Chaperoning 7th Graders

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No hard feelings, 7th graders? I don't actually think you're the worst. (thanks for watching by the way, you're cool) Remember to turn in your homework and I'll see you next month :0  (around 4:20 (lol) something flashes up for one frame and I didn't catch it untill just now, but just-just ignore it ok) 

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Soffia Rvyn
ive watched a lot of your videos & seen your face a good amount of times but to be honest i dont really remember what you look like even though the last time i saw your face was like 8 hours ago. if i were to see you in person i wouldnt know who you were. if you were to say "im the odd 1 out on youtube!" i still probably wouldnt know who you were. BUT if you were to say "im the guy who makes videos about stories in my life drawn into simplistic comics oh and i worked at subway" id DEFINITELY know who you were and id know the fact that your name was james. its not a personal thing i mean i dont remember the names of a lot of my favorite youtubers honestly. im just a forgetful person when it comes to names or faces. now that ive written this unnecessary paragraph though i'll probably remember you more just because i spent a couple minutes focusing on it. unless today happens to be the last day you pop up in my recommended. in that case i apologize, i probably wont. i also apologize to anyone, including james, for wasting their time by reading this. and if your name isnt james and i fucked up again then wow just block me i dont deserve to be able to enjoy your videos. sorry. its 6:30 am and i haven't slept. i also have a habit of talking too long about something unnecessary and over explaining things that definitely do not need to be explained. i'll go now.
Lady Pegasus Games
I'm a sevie and I thought I'm not that bad at the moment
itzBacon __
Nobody wants to be my friend 😔😔i cri everytiem
Fishy Rainbow
Umm that's lot of cards...........................cooooooool
Vulpix The Rift
I'm 11 and in fifth grade
Hey I see my card it's the 567th. I'm very sad I sit at my tablet drawing alllllll day with a plushie next to me.
Phoebe Davidson
Jack Cisney
I am 7 grade o hate it's horible and I'm that one kid that is just that kid
Sophia Balliro
Any one else finished all his video😂
Pls Dain
U. Hate my sister
Skylar Kingsley
lol I'm in 8th grade going into high school this year
izzy daze
at least Im in 5th grade but going into 6th grade soon
Klooless_ Krixy
As an 8th grader I completely agree that we are the worst
Jad Jad
ugh... i have s many regrets from grade seven...

so... so many
Little Dude Bmx
I'm 7 grade I hate myself
Queen Devious
8th grade is the worst and I hated all my classmates
cool guy
Kerry Dreaver
Lol. I'm 9
K Jackson
Do u know where the bell icon is ?
I think it's when he said because and it should is mike
BRICK .bros
mom he said im cool
Emma Obrand
I love ur vids
I'm in 7th grade.. You are right... the popular kids do wear short socks, but with the new TRENDS everyone wears high socks.
Amari Jefferson
I'm not a 7th grader or 8th grader I'm a 6th grader
oh and PS we wear knee socks a lot with slides
BosseTron Yoshi
Tbh I am under 18, but I'm not one of those "retarded" teenagers / kids on the internet, I honestly hate kids that squeal, yell, get triggered from being told a few words, other cringe worthy things so yeah :/
Emsterme 101
HA Im a sixth grader so I'm cool.... until I go into seventh grade

Also middle school is the worst
Vanessa Castellon
You should substitute at GCS
rip gabe the dog
4:23 pause it twice then you will see it
Brave Phoenix
Kitty T
My teacher doesn't allow late work -.-
Mal Pixelated
Frankie Chike
4:23 or 4:24 I don't know which one it was but it says she doesn't like being picked up
In a seventh grader almost eighth after May. love ur vids.
Kool Kat
James I saw that....
(She doesn't like being picked up)
What does that even mean?!?
odd ones out: I'm sad nobody knows me ;-;
kid: ha look at that nerd
odd ones out : I have 1 mill subs
kid: omg this guy is awesome!

Kensley Baldwin
I found the frame
Linda Miller
I'm 8
Sonic 1216 exe
I'm in seventh Grade, The School year is almost over though, Thank God! I know that I was a pain in the 7th grade.
The_gaming_Ninja _
I'm ten and I love your videos
Walter Sarapa
Thanks. I'm a 7th grader
Lost The Fallen
My teacher made me send a letter to next year me and I said I hate future me
intel gamer
James Christian
Lol My Name Is James Also And I Also Love Math But I'm Soon To Be A Youtuber
kai hxy
i agree i am a sevie and this is so relatable
Doyle/James Kreutzer
chance whitlow
Doyle/James Kreutzer
I'm 7
chance whitlow
no 2m
chance whitlow
I'm sromer than my teacher and I'm 7!!!!!!!!!!
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