Niskanen tossed after Crosby takes cross check to face

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Watch as Matt Niskanen receives a five minute major penalty for cross checking Sidney Crosby in the face.

Y'all know my baby's head is sensitive.
S Dsn
Let us hope for the best. I wish him a speedy recovery.
Marco Passini
I am not defending some of the violence in hockey, but there was an element of unluckiness in this play. Crosby was falling down when Nishanen hit him. If Crosby was not falling down, Nishanen's stick would have hit his chest. No one really knows if this was an accident or not, but it was not as obvious as some of the other dirty punk plays in the NHL.
cory l
I hate to say it, but I don't think this happens if Crosby isn't embellishing that stick tap from Ovi. No way Crosby falls downs like that. He's not made of paper. Then, he just so happens to get clocked because he's focused on drawing a penalty, and not on the player to his right at that point.
mörkö meni peiton alle
Thompson Gibson
Mike Serota
I'm almost surprised Ovechkin wasn't penalized first..
ღAsuka The Akitaღ
my last name is Niskanen :0
все жизнь смотрел бы как мочат этого засранца)
Peter Milanese
HA HA HA crosby DIE
Sociopath gets it in da face....nice. Love this video.
what about the dude who ;literally slaps his back with the stick ????
bob marley
Man there's so many whiny bitches in comment sections that have anything to do with Crosby, yet he's the cry baby? Cause I forgot, you keyboard warriors play in the NHL and have been cross checked in the face at those speeds. Right...
Vääpeli Körmy
hah. sai kanadalainen kyytiä
cptmor9an 85
Puhdas oli!
john smith
wish he would have killed that finger-severing piece of garbage
Bror Kvist
This happened because Niskanen has Finnish genes
Cosimo Koller
did Ovechkin whip Crosbey in the back with his stick before Crosby got checkd?
Leonard Szubinski
Crosby is a primadonna and now the officials are going have a chat about the call and changed it to a 5 minute major ? Would they have done the same thing if it was just a regular player? I'm sick of corruption and hypocrisy that now exists among NHL officials! Either treat all players the same, or get out of the NHL! This sucks! The same thing goes on in the NFL too! That other primadonna; Tom Brady gets special treatment that other players doesn't get by the officials! If the primadonnas feel that the heat is too hot in the kitchen, then please, retire!
Emil Ahtiainen
KakanAlex Gamer
I hope she is okay :,(
The Kav
Niskanen is my hero
juho kuvaja
love comments here when everyone thinks they know everything
Mike Costello
There's a chance this was accidental. Oveys slash knocked Crosby down and straight into the crashing defender. But as a flyers fan glad to see that this didn't end Crosbys career, never want to see a player hurt.
акакий акакиевич
а сколько овечкина били???? да и сейчас бьют из под тишка и он не ноет! кросби лох, пускай в женском хоккее играет)))
Kenny J.
Looks like an accident. Maybe Niskanen was going for a check but realized too late that Crosby had lost his footing.

Unfortunate situation, this game is played in such a fast pace and it's easy for us to sit here on our asses and judge from all kinds of angles with slow motion.
Veikka Eskelinen
ovechkin kaatoi crosbyn polvilleen että niskanen tuli refleksillä poikittaisella mailalla päähän
perkele power!!
Ross Batchelor
"This is a scene that nobody in hockey wants to see." Ok, I call bullshit on that haha
Horse From Hell
how come crosby can come back from a conkie even if it was minor and other players are labelled red and not able to play again because of it?
Carla the Collie
Kuka muu on suomalainen?
คLקHค MคLє
Dora The Explorer
Crosby on paska
matthew skillz
Screw Washington their desperate to win so they just injure Crosby
Tässä huomataan että suomalaisille ei vittuila
Lmao crosby diving as usual
Ben K
If you flip the roles of Crosby and Niskanen, all of you Crosby haters would say that it's dirty. But since it's Crosby that took the cross check, he's somehow faking it
Pat Fallon
Its too much of a stretch that this was an accident. You know its crosby, you know a good shot to his head could help you win you the series, you know hes off balance and coming at you low. So you cross check him in the head? Please link me other videos where someone was cross checked in the head. This was no accident people are blind
Dani Fisher
Its a concussion
Termitos Fin
I, Donald Trump, Want 10,000 Subscribers
Crosbitch actually got hurt for real? WHAT?!
Philth- E
Ovie playing baseball out here!
Blue The Goon
Not that bad. Sucks fro Crosby however
Joel Chrysler
Didn't Crosby just cut part of methot's finger off with a dirty slash.... no one cares when he does something but god forbid someone touches him lol
Kyle Reaume
I've seen sooo many comments calling people stupid for saying that hit was intentional, but not a single comment actually saying the hit was intentional
Bad Santa
Target on his back
It's only because it's Crosby that they care. If it was any other player it would be way different just because the penguins are nothing without Crosby they have to give him extra care
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