rishabh agrawal
ahota 😂😂
aman kannan
dear Ryan can you do a bacon rap
Cow Tiger
Lol Captions at 2:09! Black guy Boop!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chase Vision
1:02 That was from the blooper video
Ysabelle Voon
Dear Ryan
Can you do 5 backflips
Sadly this trend is over 😥😥
karina H
Lol did anyone else see that guy next to will take a deep breath before flipping 1:45
Jimmy is not a loser
the face ryan makes when he is trying no to laugh is adorable
Kingz Gaming
Ngoc Le
Dear Ryan do fidget spinner trickshots
Teresa Varcoe
Hannah Zhang
when u had to watch it again bc it was so lit
asian productions
Do how to be a ninja 3
Dylan Gray
Dear Ryan can you do an ultimate ice bucket challenge?
Amy Powell
Any one else watching in 2017 and wishing this was a big thing again...?
Prathaa Weaving Traditions
dear Ryan, can you do the knife song
Marcos Rick Pagsisihan
Hahaha haha lol lol lol lol lol lol lol 😂 😂 lol
Назар Шалата
Dc_ gamer
Dear Ryan can you remake nice guys but not nice guys finish last bad guys finish last
Swag Dabbin'
Wolferine_ Luna
dear Ryan can u do a dance performance with your friends
Zach Durning
I don't know why I love the bottle landing sound
Love this vid:):):) true
Darkness Blue
Dear Ryan, is shan buff?
Lily Brown
Films a perfect trick shot

Viewers: DAmnnnn

RHPC: That took way to long to do
Shirley Le
Shirley Le
love how there shoulder move up and down and you all know what it means is mean i dont know
Aleckxandra Hantic
How the.. 😧
Leung catherine
you water bottle cap
Asie Sheikh
More trick shots pls
Esther Chua
I love the sound the bottle makes when it lands perfectly
Sapphire Beautiful
Dear Ryan can you do a reaction video of your water bottle trickshot ???
iamthe vulture
Dear ryan do a trashcan trickshot vid
iamthe vulture
Trenton Ochiai
Dear ryan can you rap?
Mr. Boss
dear ryan,can you do attack on titans and one punch man impressions.(they are anime)
Next do bird flip trickshots
Diego Mendoza
Hazel Feather
Captions xD
Christ angelo Gundayao
You guys are the next dude peefect i think
Mr.Charizard X
Thats so cringy
The JCFeeling
do more trick ahotas

yes i actually did mean to say ahota
никита суров
Sahil Lavande
was that bottle dressed man paco?
Aj Ramsay
they are related to roi wassbbi
DanaXxPupsx X
Every Time Ryan Does A Trick Shot Vid I Turn On The Captions Cause There Hilarious
Lucas Dunworth
Dear Ryan can u count to 10 in 10 different languages
Joris Mickevicius
Figit spiners trikshas
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