EPIC CATCH!!! Dashing Thru the Snow - CN Train 406 West at Salisbury, NB (Feb 3, 2015)

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I'm not even sure how many locomotives this train had ...

Railfanning Post Blizzard of 2015 Storm #3.

Canadian National Railway locomotive 2304 (ES44DC) plows through huge snow drifts and gives me a big ass snow shower as it leads the daily CN manifest train 406 West (Moncton, NB to Saint John, NB) at Salisbury, New Brunswick.

I'm not sure how the train crew can even see with all that snow on the locomotive's nose!

Southern New Brunswick was hit with three major blizzards in less than a week, and there is more snow in the forecast.

Filmed at 3:05pm, Tuesday February 3, 2015 at mile 11 of the CN Sussex Subdivision.

Camera:  Canon VIXIA HF R500

Chris Warwick
0:45 "Um, buddy... you MIGHT want to move."
0:58 OOPS, lol!
William Driskell Levy
Here in Canada during a big blizzard when I was young most all other forms of transport could possibly be shut down highways cars busses and planes too Trains where about the only way that one could still get trough Oh yes I must not forget Skidoos snow machines and maybe in the center of some big cities where they tried to keep some of the main arteries open for emergency vehicles namely Oh yes the Montreal metro subway can run in the worst of blizzards it is nearly all underground
I would not want to stand so close what if some chunks of ice or very hard snow are thrown out among all that snow
Tommy Hunter
That's freakin' awesome.
Noxter HD
hi stop
puppy67726 Gaming
Looks like spring Eh?
Slytherin' bitch!
that is so cool
Pokemon GO
The noise of those are INSANE, I've heard one before
Becky moses
It's a snow monster
Gene Murphy
I counted 100 cars some I couldn't see, UP had to use the rotary blowers 40 miles east on I-80
hey, I saw this video on the weather channel
ahh finally finished shoveling all the snow off my yard
looks over
Oh god the 12:30 frieght train!
John Bango
How the hell can he steer that thing? He can't see where he is going. If I where in the driver seat, I would have derailed. LOL
Jeff C
is that a Dash9? :)
H Lim
God dam how long is this train man dammmm
steve b
best thing watched all day
Tzveta Maneva
Kolko vagona,vero[tno lokomotiva e atomen??!!!
Wow! That IS pretty EPIC! AT first I was surprised that the train could push that much snow out of the way, but then I saw how long it was and the weight behind the locomotive must have been tremendous. That train just plowed on through! Amazing! Great vid!
matthew natividad
Should've pick a differ t spot
This is like Snow Piercer
JL 44
The Amtrak video brought me back here!
Gaming Palooza Empire
0:56 that train was like... "GET that shit outta my way!"
Gaming Palooza Empire
looks like hell in snow form.
Jus Look
Thats Canada for you folks. :)
Joe Turner
That is so flipping cool!
john pierre
Jesus! I made a coffee waited til it cooled, drank it, took the cup out and washed it, came back...THE TRAIN WAS STILL GOING PAST...so I got the washing in, had a little rest during which I drifted off and when I woke some time later ... STILL .... STILL THE TRAIN WAS GOING PAST! ..... Snow Joke.
Luis Montoya
Those 601 must be some bitter people to dislike this
Stivan Medicov
That was SO cool!!!
R.R. company is savage to use the actual freight train as a plow train.
charles philippe
is it just me or should the warning bells come on a lot sooner ??
marco Sinnes
top video thank you
James Ford
Wow that was beautiful
Joseph Carr
cool as ship
Oh la la Muah
awesome! great video!
Jillips Entertainment
Imagine a high speed train going through this. The results would be over the top.

Wait, Canada doesn't have high speed trains.
Awesome catch and K5HL with CN ES44DC #2304 pulling a manifest! There might be more locomotives on the train. That train splashed snow all over you, it was like WOOSH!
That was freaking awesome!
jako barnes
Is that the Trump train plowing through the snowflakes?
igloo tropicale
thats the new technology snowplow
Zack and Zane
WOW!!! I'VE NEVER seen something so extreme with trains!! How can the engineer of the train even see where he's going???
Dashing through the snow, in a cn freight train line
Man,why you dont escape and stay close to that meltdown? :D
TriState Forestry Service
Trump Train blasting through little liberal snowflakes!! Choo Choo!!
Are you sure this is not the Trump train coming to Washington?
Ervin László Horváth
I counted 112 wagon + the first some pieces were invisible because of the snow in the air. If I suppose 50tonna/wagon, this is about 5-6 thousand tonna. Great!
Snowpiercer, is that you?
lil Cot
Nije mi jasno kako vozi kad ništa ne vidi. Ovo je da se zalediš od straha
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