Logan Paul - HERO (Official Music Video) Feat. Zircon

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Directed by Sebastian A. Guerra
Instagram: @Sagsebi

Beat produced by Garabatto:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GarabattoMusic/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/garabattomusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/garabattomusic?lang=en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/GARABATTOmusic/

Zircon's Channel:

I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

silviu ungar
young nick crompton
Slime, toys 'n fun channel
I love this!!
luckiest boy
ScienceWorld Maker
Man...songs and diss tracks always get so many views
Mlgfox812 Lol
Logan is my hero too 😀
Abbie & Immy
Your my Hero
Royce Vivo
It's still lit as 🔥🔥🔥
Ahmed Ali
In which country do you live logan
Artificial Autism
I want to die
Layla Boss
Did Logan give him some money
Hakime Gündüz
Logan is my herooo
Esmee 10 Esmedley
Song about me twice now that's really nice.....MY FAVE PART
i can tell this kid will become a actor
The beat is soo good
лисичка бг
This song is very good
Logan you are my hero to
anoud_al7 anoud_al7
Logan you Olso my hero
logan you are my hero
Alejandra Saucedo
Rose249 aph
HE IS LUCKY longan is my hero as will
Koning AJ
I wasted my life on watching the uh other kid not logan
Claytons Science
How old was Noah
Hailey Plays
Jake Paul is my hero are you Salty Logan Jake has like 12 million people that loves Jake and that's there hero and you only have 1
Lemonlemon Gaming
He's fat and ugly like rice gum he's not your hero that shit is floated 🖕🏽
Jackson Dallimore
Hey Logan i am big fan of you and your brother MY NAME IS JACKSONi know the whole it every day bro
of by heart and i am so jelose about you flash cars that you have and team ten are you in team ten????
Miranda Sawyers
Christian Jimenez
Aye I’m happy for him
Alin Alvarado
I love you Logan Paul 😁
Hilary Aparicio
Cool song
Gonzalo Quan
I want to meet LOGAN sooooo BADLY but i know it's never going to happen
Gonzalo Quan
Dude like logan is my idal!
Brandon Gonzales
you inspire me allot logang 4 life
Rosalinda Araujo
Logan Paul you are so cool with your vlogs and vídeo. People get Logan Paul alots of Subscribers
Dat Boi Nando
hate to say it but Xzibit channel is dead
piemaster 5
Logan everybody in the Logang considers you there hero but # vlog dude
Magnificent- Jelly
All the dislikes are probably from the jakepaulers👀
jeff Hart
me and Zircon have the same shoes
CreepyPastaKid J
I love logan and jakeawesome video have fun and keep making good videos!!!!!!
CreepyPastaKid J
and....plz subscribe
CreepyPastaKid J
my hero is logan and jake
Jenrry YT gaming
Get better guys go to 5M Likes on this video
Logan Paul you are my hero to!!!!
Nuclear wolf's Skull
He’s not very happy about the merch I kinda feel like he was forced to do this I mean show me a frame when he’s smiling
Young EAGLE DeltaZuluXray
Noah is lucky
Alex Sayadyan
I love your videos Logan
Astrid Croes
Logan Paul my name is Travis lafosse Aruba
Astrid Croes
Logan poly to as my hero
manuel playz
Jake paul is my hero
Aja Soto
So if if you like Logan you get to make a song with him he must have thousands of songs but everybody docent have a hero dumbass
cali Mckeithan
im crying your so good😂
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