Real Food VS Gummy Food! Gross Giant Candy Challenge - Best Chef Edition Tiana VS Jordon

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The restaurant is open again with 2 customers who came and cooked up some freaky and cool dishes for the owners,Jordon and Tiana are the chefs in this episode so please comment below! Who was the best chef Tiana OR Jordon?)

Toys And Me Channel HereπŸ‘‡πŸΎ

l guessed 8
Quang huy Bui
Thank you
amanda macdonald
Tiana is the best
marcus cheung
Tiana wins
Lea Krogh Hansen - 2A
Amanda Hartnett
I love gummys
Nur Syifa Alysya Kamaruzaman
the best vidio tiana and you famly
Juddyth Del Rosario
most people are saying Tiana because it's her Channel
Juddyth Del Rosario
well people are saying Tiano but it's not true Tiana didn't got lots of 10 but Jordan got like more tens than Tiana's so please say that the winner is Jordan don't listen to the people to listen to the people or things just take Jordan please
Noni Och
Fantastic please do more videos like this 😺
Leja Beau
You are my favorite people ever
Katie Hamilton
you,re my favourite youtuber
Katie Hamilton
hi Tiana
Katie Hamilton
Tiana didn't win her brother did
Katie Hamilton
I think Godin
Unicorn Gymnastics
Jordan lost
Jugaru Luciana
ize peng
Jugaru Luciana
Thomas Farbrother
only because you like Tiana that's why everyone's putting Tiana I think Jordan
Destiny Perry
Tiana eon
Jose Ochoa
I❀ Troutman​
Rayana Gill
city girl
tiana is the best thing
michael castaΓ±ares
Asia Jefferson
tiana because that fish loked nasty
Shayla Gordon
michel rodriguez
Tiana you won
famtastic can you play hide and seek in your house plzzzzzz
Samia Said
Tiana is the Best chef
Lilly Ajala
shay yazzie
fattylayla Fatimahshah
Mouse!!!!!ahhh help I'm scared...
Lovely Cupcakestyle
Jaliyah White
Tiana is the best chef
Jennifer Marin
I love mouse and hamsters I don't know why you guys were running 🐹🐹🐹🐭🐭🐭
Dance Channel
Tiana obilisy wins
Ava Osburn
Tiana won
Ana Ruiz
JΓ³run Hansen
Gabby Martin
Tiana is the #1
Skie Animations
Me and keira think Tiana
Tanya Cocker
and like if you agree and i will do the same to you as will
Tanya Cocker
agree with me if they should do the pizza challenge
Tanya Cocker
tiana won
Tawny Collazo
love your shows
Angela Mcgee
why you got silver teeth
Maria Cleide
1qw3v c fhmz4576890pioyjkl

kieran hope
I love you
Edjol Berisha
Tiana is the best chef trust me
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