John Wana
hi guys. can you please react to Julie Anne San Jose Despacito(cover) thank you so much!!
I have a dream . you guys plz react to sohyang's new song called 'home'
Am I the only one who found the dude explaining each video before they started really fucking annoying?
Maiya Lynsey
React to little mix power at capital fm summertime ball 2017
Hi guys! I want to share this video sohyang-home
Sjoerd de Buck
Y'all should react to. Sohyang's new song on King of Masked Singer, it's called "home" and it is BEAUTIFUL
namjune visual
Can u guys react to BTS home party dance stage please
Aisha pele
react to BGT judges funniest moments part 1 and part 2
I remember when the Asian pilot name thing happened. It was tasteless and vulgar.....and absolutely hilarious! And it was repeated......Then they caught it and apologized. lol.
Amanda Lamarche
React to Celine tam heart will go on, on agt
Danvin Sinadjan
Say That You Love Me - Katrina Velarde Cover
Hodge twins pronunciation problems comp!
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