Pang Amanda
So funny.
Michael Lopez
I loved this guy is rat race when he tells the biker lady "nice dyke, I mean nice bike" while driving Hitler's car. Hilarious!
Eric Gardner
Jon Lovitz has a warped sense of humor. I have never laughed at anything he considers as 'comedy'.
Desmond Castro
I couldn't agree more, McCarty's "Spicy" is a classic already. Can't wait until the next sketch !
Kathleen Collins
I agree. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. She's brilliant. And I wonder who wrote the sketch.
Edgar vega
With out a doubt! I watch it when I need a good laugh. Brilliant is pretty much the way I saw it. If you haven't seen it. Watch it! Spicy won't let you down.....
I agree Jon!! Impeccable Brilliance #MellisaMcCarthy
NintendoPanda 101
Jon Lovitz...Your Best Line Ever Is SOUL INJECTION!
Nina Patterson
I miss Phil Hartman.
Rachael Johnson
I agree with jon. Melissa is so funny. I loved her in Tammy. And I adore jon also.
Paul Kaihla
Thank you, Jon, for a peer finally saying it. The minutiae of mannerisms is stunning, so much so that the audience can't even keep up. I agree with you: Better as actual pure performance than Tina Fey doing Palin because Melissa McCarthy cannot simply rely on physical similarities, a TV interview transcript and imitating a corn-pone accent. McCarthy invents a satirical character that rings true. Pure genius. Timing, tone, content, physical comedy = Grand slam!
David Berger
Jon Lovitz-great comedian, he's a right-wing Libertarian (absolutely no taxing of the rich, like him ).
Mr. Cow
Wait...Jon Lovitz is still alive?...then why haven't they remade, "The Critic"? You'd think nowadays more than ever people would want it.
Trump and everyone associated with him are nothing but huge jokes.. easy to mock. The whole Trump show is going to go down in flames very soon.
Elder Scrolls lore BA
George Lescay
Love Jon Lovitz!!!
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