Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me lyrics


I do not own copyright of this song, all rights go to Ed Sheeran

Faylina Meir
My husband is currently deployed and listening to this makes me sad and happy at the same time. I remind myself it's only temporary, but I still miss him <3 The last time he left our song was thinking out loud and now it's kiss me. ^_^
Mackenzie Forbes
It's gotten to the point I don't know who's versions better... Troye's or Ed's...
I love them both too much to decide!
andie kunesh
I thought of Seth and summer,Hanna and Caleb,aria and Ezra,Allison and Scott,William and Nora,Damon and Elena..tell me if u know any of these couples or if u thought of them
Samuel Wood (SamoWoodo)
I like his older albums better, the new one feels less thought of. He pays too much attention in his lyrics now but it feels like less emotion. His songs before gave you a chance to connect to the songs, if that makes any sense.
Rachel Andrews
kookiejin *
why do a get attached from a storm of feelings every time i listen to Ed's voice
Kleines Toastbrot :3
i could cry everytime when i hear this song ;-;
Almas Diamond
Delena & Steroline ❤️ #sorrynotsorry
Valeria Aguilar
Perfect in so many levels ❤
good song! guitar cover in my channel
tara mcgloin
I'm so emotionally confused that it hurts to let out my emotions but i like this boy he's a year ahead of me at school and he's the kindest most beautiful boy I've ever met but I don't really talk to him all my friends are friends with him and I see him all the time the first time I met him at a disco his friends asked me to kiss him I said yes but he got grossed out (btw I'm 15) now it's really akward whenever I see him in town (and that like all the time) I get nervous my friends shout to him while I hide behind a bin or something if anyone can realtor to any of this plz reply and maybe we can become friends? love,tara
Sarah Davies
this song is amazing, I love it.
Astronaut 2.0
slow dancing with my imaginary boyfriend under the sky full of stars and with the wind outside that make us both shiver

How I wish...💕
Delena ♥
Jennifer Lizeth Quiroga Sanchez
this song makes me remember to my crush 💔 :(
Jauregui Cabello
Carolyne Heenan
Just picked this as our first dance wedding song 💜
Taniya Ahmed
This song gives me serious Vampire Diaries vibes
Edward Kemp
Beautiful Lyrics
Adele Webber... 😢💕
Dina Súchite
beautiful song :-)
Mariale FL
well so... i just had a baby and it seems like he likes this song, he would fall asleep to it, smiling
Ruth K
I'm not crying you're crying
Darlene Ayala
oh no here comes the tears. i feel like im dying deep inside. 😢
Claufitness F
Who knows maybe he is crushing too or it's just me 😂
Claufitness F
I've been crushing on someone that I know isn't good for me. But I act like I don't like him by being an asshole all the time.
Carolina Zamora
Bruna Lopes
I remember than watched a TVD.. and hear this song.. <3
this song is one of the most touching song of ever
Andrea Garramuño
And at the end I've dedicated this beautiful song to the wrong person😞
Blue music
I love this.
Dimar Warsihantari
3.19 - 3.36 is the best part
Claudia Cross
"I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet" 💔
hil jayde
"I wanted to dance with you today."
5 years already...
Κλεο Τζ
Can't believe it's been 5 years
Still here ❤❤
Countthetoes555 AJ
Listening to this, I realize how much talent he has...
joshler or frerard?
Carisa Jones
This makes me think of Emison <3 <3
Mercy yellow
Hey There Elena
shannon and cammie :(
Iris Styles
"I'm falling for your eyes but they don't know me yet."
Lynette Harrison
Greys Anatomy brought me here
Eliza Vicario
I dedicated this song to my boyfriend 💗
Nadia Omar
Stydia oh no okay 👌🏾
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