If You Couldn't Respawn - Minecraft

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There are so many different ways to die in Minecraft, and it happens so often.. but what if your account got PERMANENTLY DELETED if you died? How would you play Minecraft?

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Gian Marco Dela Cruz
if endermen didn't hate water. by the way I subscribed
goat simulator lover 99
if you dont have a hunger bar
Adie Greene
If you died you would go to the heaven dimension or the hell dimension.
Finja Ex
its like varo
Glenn Freo
if superheroes play minecraft
Fe Jabajab
if trees was TNT
Tony Roman
if you went to hell or heaven
rene solis
if tnt golem was added
Hans Ulrich Gaviola
if minecraft was useless
Charizard Valley - Introducing Best Suitable Games
Izhul Islam Yahya
if a tools will be removed...
Laphone Louplor
If recarnation was added to Minecraft
KeemperYT Gaming
if you couldn 't jump in minecraft
W Lam
If bow and arrow fully charged headshots were instant kill
W Lam
If backstabs were instant kill
the nice cindy
if a command block bar was add to minecraft
Esther Calkin
if there was a noob only world
if fidget spinners were added to Minecraft!!
Air Marshal Slayer
J Chappell
You know there is something called the "disconnect button"? You can use it to take no fall damage??
Siddharth Roy
if gta mod added to minecraft
Funtime TTVG
Do please if creepers and players switch places
Shadow Gaming
If ores turn into a evil dragon
Arnelrdaoas Arnel
if naruto is added
Ssjg broly
R.I.P patrick
if wood the strongest armor
Do if you couldn't break blocks or if you never had notch or Jeb
Thomas Shannon
he look like a mouse
3:04 the skin of Bob Lennon
ReactionGame Vlogger
please do if you became a ghost after you die
Miatta Kowa
shot up TNT
Miatta Kowa
you can't respond Minecraft is hacked forever you cannot you need to pay for it yourself
Clash With Dark/ Wolf Gamer
if u have no arms in MINECRAFT
Ariannakirk Umadhay
I like you THAT I like your comment pink sheep I hate you hahahaha
MickeyMouseDolls Studios
Ejaz Games
If jetpacks were added to minecraft
James Burgess
If animals attacked players in minecraft
If this was true rip
Sky Lander
IF the trees are very rare. That no one will see trees!
Clíona Ní Cheallaigh
Plz plz plz do trollface owned Minecraft
but cant u just make another account after u get banned
Ian Webber
If minecraft met call of duty
Taryn Hess
If you could walk like a human
Wolfy playz
Rana Munifah
Billie Villar
if herobrine remove in minecraft
Renner Macaltao
if there was a suger rush bar
Car Crusher
If u could craft anything you want
Nelju Sebastian
why they create new account from minecraft and connect to the server?
Aiden Kane
Exploding TNT!!!!!! Try WHAT IF U CANT SAVE TRY DAT Plz plz plz
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