Instant Karma - TIME OF JUSTICE

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It is especially enjoyable when they try to punk someone and end up getting punk'd themselves. Here are our favorite instant karma and instant justice videos. MESSING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE.

WooW instant karma
This shit don't stop, man, this shit don't stop LOL :^D
Miroslav Galo
Opice sú v klietke.
My Self
Dat shit does stop in jain meee.... Hahahahahahabha fucking hilarious
Keith Robinson
The sound is poor quality and the music choice is crap. Also have seen most of this footage already. This channel is shit.
Keith Robinson
Your music is garbage.
Shay Earl
Spend some of that cash and remodel. Get rid of all that wood panels
Kelsea T
5:00 what is he saying?
6:30 That shit just .... stopped.... hahahahahaha
Whats the song at 0:34
That shit does stop when SWAT comes into your house hahahaha
What happened to music? i keep hearing some broken washing machine in the background. Thank programmers for mute buttons!
Grace Micke
Would’ve watched if there wasn’t the annoying music
matthew hurley
1:30 ITS A TRAP!
repetidos mil veces, pulgar abajo
Gölge Ay
kristen skayhan
5:25 the karma was this is on the internet
faiz burjeel
12.37 hahaha
Nöbetçi fue
ÇİFTE DİPLOMALI MANYAK - double diploma maniac
Smart Negroes...
Tony NA
I'm seeing a pattern
John Voisey
You be trapped my negro
Ervin Dibra
I know many of them and they are all the same . Doing all bed things even robery and kidnapins old couples for as little as ten dollars . All same fucking cunts . Hope you are not 1 of them .
Jess R
I guess "the shit" did stop.
Patrick Chesbro
your music sucks eggs...
Richard J Lundeen
Lowlife scum!
Darren Turner
Wtf language was that nigger speaking at 5.25.
Quite la música , es una mierda.....pero muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mierda...
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Que du meilleur dans les actions
robert mcghie
Those dudes on the bike.trying to rob the big truck. Where mental proper Radio Rental. Looked nasty the bike smash the other Dingus just calmly lowered himself onto the road, from the speeding truck like a regular job.fecked up man. Thanks for sharingnever..STOP..loving
Sebastian Masone
Fuckin Brits are too polite. You drive like a moron? Bitch I'd get out and bust his window and drag him out. People are pussies.
techno mécanique
Antonio Bromelini
Those guys in the locked store are going straight now! Straight to jail!
Moga Dishu
love the niggly vids
The way it goes you bunch of pricks ! :-)
Dee Deol
what is the song at 11:00? Great vid!
Young Han Ghonza
karma incident
People Get What They Deserve Ohhh!!!
Juan Garcia
Wears da girlsss
silent moon
Is it to hard to not have music for most of the video? Just have it very faint in the background rather then have the music there at a pretty high volule. At least use some good music fam.
the 2 maggots locked in the store - bullet each - future problems solved.
Isn't great ! When a plan comes together
Wiggers STFU just the stupid ghetto thinks they have a free lunch I work 2 jobs
Donald Ali
Ameliorez nous l'accessibilité aux films
Mike Carter
fucking ni@@ers, i fucking hate fucking ni@@ers!
Dor Mann
Shit stopped @ 5:50
Cookiegirl 1
The guy with the money getting his door knocked in is an insult to any black person who was enslaved. MLK did not fight for idiots like that.
bouba babou
stupid people doing stupid things :
Thomas Petrizzo
This shit don't stop man. The sheriffs office already knew. hahahahahahaha stupid!
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