WOW! The Truth Behind Horrifying Viral Video Is Tragic

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Kuwait Maid Filmed Falling from Building:

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Nivea “White is Purity” Ad:

“It’s Lit” According Google:
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Philip DeFranco
I'm slowly losing my mind and dealing with a lot of.....Have a happy Tuesday!
Cree Ingles
The maid story is crazy‼️ 😜
Ian Christainson
one of my co-workers went there for vacation one year taxis are Ferraris and any citizen is basically our richest prick. she told me about how there was one lady who is sitting drinking something out in public and then her servant was standing there holding just a s*** ton of boxes and she tried to sit down and then got smacked. the United States is directly responsible for this the ruling family in the region was propped up due to an agreement with the United States government which also ensured our oil. the u.s. is directly responsible for the human rights abuses there.
Jakkuthe KoreanJesus
Wait...The room was a green screen? Well fuck...
David Cain
Has someone actually blue-screened into a porno yet?
Nobody uses Google+
Sasha WD
Everyone's being serious and I'm like...

Did that say twenty one pilots?
Holy shit, it said twenty one pilots!
Oh my god, it said Panic! at the disco!

The validation is real right now.
only morons would think she was committing suicide.
What??? Google +? Nooooo
Squid Kid
what the fuck
Val C
Lmao Phil! "Blacks the only way... [to drink coffee]"
I don't relate to many of those studies.
Maybe Nivea anticipated the reactions and released the ad on purpouse. I sure wouldn't have heard of it if not for that.
Josh Ghosh
when humans fall, we can go limp and allow our body to roll onto the ground. she probably rolled and had the pressure transfer to her arm
phil you really do tell it how it is
Kitty Twister
It's so funny you started talking about the background bc I was about to comment on that
Can you just do a week where all your videos are POSITIVE?
Señor Maximo Loco
Im surprised you're more triggered about the Nivea ad, than the maid story.
Builder Dex
I didn't choose the Google+ life,.. The Google+ life chose me.
Leo Ficz
How the fuck someone fall from the 7th floor and get a fucking broken arm?!?!?!?!?!
Monstroton _
Quick everyone let's photoshop him to a porno and title it "man fucks millions of viewers with facts"
Arielle JS A
Monstrous! I've heard of this before. PLEASE CIVILIZE these BEASTS!
I made a video about the Nivea add, its just stupidity
hey dude I watched the video and I enjoyed it. but can't get over the fact you called me a bastard which offends me. kys. nah nah nah
Kuwaiti Mapper
Dont trust Ethiopian maids, most of them have anger issues and diabetes, one even killed a little girl while the mother was sleeping.
Sarah Yates
WOW! and people think it's hard here in the united States..
Not a legitimate study. Obviously total bullshit. What a surprise, Google. smh
Side note about the daily mail from a Brit, its a shit newspaper with nothing but lies printed daily, so much so that Wikipedia has actually labelled them as being a bad source of information now.
This Panda Travels
I had a bad experience with Daily Mail where they bought a story from someone who interviewed me about my travel blog and twisted the story so much from one silly question. They didn't even get the country I lived in correct. Bunch of lying assholes. Don't believe anything they write unless there are hard facts 🙌🏻
Commenters please grow the fuck up. Nivea clearly had no malicious intent, stop looking for racism in places where is isn't. Companies shouldn't have to worry about offending people for no reason. You are acting like they put "kill all niggers" on their ad.
Aura RedWolf
I mean, white is widely recognised as the symbol for purity. Light, doves, clouds, (clean teeth :D) etc, these not ring any bells? White people aren't even white anyway, just like black people aren't really black. Or maybe the true black people are just invisible because they reflect no light (that was a joke sorry). Even though it probably could have been worded a bit better, I don't think it's really racist. Does anyone ever think "[insert colour here] is the new black" as racist? No? Why? Because we're thinking of the colour not the ethnicity. It's just an advert, it's like saying green is envy or yellow is cowardice or red is love or purple is royal.
carly vickers
What about the shoe company Adidas most people wear them I go down the street what do I see a pair of fucking Adidas lol 😂
James James
have you ever tried Ethiopian food ........
neither have they
James James
have you ever tried Ethiopian food ........
neither have they
James James
have you ever tried Ethiopian food ........
neither have they
James James
have you ever tried Ethiopian food ........
neither have they
Lol I actually used google+ years ago. Of course I was forced to make one for youtube and gmail but my friends and I ended up using it because we hated facebook. I guess it became like a private social network for my group of friends. Nobody I know uses it anymore though haha
Martin Villeneuve
when i started at tim horton's i had to put a t shirt to advertise our dark coffee and it said "more black more intense" on the french t shirt.
imaloser bigloser
Everyone has a google plus account ( because basically you are forced to make one if you use gmail or youtube) but no one actually uses that retarded shit.
That Nivea add was just dumb. When would you ever want to associate white with a spray deodorant. That is the kind of shit that stains your clothes. Invisible spray is purity!
Alisha Hauch
You think DeFranco just woke up one morning and said "I simply have zero fucks left"?
It's Jade I Guess
I loved the intro LMAO
Biohazard Films
im 14 and i think vice is fucking amazing
This is not how you should pronounce Nivea, the accent is on the "e"
Greg = shay?
Esther Chilcutt
my "Boss" thinks They, Them, Their. And A number of other words are Rasist if a white peraom says them.

"So Your An Idiot" Translates to a Racial slur and not an Insult to inteligence.
Esther Chilcutt
of there is a Help fund Share the link!

Oh jeez
Y-2-K FILMS (TheMidnightBros)
I really am embarrassed to be a part of this generation (Generation Z).
Tyz The Phoenix
I actually knew a couple of people who actively use google +. It's extremely unfortunate
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