)
Karen Chin
Blossom, awww. Hmmm🤔. Never mind.
Dee Green
I love Mayim so much. She's so down to earth. I think her children are better off, by Mayim following nature. Although, I'm not sold on veganism, it is healthier to eat more foods that come from the earth.
the fact that shes intelligent and very true to her beliefs makes her so attractive
Looney Toons
She's a great talker I aspire to be like this
Moriah Green
I didn't like her before but this interview make her look great!
Hannah Rannah
"The red carpet doesn't own my breasts because they exist." YAAAS
CM Carlisle
She has the quirkiness and mannerism of Amy. It felt like I was watching Amy on an interview.
I'm binge watching Mayim Bialik's interview. It's so delight to watch her.
Rock Star
I never really watched big bang theory but I kbow all to well about blossom lol she is right about that under 30 thing 🤣🤣
J Gam
I love mayim!!!!
She is sooooo beautiful!
Cierra Brownridge
I could watch her interviews allllllll day! I LOVE her.
István Kovács
I love You Mayim !!!
Cindy Demambro
She is so classy, I breast feed my two boys and co sleep with them to when they were young
Bella Bloozy
I'm under 30 12 to be exact I know about sister sister and blossom all that stuff
Maddy Bennett
Her laugh is so adorable😍
These two women are great in conversation, wish Wendy could do an hour with Mayim.
I love the fact that in everything she does it's, "This is what works for me." She doesn't act like, "Everyone should be doing things the way I do them!" I really respect that.
Rutgers is not an easy school Wendy!
Yoga Unity
🙏 Mayim is absolutely beautiful inside and out!! 😍
Sarina S
I love her!! I have always wanted to pursue theater and acting, but I'm currently studying Math & Science. She's the one person who makes me feel I can be a woman and do both. What an incredible role model!
Ashley Russell
"red carpet doesn't own my breasts just cuz they exist" yessssss
Eve Davies
Love herrrr xx
carrie white
like the video like her
July July
It's like... you made Mayim Bialik on computer.
Ed Wu
it would be awesome if they french kissed eath other
Grant Lymuel
She is a great conversationalist and that is attractive.
Helle Morgenstern
Stupid hippy bullshit.
14 littlefoot 14
she should be a role model for every girl
jhun dionz
Mayim Bialik is a breath of fresh air!
Her laugh, smile & voice are so captivating!

She is a proof that young actor doesnt have to be a trainwreck when you grow up! She has PHD! So amazing!
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