Philip DeFranco
I'm slowly losing my mind and dealing with a lot of.....Have a happy Tuesday!
Kamal Azam
xbox is cooler than PlayStation according to 13-17 yo, damn
Dab Cubing and Entertainment
we like yeezys and ultraboost far better than jordans
Kush Kylie
Suicidal or not, the person filming and not helping is completely responsible in that moment. Even if she had tried to save her and failed, it's still her duty as a human fucking being to prevent the death of someone IF they can. Standing there and just filming someone trying to kill themselves when all they have to do is reach out and grab them, is a cowardly and exceptionally selfish act. Her behaviour is disgraceful. The human race is so flawed these days when someone's first response is to film instead of rescue.
Max Heronian
Yeah, that's BS. More gen Z uses Pinterest than Google+
Rosie J
8:13, onision? lol
MR Omar
The horrifying part that I live in the country in this suicide
Sarah Poynter
This actually happened a few days ago in the UAE. One person was able to escape her employer and report the abuse to the police. I don't know what will happen...
Sean Haggard
on the right of the blue screen there are weird ghosts of the virtual buttons on your phone, the back home and tab buttons. anyone else?
that study is so wrong!!!
next thing you know people are going to blame caucasian patriarcy
How did I miss someone going after the Slingshot Channel? That is like the most fun, innocuous, experimental channel. Nothing he makes is really practical, it's just fun and over the top.

If they legitimately said he "had to change" a single thing to avoid a copyright strike that is abusing the copyright system. Hypocrites like that should be strung up in public. Fuck that guy.
Jesse Pender
I doubt the deodorant ad's message had any race intention but it does show that they're out of touch with how it might be perceived. Anyone who is paying attention to current conversations about race and who's job it is to try to understand public perception (e.g anyone who is producing advertising) should be aware of the fact that the ad is going to be triggering to some people. I know some will think that those people are being "over triggered" but there are a lot of people out there that deal with racism on a daily basis or who are engaged in trying to understand or positively effect race relations, who are reminded constantly of the fucked up shit that goes on in our world and thus get triggered easily. I think it's understandable that some people get triggered easily by this type of thing given said fucked up shit that goes on in our world. Personally I think it's a worthwhile endeavor to try not to be triggering to people who confront fucked up realities on a daily basis. So I think the "don't be stupid stupid" comment is miss placed. I think anyone in advertising should have realized how stupid it would run that ad. That said, on the whole the topics you brought up and the views you expressed were on point! That's why I watch :) Also I appreciate that you encourage conversations on such things! Otherwise I wouldn't bother commenting.
Colin Cnote
I'm almost 14 and I think when they include Google plus they're including hangouts because almost everyone I know and alot of people at my school use hangouts
army 43
A lot of suicidal people that survived suicide regretted the moment
Oink ards
That's it, after the Manchester bombing, I decided to go back, to ruling the WORLD. Despicable people.
Just 12 more years folks.
nick arndt
okay none of these kids know the beatles and fall out boy and panic at the disco? did i wake up in 2007?
Jeepin' Jake
0:34 snaps and sex moan I love youtube subtitles hahaha!
Cassie Carr
Can I just say, when I watched this a month ago, nearly two months now, I had done it on my cell phone. Doing it now on my laptop, the one photo that was used of the woman hanging off the ledge. Is quite simply, haunting. I had to look away and close my eyes because you could see in her eyes that there was just so much fear involved.
I don't get why relatively few people who watched the video or heard the story about that Kuwaiti woman didn't immediately question the official explanation for the incident. Does a suicidal person ask for help or try to hold on? I mean, seriously, that's just stupid.
Duendes Supra
My did it take me 10yrs to have this channel recommended to me?

I hate red circles
The Burger Nerd
Wow, I will never again complain about any job I've ever had. So sad...
@ 2:30 that face is scary as foook
Ku Klux Quality Content
damnit right when you changed backround was the perfect fase for P0rn
Kyle Sya
real life slavery in the 21st century...lovely! :S
One day Phil will be an old deluded agent of status quo, it's interesting to know he was this way from his youth. Needless to say this was corporate trolling, at its simplest. Meaning it had the intended effect of generating brand buzz where none would have been. However Phil is the equivalent of bill Orielys lunacy & can only degrade. Philip remember the lack of properly articulated arguments & perspectives, can lead any into false beliefs & a deluded denial-like state where your brain will believe your ridiculous even outrageous statements & logics. Athens theory. The dis-advantaged live in the The advantaged blind spot. You always find a way too dismiss others & inequalities. You must be immune to time, history & the cries of those lesser in your view.
J Mauricio
No one uses Google+ exclusively
Dokino Sam
Why is Philip in hardcore porn featuring the Grimace? I'm confused and extremely excited.
i usually agree with philip but i think the white is pure can be considered offensive because there were many hygiene products a while back (such as pear's soap, fairy's soap, vinolia soap, etc) in the usa that usually advertised by portraying african americans as unclean, and if they'd use the soap they'd be white/clean.. google those brands if you don't believe me! you should have looked farther into that, instead of calling people who were offended stupid! (not unsubbing tho, i love your content)
Im confused....What is "Vice" and who the hell uses google+?
If you think that that commercial is racist, then you aint got the brains to pour piss out of a boot.
Joey Shaffer
It is racially insensitive

White is a color, sure, racialized or not
but language does not exist in a vacuum.
And there is a long history of racist soap ads equating whiteness with cleanliness and purity (an actual tagline being "be like de white n***", or a black child rendered literally white by the soap brand)

I love you, but I really don't appreciate being called stupid for feeling/thinking
Iasmin Rodrigues
I'm kinda new to the channel, but this is the third time I see Philip DeFranco be completely insensitive to racial prejudice. In this particular case, please, list ANY THREE EXAMPLES in which the black colour was used as an example of purity.
The dichotomy between Black (associated with bad things) and White (associated with good things) was motivated by racism and black slavery, and some people had already talked about it a lot. So it is kinda asshole-ish to say that it is "stupid" to be mad when, once again, white is associated with purity.
And, contrary to what DeFranco believes, watching his channel is not a matter of agreeing with everything he says or not. I agree with a lot of thing he says, and yet I still think he is being kinda racist (on his white privilege) to say stuff like that. For someone who claims that he knows the world is not all or nothing, he always assumes that people thinks like that.
What a pity.
As a member of Gen Z, the studies make me laugh my ass off. It's totally been cheated and it's super out of touch 😂😂😂
I use google plus
Cat Anderson
with how horrible some of these workers are treated, I'M NOT SURPRISED. this happens all the fucking time. my heart weeps for them :(
Oh bam loved that not smart line .
Atomic QBomb
7:22 Best. Fucking. Roast. EVER 😂
Belle Collins
He is subed to approach global
Non ya
I lived in the middle east (Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq) for 10 years and this is a common occurrence. Although not funny, the common joke was that a maid committed suicide by stabbing herself 17 times in the back.
Ivory Herman
Why does everyone have to make a racial issue out of every damn thing!
Berzerker Steel
Ehm... Nivea actually means "white as a snow". This is literally their brand name. Is it offensive too?
STEEL irony
I was literally watching Jeorg of the slingshot channel before I started watching this video.
Simon Sozzi
nice Segway
e l s a
Wait why not coldplay?
Vernon Ray
Dan S
if she was trying to kill herself, why didn't she go to the top floor
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