Chappy Cow
It was a alright movie, I dunno why so many people gave it crap. It's just another buddy cop movie, but one that I personally really enjoyed waaaaay more than ride along (which wasn't too great).
Dio Falkner
Came here for 1:42
OG vac man
The slap at 1:22 look at the rock face expression Lmfao so funny omg
Aidan Stillwell
I just got back to this after watching the office...... Omg that's holly.
Shayla Smith
The Rock
James Games Seville
0:08-0:22 is on instagram and I'm trying to find it
0:13 U telling Rock to get out of the scene? Nobody tells Rock to get out of a scene, u out of scene bruh, u out of the scene. I literally said that with a black guy voice
The Emperor Zero
lmao..the last one kills me every time.
Filip Burčer
Is Dwayne black ?
that last one got me
You knew she did the tickle thing just to touch his manboobs, lol!
Samuel Tan
"You are in my fucking Video. Fuck you" HAHAHA
Farrel Gaming
just watch the bloopers on the real movie on tv and want to watch it again
Mohammed Ehab
1:49 Kevin just insulted Dwayne (the rock)
Kevin hard is about as funny as a terminal braintumour.
"That's a bunch of dumb names by a bunch of dumbass people"

off the record: the fact that Kevin harts user name is KevinHart4Real
that scene fits 😂
Walter 777
Twenty Three
Dwayne Johnson is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.
Kaden Overstreet
Peck pop of love.
Christopher Caridi
the last one should have definitely be in the movie
Ethan Shohet
When you can't spell "real" correctly in the title.
Arian Canul
Holly From The OFFICE! 0:23
clint rathman
That blond lady can cuff and tickle me anytime
Jason Moyle
god that kevin hart is a little girl
Michael Adams
God, i hate the rock
Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
the Blondie clearly just wanted to touch rocky.. she wants the ppls strudel.
tickle him! Best idea, possibly the only torture that really works on the Rock! ^^
Movie was shit, still fun and worth the watch though.
Kumail Raza
Kevin hart was so so funny he slapped the rock on the face
damn even outside wwe the rock can still sell those slap like a pro, instinct or an act?
Senpai . .
that last blooper though xD
Dominick Arzola
he is the rock
Zane Vlogs
It would be funny 😂 to watch if my wifi didn't suck
the rock is a large teddy bear lol
"Mr. T, Sting and The Rock? You think those people are real? Those are stupid nicknames made up by stupid dumbass people" 😂😂😆👌🏻
Lol Lol
are you kidin me
Dr Manhattan
rock is fake
Dr Manhattan
not funny
It has begun bloopers marathon!
Rucha Goddess Of Purgatory
1:28 fav
Jack McCarl
Was the rock Actually Naked?
Mohd Fitri
Why you always used her as clickbait?
funnier than the movie
Open mouth slap lmao
spam left arrow at 0:00 to create your own music :)
Last bit was good
Adblock Popup
kevin hart is soooo overacting fuck him he's so annoying
Sacred Syrena
The rock is ticklish. I got it. ;P
Adi Adrian
Better than the movie
i came from Jim Carrey`s bloopers. this is nothing compared to jim
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