Andrew Bowler
Noticed ryan oreilly didnt dive or lie there when croaby speard him in the balls.
Got the penalty bumped up
Matt Gauthier
Sid deserves it
Dislikes were the only Crosby fans in the world
2nd round exit is all i gotta say
Nick Axhorn
They used to be on the same team
Alex Yerkey
Well the caps got what they deserved, another choke in the playoffs
Gabby Montano
Crybaby ! Crosby !
How could this happen to me
Trollin In Yo Comments
Looks like he got hit once in head and just gave up and that lead to another hit to head caise he gave up on play. Ya yah i know stanley cup winner hed never give up on play its pre season he prob wanted attention but not the attention he got in the end

Edit : nevermind it was f*****ing ovechkin watch it closley. All Cmadians and Americans lets unite we must protect this penguin hes the face of hockey become one with the penguins we will replace ovechkin with a bot russian female
Braydon Russo
crybaby so fake!
Well, that was satisfying. Thanks!
Behr Behrens
Let me just front with the fact that IM a Caps fan but im also a NHL fan so I wont be baised.
If you watched the first 3 games, the Caps were playing Crosby rough. Ive watched this play a hundred times and gone back and forth. Eventually ive come to the conclusion that, Crosby stuck his skate into Ove's to get a better angle. This caused Ove to get desperate knowing crosby now has a better angle to the net. Ove then swung his stick at Crosby. In this moment Ove was trying to stop Crosby from scoring but im not convinced it wasnt a dirty swing either considering how hard the slash was. After this Crosby who in my opinion is a dirty player (evidence is Face offs and nearly slashing a guys finger off), decided that the penalty isnt going to be called tried to draw a penalty, he fell backwards. Now heres where it got tough, now Niskanen the entire series had been playing a little big dirtier against Crosby than other opponets see's Crosby falling backwards skates up, if you watch it again, Niskanen skates forwards. Most people right now are saying that it was "Instincts" now when your a NHL player and have been playing as long as Nisky than you dont "instinctivly" put your stick up like that which makes me think its intentional
People are also looking at the slowmo replay, but players are not playing in slow motion which would have made it hard for Nisky to plan ahead that "attack" which makes it look like It wasnt dirty.
So its all up to you, let me know if you think it was clean or dirty but I think it definatly was a bit dirty even if he didnt fully plan it.
Peter Thiessen
Crosby is such a pretender. His glory days are over without using performance enhancing drugs. ( don't need any excuses or wa,wa,wa.
lb-baltimorewashingtonfan4life Capitalsfan
That's why Crosby should not be in the league because he gets injured to much
calboy seseman
Matt niskanen is a dirty player his hit on Eric stall, skinner,and now Crosby dirty player and dirty team
PoRt M4rK
Good thing Crosby won the cup even tho I wasn't cheering for Pittsburgh
Crosby sips his pain meds from the Cup.
Clerese Cyr
Crosby is a cry baby no matter what
It was ovechkins fault he slashed him in the head
Joe Danger
:18 I wouldn't say NOBODY, I can think a few people that wouldn't lose any sleep if he had an early retirement, lmao.
Marc-Antoine Roy
Ovi's slash was pretty cool too
Stefan Ohlund
I keep envisioning that bully from The Simpsons coming into frame and giving him the " Ha ha! "
rockband79 gaming
I'm a pens fan and I actually don't think this hit was intentional from my point of view it looked like Crosby was going to take a shot and he lost control and niskanen did not mean to hit him it looked like he put his stick up to protect himself from what was coming at him but I do think that ovechkin should have gone in the penalty box for slashing Crosby
big eddy machete
love how clean that hit was
this was the most pure example of how Cindy can't even handle the physicality and toughness of the game. CLEAN AS DAY defensive play, with Cindy skating full speed into Nisky and Nisky as the defensemen he is takes down the little puke with SLIGHT stick involvement. any penguins fan is a feeble idiot for not knowing that stick hits happen ALL THE TIME LEGALLY in the defensive zone, it's a simple fact that Crosby is an injury prone weakling who's never played a full 82 game season HIS WHOLE CAREER, that is due and bound for a career ending injury within the next season or two. Literally all it will take is a simple CLEAN hit from a guy like Willy, Orpik, Wayne train Simmonds, or better yet Alexander the Great (who's better than Crosby) will prove that Cindy can't hang with the big rigs
Enforcer Ron
oh he is faking cry baby Crosby
ricky rapeseed
where is niskanen at now? at the wrong end of another handshake line while sid just raised his 3rd cup :)
Cody Heimbach
"A scene that nobody in hockey wants to see."
Yeah because we've seen it hundreds of times after every dive he's made in his career.
Niskanen "What???" Get off the ice you poofter and take caveman Ovechkin with you, losers
Ethan Renfroe
they only tossed him cause its Crosby
Pug Man
It looked so much worse at the game
Luke Cantoni
Mister Spider
Yet he comes back and wins the damn Smyth trophy, trooper. Don't even like him but he's one hell of a player. Disagree about the toss though. Pretty cheap but it's the playoffs. Could be wrong though. Just my opinion.
Tiny Tiny
Before that a Caps O number 8 player push hit Crosby in the back of his head with a stick then whatever his name Niffassan hit him after when he fell down... I feel sometimes other players target Crosby a lot and it's very sad really unfortunate, I hope this doesn't not affect him when he is old because he doesn't deserves it at all...
Gavin MacDonald
I feel bad for Crosby
Kalle-Markus Peltola
It's ovechkins fault if he didn't slash him it could've been avoided
It's hockey. Everybody is so soft these days when it comes to contact. All of you pens fans that are crying about the hit being so dirty, go watch baseball or soccer and stop trying to blow Crosbys meat shaft.
it's amazing the jealousy between players that causes these guys to do bad things. I played hockey and their is fierce competition and a desire to hurt people. really kind of sux actually
Isaiah Maluta
i want to see Crosby hurt
Y'all know my baby's head is sensitive.
Let us hope for the best. I wish him a speedy recovery.
Marcus Aurelius
I am not defending some of the violence in hockey, but there was an element of unluckiness in this play. Crosby was falling down when Nishanen hit him. If Crosby was not falling down, Nishanen's stick would have hit his chest. No one really knows if this was an accident or not, but it was not as obvious as some of the other dirty punk plays in the NHL.
cory l
I hate to say it, but I don't think this happens if Crosby isn't embellishing that stick tap from Ovi. No way Crosby falls downs like that. He's not made of paper. Then, he just so happens to get clocked because he's focused on drawing a penalty, and not on the player to his right at that point.
mörkö meni peiton alle
Michael Serota
I'm almost surprised Ovechkin wasn't penalized first..
J u s t j e s s i
my last name is Niskanen :0
все жизнь смотрел бы как мочат этого засранца)
Peter Milanese
HA HA HA crosby DIE
Sociopath gets it in da face....nice. Love this video.
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