John Oliver - 4th of July

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Enjoy the very best of John Oliver :)

Mohamed Shaapan
"Day of Colonial Aggression" :)
Pimp daddy flaco
this is that good shit i come for
Thomas Snell
Brilliant John, simply brilliant! You have given me the entire 4th of July extravaganza safely under 4 minutes. You have just become my favorite way to celebrate Independence Day! Thank you!
All hail Lucy
dylan hogan
I hate this anti American race baiting jew
Everybody flag this video!
Garrett Moffitt
Any country that has cricket can't complain about baseball length.
500k is your best video??? Lol HBO cant even buy you viewers
Audreyjanepage Page
Surud Patel
If Americans truly wished to celebrate 4th of July Fireworks the show has moved to the Middle - East and soon on air in North Korea.
trivia addict
Left off the cacophony of car alarms at the end of the finale.
Joe Tai
The talk show and comedy party for office! Screw the the two party system.Too bad Goerge Carlin didn't run for any office he would have made America a better place,but we still have Oliver and Colbert .Even if the system is corrupt we would be entertained better then what trump is doing now.Trump is making All America's look really stupid.
Charles Green
Yeah that's itπŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ†
Ben Anderson
Happy traitors day ungrateful colonists
checking my watch....... zero funny thank god he has a laugh track and a dumbassed audiance.. his monologue describes his show. fucking pathetique!
Glad the U.S. isn't part of the UK. I don't think I could stand Muslim nailbomb attacks at childrens' concerts.
Anadori Panther
More than ever john oliver came across as a delightful bunny dictator who has diabolical yet benevolent plans. Like kill off all nazis. And he looks so harmless that no one ever thinks he'll go through with it which is exactly why he will succeed
Daniel Lewis
Nothing more American than firing a Chinese invention into the air while drinking heavily in a public area with people you normally hate.
You have us down to a t.
Dan Cooper
go back to England asshole if you don't like it here.
I really couldnt concentrate on what he said bc I was so focused on that little shadow his nose threw... it looked so hard like a hitler beard😲
Nick Smith
Don't forget the whole "We kicked your ass!" bit and that ever classic WWII, where we "Saved your asses!" All whilst shitting on enemies and friends alike. Praise be to Science!!
The Brits don't get it because they have either had their ass handed to them by Colonial militia men, Germany, or by the rest of the world! We Americans thank the men and women who gave their lives to end the rule of pithy, bad-toothed, tea sipping, God save the queen, British!! We launch fireworks as a reminder to celebrate our independence, and as a huge show of gratitude to the men that fired into the night from parapets to fight off British rule! This sad putz is a man that has neither served his own country, nor does much for America other than talk shit about every fucking thing.
Jonathan Ryals
We like fireworks for New Year celebrations and first kisses as well.

Actually the fireworks are meant as homages to the sporadic engagements between rebels and English troops.

In Charlotte a few years back you could go out and hear hundreds of people setting off firecrackers from neighborhoods all around. I could easily imagine the British struggling with the "hornet nest" of skirmishers waiting at every vantage point, with widespread gun fighting throughout a dense population center.
Lone Mic Productions
recycled from last year, if not earlier :P
USA! USA! USA! pew pew pew pew pew
Cody King
Catholics and Scientologists have their cult rituals too. Anyone noticed the cult like obeisance and hypnosis from an entire lifetime of intellectual potty training from the cult masters of Murica?
Rachel Ives
In the south, we play country music songs like God Bless the USA. No classical. Just classic country.
Americas independence.. aka brexit circa 1776...
Sarah Miller
Eliot S
Jonah Kuske
"Take that America's pastime!" What?
Baseball average game length: 3 hours
Cricket average test match length: 4-5 days
You're one to fucking talk John Oliver. Shut the Hell up.
Oh, John! You forgot the thrilling torture of waiting for an hour or more to get out of the parking lot/area, not to mention the wondrous snarls, threats and curses of fellow patriots simultaneously trying to access streets and freeways in an attempt to make their way back home to their quivering, traumatized family pet.

Happy Independence Day, or as I say to my Brit buddies, "Happy Inde-FRIEND-ence Day!" πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Matt K.
Oh the laughs are fake. Omg the laughs are fake πŸ˜‘
Rishabh Bhatti
good to see him in a shirt that is not CHECKED!
Sierra Rambles A Lot
My parents saw a child's blanket catch on fire because the ashes of the fireworks were actually falling all over people... now THATS what I call America!
touboulayefa obuda
Why does he like so many comments? Like seriously, there's only 192 comments and a bunch of them have that red heart next to them. Dear god Johnny, learn to neg your fans a little!
I love you John Oliver... please come and get me!
Lt. Dax
Jon forgot the standard laughing at the fireworks that make smiley faces, and 'awwing' at the star shaped ones.
Michael Sullivan
It's not annoying having British people always lecturing America on gun rights and how horrible we are because we want to get drunk and blow shit up once a year. But it does show off some of our freedom. I think the British are still posses that we beat the red coats
Alexie Davis
OMG his spider fingers really do justice to exploding fireworks.
Dastardly DM
You can tell he's a Brit who's never seen an American Fireworks show, because they all play "Proud to be an American" for the finale. All of them.
- Coriolis -
Oliver slams baseball for taking too long... has he ever been to a cricket match?
fabske 1234
Isn't that clip years old already?
How much do you pay your audience to laugh at your firework noise? I'm betting a lot....
Aniki 305
"Democracy is not optional"
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