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GirlsGeneration소녀시대GGSNSDHoliday NightYOONA윤아GIRLSGENERAT10N지금은_소녀시대앞으로도_소녀시대영원히_소녀시대ADecadewithGGSNSD_10th10thAnniversaryYURI유리태연SUNNY써니TIFFANY티파니HYOYEON효연SOOYOUNG수영SEOHYUN서현GirlsGeneration10주년10yearsmusic videoteaser티저뮤비뮤직비디오TAEYEONGIRLS6ENERAT10NAll NightHoliday올나이트홀리데이올나잇케이팝kpopk-popk pop샤이니SHINee동방신기TVXQEXO엑소SUPER JUNIOR슈퍼주니어NCTNCT 127엔시티레드벨벳Red Velvetfx에프엑스NCT DREAMf(x)

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"All Night" (Clean Ver.) M/V:
"All Night" (Documentary Ver.) M/V:

Girls' Generation’s 6th full length album "Holiday Night" has been released. The album contains a total of 10 tracks, including the double title tracks "Holiday" and "All Night". With fresh sounds and energetic vocals, "Holiday" is the perfect summer anthem. Member SEOHYUN has participated in the lyric-writing of the song, which talks about the feelings marked by the 10th anniversary holiday. Enjoy the Music Video for "Holiday" and send lots of love and support to them!

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[Track list]
01 Girls Are Back
02 All Night
03 Holiday
04 FAN
05 Only One
06 One Last Time
07 Sweet Talk
08 Love Is Bitter
09 오랜 소원 (It's You)
10 Light Up the Sky

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December : 74,2xx,xxx views

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Jeana Barry
Yuri in the elevator hyping Hyoyeon up like "yeah that's my girl, she spit mad fire."
Carlos Valladolid
Newcomers will get every award there in here, and our queens will be there sitting like bosses looking at what they cannot achieve that GG already had.
Carlos Valladolid
They don't need to win daesangs or in music shows because they already proved that they are the legendary queens of kpop.
Let's kill tiffany!! She will terminate her contract this year, she doesn't deserve to live.
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LEGENDS are back! 😍😍😍💕
Congratz for molesting taeyeon at the airport! Sones really are the worst they will do anything to get in touch with their idol even to hurt the idol in the process of taking her picture. Shame on you!!
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I will defo listen to this when I am holiday
Soshi Gray
Yeah 19 million views on YouTube
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19370105 23:07
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Am I the only one who is just angry that sm is giving them shitty songs? I mean they sang it well but no level of skills can make a shitty song sound less shittier... I want the old days back! Who is this music composer man?!
Time To Hajima
I mean does twice have a maknae that can sing high notes and dance while still looking pretty no? Ayt
Once Since Birth
19,370,105 Views at 23:59 KST SNSD HOLIDAY ✨❤️
mari caldas
SNSD, thanks for this pretty song, I like all night more, but holiday is so funny and I can not stop of hear it
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im still watch this...than after hear this i will go to sleep 😄👋
20M please Sones💖
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3:13 OMG Hyoyeon
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