Niezy Jayme Bayuca
The octopus is kinda cute
awesome guy
we're is this low tide place at?
DontFireMe I Minecraft & More!
hoy punta ka naman sa Philippine
Ojestic mondadore
Lucas Tan
When you high five someone and fall down...
Thomas Kelley
good one
ELYSIA Dhanasar
live is so beautiful. I love your channel so much. it's like an another animal YouTube channel called Jonathan bluebird tv. it's also sea life channel.
Julie Mourad
Why do u do a very short vlog plz do a tall vlog
Catfish and Needle Fish
I am 9 I realy want go with you.
Pearce Theodore
🐯This is Droppy.
Droppy is slowly starving to death.
1 like=1 pigeon sandwich for Droopy.
Connie Kooha
Sea stars are not cool all they do is sit on a rock
pickle slyer
coyote try finding a octopus in the ocean in a coconut shell it is real. They just hide in them to protect from predators
Ethan Roberts
everytime he said sea star i heard him say is this the krusty krab than heard the star say no this is patrick
that was on my birthday last year
ronald mauricio
MCPE Pro Mod gamer
mimi polio
put it in a water bottle
ZapperPlayzGaming #Awesome
where is a sea stars eyes
Brayden Vanderhoff
Once I was in puerto vierta with my family and we found a huge pufferfish trapped in a tide pool right next to the hotel we were staying at. We released it.
First Name
coyote-"gotta be careful these are extremely venomous"
2 seconds later-brings straight up to eyes
Mauro Impens
'a little tiny baby octopus'
sheza fathima
I subscribed. can I join u
sheza fathima
cayote petersen. is star fish and baby octopus dangerous. ???
Mlg Doge
You should make a TidePool fight club by just snagging tidepool creatures and putting them all in a bucket
Michela S
There all excited about catching a sea snake but i wouldn't even go near that thing.
guys geez i never would have seen a SEA STAR WOWOWOWOWO
Muzawir Arief
that's slamie
Samsungboy Waagdt
cayoti do u have a figet spinner
Desiree Hess
you need to learn some self control bro. its cool and all but you're flinging a deadly yellowbelly around while you're falling, all while telling your buddy to be careful and watch his step. .
Xander Howell
the baby octopus was so cute
Tyler Little
I watched the part where he fell so many times..." wooooooo! Yeah it's a sea snake high five! falls
Anthony Potocnik
Xbread 09
jackie hughes
I caught a anomes Optus.
Luz Castaneda
Putin our videos our cool even over press the likes butin
Maggie Kam
I ate noodles on a plane and it was like sandpaper
daddy hernandez
Dylan Pursley
is is a sea star or a star fish help me
Laurencia Chan
Liam But
That puffer is worth $150
Cousins Vlog-play
Its a sea star
_ psychΓΈ
why did he point at the octopus when he said stay wild? the octopus doesn't live in the wild!
Julio Farias
for a next challenge you should get shocked by a elrctric eel
Chinoblade Alexander
can you make a fishing video plz it will make me happy 😊
Audrius Jankus
can you make a vidio about hermit crab?
john kay
Octoling Girl
"Hello Mr.Octopus"Me:Mr.Octopus where do you work?

Octopus:In the Tide Pools!
DBS Entertainment
holy cow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jeny Sundiang
I want fish :(
Chelsea Vargas
I have always wondered if he has ever accidentally steeped on any animals.
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