✔ What is Your Soul Element?

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Personality Test - 4 Elements: Are you Air, Water, Earth, or Fire?
What Element Are You? What is your element? Four Elements Quiz.
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The four basic elements are air, earth, fire, and water. 
Which Elemental Personality type is most like you!

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jason denney
if you took this test and actually believe this horse shit. it actually prooves you have no special powers at all. want to to see what your true gift and powers are is then go to the bible all knowledge and power will be given from the word of God . not from man and especially not from this kind of b.s
Archie Castillo
im earth thank you god😇😇😇
Lilicat and Serena!cats Channel
Lilicat and Serena!cats Channel
Brianna Ulchenko
Umm I have 800 friends cuz my other YouTube channel
Amanda Piszczatowski
I'm water💙🌊🌊🌊
Sajith Prime
I'm water yes
Joeelyn Teer
if your earth squad pls like
Joeelyn Teer
my element was earth
Hyper Egg
габриела илиева ТВ
I am water
Wild ape Talks
Lohith srimanth Mahaveer tejom
30 40 30 20 30 30 20 10 10 10
jessy cabungcal
mine is earth
Abrar Ameer
I got earth 340 point
Monkey.D .luffy
Earth a little stubborn true
Mattdavid Bigay
got 220 Points :/ My element Is Air.. :(
Hannah Lee
I got fire!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! leave a like if you got it too!
Gabriella Valadez
i got fire
I'm an Earth baby.
Hannah J
Tj Farrington
my weapon is a sword and my power is fire...ima total badass
Semaj Suber
water Squad
Belle Glenn
my score was 240
No the letters only let y Ok up to 25 letters NOOO
I'm air but when I take me pill I'm earth
Ema Hyseni
all I could say is I am earth
Rachel Baughey
I got water ywah
Deividas Poškus
mine is water
Waiza Waqar
Water 💦 my pet dolphin 🐬
Norby Montero
mine is water
I am Water
ST Emma Hertz
Air is my element
Deepak Dance
I am flying like air💨
Thank you
๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ Σxo BlAzΣ
hahahahahah im water im 300
Little Karam053
I got water
Fish Fisherman
Cosmic Outruns Official
I'm air.
Miller Sam
It was between AIR and WATER. But after seeing the results I'm more AIR
Nintendo gamer And more
Yea I got aaaaaaiiiiiiirrrr
Bitch, I'm the avatar lmao. naw, I'm water haha.
Wendy Aviles
I'm air🙂
Ethan Winters
im water or air
Gamer Wiz
im water
flower pop
Kamiyah Hompson
I was air
Monika Leoniuk
Air poer lame
Killer Fredbear
Nexo Under Cover
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