Neel Maharaj
this is what we needed :) well played.. well played, Mr. Man in a white skirt. Well played indeed
virgil shanks
I really miss Kim!
Christian Teodecki
This only proves that women's sports is a complete joke
Irza Liando
I wish I were that guy
The tennis version of happy Gilmore. Except he's not good lol
Keith Purdue
Freaking Epic!!!!!
Jashon Moore
that was a great fun moment in tennis
Joseph Ortiz
oh what fun, tally-ho
Anna Rosas
Could anyone roleplay as two hot babes?
Jesus Christ Marie, they are minerals not rocks!
Literally ROFL 0:56
vatsal makhija
Was this the invitational match?
Rocking that green lantern shirt :p
bryans goodfreegames
Crazy Boy
I t's my birthay can i get 10 likes
Happy Paddy
This had never happened by the male division
AtOm Ereezy #WIDI
Was this a competitive game? I hope the umpire wasn't allowing this sort of messing about in real tennis.
sip woldhek
Leuk set, zo tussendoor het fanatieke spel.
Thomas Hanssens
Abonneer mij
Cáelán Fox
Love it.
Cele Brity
omg! this is amazing !!
Abel Jeroen Gomez Hernandez van Muijlwijk
Playtime with fans always good for the vibe!
That dude hits the ball back . Who saw that coming? lol
Butch Stoneyrock
What did i miss? Yawn....
Zangerous Inlove
Android Coder
that was great
Is this real
Natan Vangeloven
she lives like 10 km from me lol
clearly set up
Therocket Man
Kim os goed
the undead1
Young man?
Jochember MoviesNL
Jochember MoviesNL
YT Limetka
Co to kurva dělá v Českých trendech??
Mister Morne Van der Berg
I love this
Belgian pride
Thomas Rockhill
super funny
This is why doping is illegal.
J-tallica 1
This was funny,I laugh very hard while pouring bleach in my eyes around 1:00
Light Winner
Wauw félicitation
The Fantabulous JalaPeña
Man doesnt give a damn
Pat O Dwyer
Rick Reid
This is why I love the British People! Good sports and a great sense of humer!! Would not see this in my home country USA!!
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