A year of AMAZING Fan Half-Court Shots!

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Check out all the awesome fan half-courts shots that were made this year. Which was your favorite?

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Malachi Dial
What a fake
cardsdealer the
whats the name of the clippers reporter at 0:52
Bugatti Boy
Can you give me a shoutout I really would love it my name is yep fli
Bugatti Boy
Cool and funny this video is of the hook I hope you get a lot of subscribers likes and coments
Carson Cassady
Has anyone noticed that almost all of them are Thunder Fans?
Samuel Williams
these fans making more shots than the players
Monkey at the end...
Monkey at the end....
Wayne Alcide
Asian shouldnt be allowed to participate 20 mintues after they know that too much time.
Product Review
The Kings have no fans lol 0:39 1:25 1:48
Rizky Indra Adiwijaya
A year? all i see is 2 mins
greatest Christmas for that fella
frezzy j
thunder need those fans to play for them
Rebecca Dinsdale
My favorite was 0:32 because the way he just walked off the court like that...
westin evens
hahaha for real what is with thunder fans ahah
most of them are middle-aged white men lol love it
Matthew Feith
Making a half court shot: $75,000.00
Getting tackled by King James: Priceless.
Lmao the last one was super old it wasn't this past seasons.
At 0:40 I was there. It was an event where if you made a half court shot you would get free season tickets and any spot. I didn't see the shot though.
One time I was at a Kings game and a fan made a half-court shot and won a free car
Jenny Lo
Joey Crawford called techs on the people watching because they are too crazy
Love Life
That moment when a mascot can hit a half-court shot backwards, while you, as a player that has been practicing for a really long time, can't hit a half-court shot normally...
Osbaldo G-
The last clip made me want to get so hyped bruh!!
k1efer deal
Lol guys James on the cavs now.
Cedrick Louis
good shit
Nate Kottak
I love it when the NBA players tackle the fans! That is so cool!
Nicolas Barros
0:36 lol
Thunder fans sure are sharpshooters
Oaklahoma: The land of the 3
0:56 when the guy chucked the ball and it got stuck there i started laughing so damn hard and then a guy jumped up and got it in
SM studios
The Thunder could't resign Harden cause they had to pay all these fans...
Caleb Davis
the guy at the end that was tackled by lebron was the greatest . i saw a short bit on him, he warmed up and chucked up like 10 air balls in a row. sank the one that mattered lol. congrats to him.
:58 i would be pissed asf
Agung Sinambela
it's just me or okc maskot look like chewbacca
shariece seymore
has a woman ever had a chance to do this ?
that sky hook made LeBron 75grand poorer...
Jazz Michael
Hey! another Asian who's really good at basketball ... Well from what I've seen in videos
Tony Zhen
1:05 ish isnt halfcourt he passed the line 1:22 isnt either mascots dont kniw if halfcourt or not
Eileen the Crow
Did it count when the ball got stuck on the rim/glass and the dude popped it off and in later?
Yero Bah
I want Lebron James to tackle me.
Victor K
what i liked the most was how happy the fans got when they made the shot...
I love the reaction of Kevin Durant and Lebron James
Lena Weigl
this is why i love the united states. its all possible!!!
TrillBoy 2X
the sky hook half court was the best.
Patrick T.
invite dude perfect
Nicolas De Vita
Asian guy with Griffin jersey thought he had a follow thru lol
Sxavi Ali
Thunder fans are surprisingly accurate. Still, got to give it to the half-court hook shot. Guy could be the HORSE world champion.
Standard Retard
Misleading title, tought this was lenght one year
Tyler Peacock
Russell Westbrook shouldn't be acting
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