Chaperoning 7th Graders

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No hard feelings, 7th graders? I don't actually think you're the worst. (thanks for watching by the way, you're cool) Remember to turn in your homework and I'll see you next month :0  (around 4:20 (lol) something flashes up for one frame and I didn't catch it untill just now, but just-just ignore it ok) 

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Daphne Chan
I can agree that 7th and 8th are annoying especially kids who take Japanese.
tutor me i have F F C F xd
I was I. your group
Ahad Khan
I'm almost in 7th grade, I'm offended. 😂
Mingcheng Zhao
I'm a seventh grader and I am cringe 371532592 times a day when I think of my life
Hotrod 68
I'm an eighty.....See? Cringe.
I haaaaaaaaaate meself
alexander eliassen2342
i am 8th grad and i am 14
Cool Girl 26
if you looked at the stacked cards it looks like James has a long body lol
I'm in 6th grade and I have the cringeworthy personality, and yay!!!! IM COOL CUZ I WATCH THEODD1SOUT 😊
Aoibhin Barker
I am currently paused on THAT frame at 4:23 and I've been trying to get on it for the last half hour it says (she doesn't like to be picked up) and there's also a silhouette of the last frame
Michael Kammerer
I am 13 and already hate my self XD
Charming Sunburst
I'm a 8th grader but I know memes . 420 blaze it
crazyrabbit 57
0:56 Thank you, i'm in 7th grade
Kitty KAT
I'm in 7th grade right now and I know i'm ugly, annoying, quiet, and dumb...
slushy themoose
I'm on 7th grade, and I hate it.
Ecko Severson
i have a question is that your real voice
Rocco Wayne
James, keep up the good work ⛄️( kinda looks like your character)
lol I'm in seventh trust me I suck a whole ton.
I suck
Punisher 72346
Stella Shippy
I'm a sixth grader... oh no
malik fox
james would you help me make anime pretty plzzzzzz
Nature Mack
You have better handwriting than me.
FinnBoyGaming10 YY
I'm in 7 grade but it all most summer so I'm going to be in 8 grade
Michael Williams
I am in 3 grade ✌😺B-)
LIL DREW The Baller
Brand new sub!!!! :)
Gapple Flv Snapple
Yay I'm cool cause I'm a 7th grader
UnspeakablegamerYt minecraft roblox
I'm 5th grade
Yaziri Rodriguez
Lol the naruto part XD
I'm litteraly only in 2end grade
SuperDude Gaming 2.0
At 4:50 My brothers name is conner
Info Chan
For me, in 6th grade WE HAVE WEEKEND HOMEWORK!!!!!
Oh, I feel better
27th graders- TheOdd1sOut
Gaming Diamond
( - _ - )
Random Onepunchmanfan
I'm in 4th love your channel!!!!!!!!!
Lucas Lourens
Kiki Mikki
Im in a Prepatory school 😋
lizbeth kippus
7th and 8th grade between ages 11-13 ? I'm in 8th grade and Im 15 ok
Aenaes Ward
it will heppin won day James i bet it all ready happend XD
Call me Krazy
4:23 day one frame tho
Jay B
arent some 8th graders 14? o.o I'm 13 in 7th
Rowan Cervone
yes i am cool
David Gomez
I know I'm late so calm down but who thought it said chapecoense
Eh... eh... I m 15 and still look 10, have a squeaky voice and I m 166 cm
Alex Petre
i'm in 7 grade but in Romania
9th grade, yo.
Cailey McDevitt
I'm a 7th grader and I know I'm not cool it's ok.
Orson Tube
Im a 7th grader
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