Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me lyrics


I do not own copyright of this song, all rights go to Ed Sheeran

Ariya Pearce
beautiful omg hes so fucking talented
Jona Chanyeol
هاذي الاغنيه لمين
Katie B x-x-x
I love Ed omg 😍 in love with this song wedding song goals lol
Kayleigh Chrissy Consinantanova
here from vampire diaries
Bre Saifullah
...this red headed dude right here can untie you're emotions like nobody's business. GO ED BOY!!
jesse grant
"i'll be your safety" listening to thats like trying swallow a really big pill
Yuni Atun
Here because of ChanBaek EXO bromance FMV story 😢😭
Phyllis Greaves
A beautiful song.💗💗
Ksenija Jemensek
It's the ultimate wedding song, so beautiful.
Meredith Gray
anyone remember when ed was introducing this song in a concert and he said "this is for my two best friends that fell in love" then a fan goes "larry!" and ed replys "innit" KSJFHDK KMSLARRY IS SO REAL AND ED IS A DARK LARRIE
wedding song yes please
Maxamillion 123
Ed's music always gives me chills, and brings back the good memories
Panagiota 81
2017 and still my favorite
Tarana Mahzabin
whenever I listen to this song,and ed says these lines in my ears,I just start blushing 😊😊 who needs a guy in her life as long as ed sings?💜
Jik Jak
It soo cool
Caleb Eze
I have been single since I had an heart break...Need someone in my life ....+2348171671806
/sweats from eyes
just remember how i was excited for this album ;)
Ελένη Πιπεροπούλου
im in love with you edwarddd😍😍🤗😍😍
shadowhunter angel
captain swan
outlaw queen
there's so many
Isaac and Julia
It's sad that some people will never get to hear this song...
hydro GEN
i didnt know what song to sing to my boyfriend and was really stressed out because of exams and stuff. And this song popped up while i was studying and i couldnt get it out of my head. when i read the lyrics and what it meant it made me cry because this song is perfect.
Noemi Vec
Alexandra Océanie
Janet Sanchez
I forgot what falling in love feels like. So I listen to Ed Sheeran. One day.
mygenet demesse
who is listening this on 2017 ?
Is this a cover he did?
Jolanta Vaičiulytė
This song makes me so sad... :(
Hey Hasti
Settle down with me
Police Potato
why does this sound different than the one on YouTube with Heirs as it's title?
Shareese Kyle
what a beautiful set of words
Blue music
Valentine's Day 😒😒😒 I MISS HER SO FUCKING MUCH 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Devon Garvey
Happy valentines day 2017 * hears to being lonely
Palashi sharma
hey ! i have covered this song, plz have a look...
plz tell me howz my mashup of this song with a Bollywood song??
Crystal Blackett
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭😭this song makes me miss a guy I never met!!!!!
Emz Gallagher
Love this song ❤️
sara salim
kiss me like you wanna be loved💕💕💕💕💖
Jessica Lee
*fairly local*
"this is the end of the song, this is the end of the cover, PEACE OUT LITTLE MUNCHKINS"
Anna Malgoire
omg it makes me want to cry
Ella Simon
Arrow 1.17
Larry Stylinson
And with a feeling i'll forget...can anyone tell me the meaning of this line
Cansulla J
If someone wrote this song about me, I wouldn't care about anything, I would just marry him. Not like the bitches AKA Ed's exes.
Chronicle37 Gaming
Joshwa Valerio
6 years later and still a favorite...
Brendonpullyourpantsdown P!atd
This makes me really sad because, it reminds me of my girlfriend. She lives in Norway, but i live in Holland. It sucks, but its the Truth. I wish i could cuddle her, Kiss her, hold her, talk to her. I love her so much.
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