A Girl With A Pure Heart I love You Jesus
For me, the best singers that has a true emotions in their songs is Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift....
And who dislike this lyric song??? Maybe the stone heart people... Charr joke!
Malé Stilinski
Youssana 😍❤
The Wattpad book James & Lyla by Unsinkableships brought me here
(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
Elisa Martin Prieto
sindu vasi
Ciara Galvan
I love you song
Laarni Bayaton
There will always be that unexplainable thingy every time I'm listening to ed. He's really brilliant. ♡♡♡♡
Raina Rasmussen
this song reminds me of mickey milkovich & ian gallagher :(((( <3
Vee Sowell
My crush makes me think of this song... he's more than a crush..🖤😔☺️
carlos castaño
So cool 😀
Mr Eightball
gotta learn this song to win a girl, wish me luck
Maurie McGhee
roses are red
violets are blue
i pressed that replay button
so did you
Damon and Elena 💟
Arthur Karanja
ED this is so wrong in many levels .Please make a bad song just one ..Your so talented .
minimalist vegan
this song is sooooo beautiful❤❤❤
meydis mawaddah
Anet Alvarado
Yousana 😍😍
La ria
Cry with this song >>>>>all
Gayratjon Poyonov
"They don't know me yet" this best part
Rheyden Villafuerte
Ed Sheeran one of the reason , why i like to play guitars​ !!
Natalya Merida
I love that 1.. 2... 3..
jada Smith
i love this song
jada Smith
i love this song
sammie_nenscel_ 610
anyone else here because of Vampire Diaries?
Mumu Hassan
Who is here July 2017?
johanna valerie a.
love this song.. remind me of someone so special to me right now.. <3
Kennedy Rogers
anybody think of phan?
Katie Edwards
Wow shit
2017 where was this song 2011😐
Brenda Aviles
ʏօʊ աaռռa ɮɛ ʟօʋɛɖ 😀😁
30th time listening to this, never gets old♥️
Lisa Newton
I listen to this and it reminds me of how no matter what problems we might have there is someone somewhere that loves each and everyone of us
fuck i need to get a boyfriend
who is here for delena
i always cry when i hear this bc all i can think about is delena but its a warm fuzzy feel kinda cry😘😘
Melissa Crittendon
God i miss his old stuff. It had so much more emotion imo. His new stuff is too mainstream and lost its substance. I wish he would go back to making music like this.
I am falling for your eyes but they dont know me yet
Pumpkin Mouthrot
this fantastic bastard is incredibly talented.
Yin Yang
Im herea cause of Larry.Might be a little too late, but Im a fan now.
Marialex Guzman
Yousef & Sana Man
Richi Reso
Where my SKAM fam at ??
i dedicate this to my amazing girlfriend <3
Manfred Spandl
Sooo schööön! Mein Song!
Alien Outsider
"... and hold me in your arms.." ♡
Loll Loll
this song sucks .....
jikook 4 me
Nat Semeniukova
I just finished Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda, so I can't think about anything else but Simon and Blue.
Stephanie Leohr
This song is beautiful, I've been a fan of Ed Sheeran for about four years now. This is my favorite song. It's the one I can easily fall asleep to 💕.
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