Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (Live)

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Ed Sheeran gives us this exclusive, FIRST EVER live performance of Castle on the Hill live for the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show!

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Philip Drake
He is a really amazing songwriter!
lucius agus
damn, i missed my childhood friends so much ;) wish them doing well
Katarina Braun
Driving home from work listening to this song. BEST thing :)
Steven Tandean
glad to see u again ed.. loved 2 of your new songs already
What size guitar is he using
michelle mirabelle
Love this SO much! Lyrics so relatable! county girl now living in the city so nice to go home :) so many of my friends took there own lives back home, the line about 'ones brother overdosed' really got me. So talented
BEST SONG OF 2017 <3333
Gashugi Cedron
I didn't like dis song but this live perf. made me love it
Franko Gracin
where is the wooohoooo part man cmon?
Sean joseph
someone try name me a better musician for this era
Alicia Bryan
Y'all praising ed but all I'm thinking bout is Patrick stump while watching this and idk why ._.
Simply Molly
He can play eyes closed that's talent I have to play my guitar eyes open
Eve Jakob
There is hope for the future in music! Thank you Ed!
Pere Ferrer
This people Is impresibol
Camila Pacheco
i dont think so that :(
Rachel Hickey
He's so good live and on the music videos
Roshan Amir
Came to this video hoping that u didn't make ur first bad song, not disappointed!
Roshan Amir
I friggin love u and ur music, such emotion and passion, I'm literally crying rn, keep it up ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
pieyyouel ,
So much genuine on this mv
Rosanna Xie.
😭 👏🏼
Bella M.
there are very few artists nowadays that is genuinely good at singing and dont use autotune. and ed is one of those people
Bella M.
he is amazing live. i would do anything just to see him in concert again
Susan Berry
Wow! Love it
Samantha Noelle
I cant even imagine my life without ed sheeran and his music. He's the best 😍
Thais Akemi
I know that 2017 is going to be a good year just because now Ed Sheeran is a part of it
marsya adzani
why this is so good
Neil Elliott
if only he could say Castle right, then it would be perfect ;-)
Jerome Hensis
he's closing his eyes while singing ahhahaha :) nice voice, the message of the song is damn awesome
Marcus Sison
I get eargasm everytime he says "castle". Or am I the only one that noticed how perfect it is?
J Padalecki
It's so gorgeous. Almost crying, his voice just makes me so happy! Gosh love Ed!
jade glitter xxx
Who is tiny dancer 💃 💃
Olga K
Ι fall in love with him everyday! His songs are so powerful and emotional....
I was so pissed when I missed his live performance on BBC due to time zone...
Many congrats to the whole team behind the song!
Lillian Bivens
i love how he says castle!!!
Could anybody find out the chords?
Rovel Soto
Does anyone notice the song got edited?Because I did.
EightEmoji Girls
I love Ed. My mom might take me to see him at a concert
We just released our ROCK COVER of this song! Check it out on our channel! Thumbs up if you enjoyed it!
Maiesha Grimes
Emotional 😭 song so emprational
I Can Tell U One Thing

He rushed it.
Claudia Sarbutt
Brilliant song. These lyrics are easy to relate to. For sure.
Ed sheeran isn't allowed to be a sex symbol. if he becomes one I'll kill him
Haydn Armstrong
love it
Stefan Ambrus
Better than original.
fucking perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
Piternal Repose
I adore Ed so much, you really don't know how much I'd love to see him live.
Joe Duckett
Ed and Adele, real gees
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