Loneclone Productions
Thank you guys so much for the long wait, I really wanted to make this right. I've got more projects on the way.
MisterMoneybag's Brickfilms
Hey loneclone productions, i took your advice and made a FLASH video. Thx for your feedback!
dxdog 67
Valkyrie is not black
Content Deleted
Bcause it looks AMAZING
Content Deleted
Is this the REAL trailer?
Pumpe_ d
This is the best LEGO version of Thor: Ragnarok! Excelent work!
Rogue Robin Studios
RIP Thor’s eye and hammer
Great animation of the trailer
JM Productions
A million views, please everyone!
Deadcool242 lego productionsTM
Why didn't u use valkrie fig
Joshua Nelson
nathan gaming 529
1:39 why is there a jedi star fighter
leo john Bell
Why do villains always say I'll MLG no scope the world and rebirth the world?
yo the part where he made out with hulk was tight sry 4 spoilers
Bricks on the Loose
This is a GREAT trailer recreation!!! We just subscribed for more fun videos!! Please check out our LEGO Superheroes stop motion series!
Redthor8 Productions
This is probably the best lego recreation of a trailer on the internet.
Bacon Studios
You gonna get that Waititi money?
Lego The Boy Genius
nice job
Venom lego maker custom
8 more day tell Thor ragnarok
Deadpool 26
You are the best
Magnus Jensen
Wow great job
Ultra Animations
Epic recreation!
The God of static electricity
It’s really energizing to see a brick film work diligently to craft a well put together video. Nice work Alex!
Shiva Kumar
Fantastic Man !! LOVE IT !!!
Jacob Henrie-Naffaa
How come you don't have the battle for asgard set?
cloud tv
the best thor ragnarok trailer
cloud tv
good job
Worth the wait
Short Bear Stop Motion
That is SOOOOO good! You got it shot for shot!
Herofilms Animation studios
There's this guy who said he beat it to you, he didn't even buy the sets 🤣🤣🤣
Trops Eagle
This is well done, and SSJ GOD HELA at 0:55
Kylowrong Productions
Fabulous recreation!
Cool video
Marcus RotMG
This was so entertaining! I thought it was an official Lego movie trailer haha! Awesome! Keep on going!
Liam the Leprechaun
This is SPECTACULAR! 😂🙏☘💥💚
Skinny Zach Films
Great job, Alex! You did a fantastic job!
Crystal Clear Films
Very well done Alex. The months work that went into this really showed and honestly this is some of your best work.
This is freakin sweet, Alex. You really blew it out of the water on this one, the editing was spot on.
Comicbook Lego Productions
Nice it was worth the wait!
Rudy Inocencio
It's finally here!
Lego Machinex
Amazing job man! Great animation, great builds for the set, and a great turnout overall! Incredible job man!
keyblader 1234
great job dude though try to put Valkyrie while paint better though
LegoLuke68 Studios
This was INCREDIBLE! Every shot has phenomenal detail. This was great.
ProWiz Productionz
I've been waiting for this
Awesome work!
Finally !!!!😅 next project StarWars last Jedi trailer?
This was really great. The effort really showed, great job man.
Decent Catastrophe
The fact that I watched this get made makes me appreciate it a lot more.
N and D Studios
First to subscribe to LoneClone Productions!!!
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