Exploring for Tide Pool Creatures!

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Did you see Coyote catch that extremely venomous Sea Snake in Costa Rica?! If not make sure to go back and watch that wild encounter here - http://bit.ly/BTTseasnake

If you have already seen that episode then this video is for you because it gives a great look at all of the other sea creatures we found tide pooling that day…including one super tiny Octopus! 

Get ready, exploring for tide pool creatures is always an amazing adventure! 

The new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there! 

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Melly Davis
catch big foot
baby squidward lol
It's Patrick and Mrs. Puff!!!
Keolin Moodley
when you are in south africa
let me know.

there's a place that has sooo much if living organisms corals and fish.

its quite populated with life and very few have permits to get in

privileged enough to have
Raymond Lam
how come the octopus only have 5 tentacles
Raymond Lam
cute pufferfish
Stella Ekelöf
More tide pool videos!
Evan Lacy
that's awesome how you cought that baby octopus
Dream Dog
Isaiah Trumpet
Coyote have you caught a Blue Ring Octopus from Isaiah
Ila Willis
Every time he does one of these, I think about all the stuff he could have stepped on
Benny Hill
Why all the screaming and yelling that might upset those animals. This is not a circus.
blaze 788
in my birthday I will be 9 and will have a pet stickbug
Ireland Holman
Coyote i really love your Tide Pool videos so if you could make more i would love it
Cathy-Ann Xavier-Kangaloo
The octopus 💩 on you
bruce robertson
starfish is what they say for sea stars in america
bruce robertson
not a patrick a starfish
Ethan Tang
this was awesome
eri asri
u should come to malaysia coyote..we have many exotic wild animal
Betty Sonnier

My ballon
William Rickus
Sorry to correct you it's not an octopus its squid ward
the cry
JermaineTheBoss 1
So awesome
McKenna Reasor
If you want to see some more tide pool exploration check out the third beach Vlog on my channel :)
Coyote I want hour long episodes with you!
tim ford
were should I go for tide pools
Vanessa slade
can you find more paff er fish please
Jaxzen Edmonds
I like your videos
omar bassuony
When you showed us the pufferfish,I was surprised because like,how's that a pufferfish?!😂😂😂😂
bts memes
"watch out, it's extremely venomous"
picks it up
Sophia Gropp
I live in INDIANA
Diego Goh
It's not called a sea star it's called a star fish
roxy divaroblox
me if I hear the word star (as in sea star)
Leah Mitchell
Leah Mitchell
Sarah Rhoades
coononut crab
Bye bye little octopus... Bloop! 😆
glenn remigio jr
Get pinched by the Samoan crab
Borhan Ali
coyote, can you do an episode with a baby squirrel?
Amanda Tringa
Amanda Tringa
Hi you en sister no port mom is perfet
JellyCat Playz!!!! :3
Coyote: be careful, their INCREDIBLY venomous
Picks it up*
Me: ...
Christi Maldonado
Coyote said whach your footing and he falls
spam sloth
u should be bigger than pewdiepie ur so awesome
xEndiePearlx Roleplay
Sea star- Patrick
Pufferfish- mrs puff

(Spongebob anyone?)
Braythan Brim
Make another tide pool video
Nmb2014 Burton
I hope I can join him on his next adventure o do it with my dad in Casta mesa
AvaBayEels-Got YeColdRice
I lost it when he fell. I love these videos.
jon nas
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