Who Are The Homoschlepiens? Discover With Mayim Bialik // EN

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Join Mayim Bialik in her quest to learn the ridiculous habits of Homoschlepiens - a newly discovered tribe with a peculiar behavioral anomaly... Learn more at: https://goo.gl/JjZCpt

Concept: SodaStream
Story by: Shuki Ben Naim, Oded Binnun, Alon Zeifert, Itai Bichler, Shiri Hellmann, Gil BoraX
Creative Director: Alon Zeifert
Screenwriter: Shuki Ben Naim 
Director: Oded binnun
Executive Producer: Gil BoraX
Featuring: Mayim Bialik & Kristian Nairn 

SodaStream Team
Daniel Birnbaum: CEO
Matti Yahav: VP Global Marketing
Itai Bichler: Head of Global Digital Marketing
Shiri Hellmann: Head of Global Communication Marketing
Maayan Nave: Head of Global PR
Jodi Ben-Meir: Global Communication and Research Manager

Production Team:
Cinematography: Lael Utnik
Art Director: Ya'ackov Turjeman 
Stylist: Yael Shenberger
Editor: Hemi Solomon
Line Producer: Mandy Morris
Production Manage: Alon Shavit
Production Coordinator: Sharon Peres
Post Production Supervisor: Inbal Breier
Music Composer: Tomer Biran Audio Artist
Sound Designer: Ronen Nagel 

Post Production House:
Broadcast TLV 
Colourist and VFX Compostitor : Ivan Denisenko
VFX Compositors: Soslan Bitarov,  Artyom Belikovetski
Graphic Design: Roman Kanevsky
Post Production Supervisor: Amnon Kotler & Daria Belov
Post Producer: Orian Chai 

Production Service in Kiev: RadioAktiveFilms
Executive Producer - Darko Skulsky
Producer – Olya Kosenko
1st AD – Val Semko
Production Manager - Kristina Iliyna 
Art Director – Vlad Ryzhykov

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