Jacksepticeye Animated ft. Pewdiepie - SCARE JACKSEPTICEYE - Outlast 2 Animated

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Jacksepticeye Animated ft. Pewdiepie - Scare Jacksepticeye (Outlast 2 Animated) is finally here! I announced Jacksepticeye Animated a year ago and life got in the way, but here it is. I'm really proud of this animation so I hope you love it as much as I did putting it together. If you get a good laugh out of it, show your friends! It helps me a lot. 

This will kick off a fresh start for the channel with animation as we move it forward with shorter animations and probably more YouTuber appearances. I'm excited and I hope you are too!

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Scare Jacksepticeye Animated Fun Facts:
- Pewdiepie was a last second addition to this animation.
- Scare Jacksepticeye is a play on Pewdiepie's former YouTube show, 'Scare Pewdiepie.'
- Ali was forced to watch this a million times.
- This was rendered on 3 separate PCs over the course of a week.
- The old man hanging in this short is the same one I used for 'Old Pewdiepie.'

Make sure you wear headphones and thanks so much for supporting this!

Links to Jacksepticeye's & Pewdiepie's original vids:
Jacksepticeye: http://youtu.be/MmHZ7xb9lq8
Pewdiepie: http://youtu.be/jBa_DUEW0wg

3D character models supplied by LONG WINTER STUDIOS
You can check out their characters here:  http://longwinterstudios.com/

Everything else done by me. :)

You can reach out to me on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook , G+, Instagram and Twitch as well! 
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Music used with permission from Epidemic Sound.


Really nice work :D it came out really well in the end!
Ashton Hunt
This animation is good enough to be in a Tv show.
Ashley anime life Flower
I like wen PewDiePie pop out so funny
Chris Peterson
Weird animation
AmazingPhilandEddsworldforever :3
When Jack fell when Pewds scared him Jack looked like a lil kid tbh
Samhain 71
Man you are very talented loved it.
Courtney Muskgrove
this animation is awesome
Dat Boi
This is the best!!!
samuel adams
1 word.. Amazing. How do you even do this like i have no idea where i would even begin to start doing this, you have a talent bro. Keep up the AMAZING animations holy shit.
Your Animation Is Good Bro i subscribe
ANDREW93738 Animaljam
they look like little kids 😂😂😂 it's adorable XD

Birds: 3,,,,:
dear cod that was AMAZEING cheezits i can only hope to beable to animate like that one day it's like soooo smooooth and the facial expresions halarious this is amazeing
cod this musta took awhile to animate
* +1 subscriber* :3
Joanna Gibbons
Wow,looks great. That must have taken forever.
Nowhere To be found
THIS IS AWESOME! You should do more animations like this!
Ah Maislis
Really good ! Well done dude !
i can't stop laughing omg
jamie rahnasto
i really love the animation
Jenn Stewart
This is so good! I had to come over here and say it to you on your channel! i was laughing so hard.
Lizard Man Silver
This looks like something out of an Animated Movie! Like Monster House or something like that😁😁
Gameroverdose 12
Hey can you Animate Markiplier?
error morgan
hey you should do more of this type of animation, its really cool, and plus you animate it really good!
questions. A. what program did you use to animate that B. what program did you use to edit this?
Wendy the Angel
h4h lol😁
Would it be possible to see your modeling process for your characters? id really like to make something similar for a fan game im making featuring some youtubers
The Crazy Gamer
It's animations like this that people say that will happen to me.
If you don't understand what I'm saying is people tell me that I will be animated in a video like this animation but I highly doubt that that will ever happen. Would Love It Though.
PandaBot2001 is Gaming
DUDE THIS IS SICK! whar did u edit it in?
Alef Davi
why Jumpscsre
Shelby Panda
lmao I rlly like how he put Felix in it 😝
really like the modeling on the characters! (including the dead guy) nice work! :)
WhyWhy Gamez4443
dude it's on his channel!! good job Bumble!!
I LOVE the animation it reminds me of a show called Figuro Pho
Great animation loved it, how long did it take to make this btw?
Lori Kraus
this is amazing. i hope you get a lot of exposure its a great animation. the lighting, timing, everything shows off so much skill. i saw this on Sean's Chanel (jacksepticeye)and came over here to watch it on yours and saw the trailer and other animation. in my opinion this one really shows off what you can do as an artist/animator. love it and i hope you do more like it. mad props Bumbleworth. <3
Phone Gamer12
what did he use to animate?
Gamer Tale
I love this animation so much!
Really awesome animation! Also, I just simply love how you do the face expressions! They are really well done, and shows a lot of the more difficult emotions to portray in drawing and animations!
Overall it is really well animated! :)
the animation is great but the lip syncing could be improved
Justin Camara
oh man I love this. Really reminds me of Jimmy Neutron!
Keep it together, Heather
Oh yyyeesss! More of this, please!!!!!!!
Zelda's Fox
I loved this animation. The whole style and lighting is fantastic, and it reminds me a lot of Jimmy Neutron. The voice clips where used well and they don't have background noise to them. It does slow after the first 23 secs but that might have been due to time constraints. However, I do like that you still animate Jack even though he's not the focus of the shot. I really like how you merged Jack's and Felix's clips. Great job overall and I hope you're able to find jobs doing animation.
Martin Diavolo
did you use Maya?
Peridot 394
Please make more like this! With Mark and Wade and Bob and maybe Cry! Please these are so good! I need these animations in my life!
I laughed the whole time and nearly peed my pants when pewdiepie popped up 😂😂😂😂😂
you did really great on this animation I loved it 😘😘😘😘😘😘
The animater who made this did an amazing job it reminds me of a 3D cartoon or something like that and I can't stop watching this since how good it is
Oh my god! I'm so sorry to break the 666 comments, but I gotta say awesome video! Found you on Jacksepticeyes channel and I like your animation style! I also see a lot of replies in the comments, hard to find YouTubers that reply to this many comments, but I'm glad that I won' t be the only one hopefully with a million subscribers that replies to every comment! I digress! Nice work! :D
I posted a comment on the vid on Jack's channel, but I had to post here, too. The animation style of this is the best I've seen in any animated short. Absolutely beautiful! Definitely looking forward to what you come up with in the future. (:
I subscribed the instant I discovered your channel! After watching your work on Jack's vid! You're proof that independent artists have way more talent than hollywood! I know it must be a ton of work if not more, but have you ever thought of making full movies? Would love to see Sean, Felix, and Mark in their own movie!!!
holly grace
I LOVE the way the green bangs are animated, it's so fluid and nice :D
Thata gav mi goosebumps
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