People Eat Taco Bell For The First Time

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People who have never eaten Taco Bell before try it for the fist time.


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2:37 u wot m8 (the woman on the right)
J. Elky Pantoja-Garcia
No hate on the people who like taco bell, but I swear after a while, armpit sweat smells very similarly to taco bell. When I am smelling taco bell, it doesn't smell inedible, but I just think of that. Just me? ok
Anna Christine
You didn't give that poor girl sauce?? Hook her up with the fire sauce.
Give these people a crunchwrap!!!
Angel 28
I've never had a taco
Katherine McCrea
Why did they not provide TB hot sauce with this. That's not a true experience of Taco Bell. I feel bad for these people.
Sparkling Minion1
"Oh it's a taco!"

Lmao what did you expect lasagna
Miami Life
And they didn't try and meals lame
Alexis Ridges
K Ea
I feel like the girl in white is trying to be too ex-Buzzfeed employee. The things she says and the way she says it reminds me of one of the much earlier BF girls. Can't remember her name. Messy long brunette hair, was on a lot when Quinta was around lots etc. She used to always go in about not being mad at things, ratios, and that really hesitant/still going over my train of thought way of speaking. But the girl in white just does it really badly.
Laura Alexandra
(0:35) Nah Really!!? 😂 lol your making a video about TACObell
Angie Bee
Cancel Buzzfeed pls
Roman Knight
Every damn time I go to TB I get a #11 supreme. No exceptions. And if you know what that is off the top of your head you need help. XD
Tristan Huyck
haha in the video description it says "trying it for the fist time"
Peter Fu
if you're gonna give them tacobell, at least give them something better than these
Jess C.
Fast food greasy taco I loovee.
How tf do you live till your in your 20's and not eat Taco Bell? Have you never gotten drunk or stoned??
Emilie Xie
Where the chicken quesadilla at tho?
Remote Raptor
I love taco bell
Simply Aoi
The quesadillas are bad
Nykema chairs
How to get diarrhea 101.
breanna solis
from texas and can say true tacos are better than tex mex
Cringed a little when I heard Tex Mex which is also a made up style of food.
Eva Walters
I've only ever heard of Taco Bell from mean girls lol
Jose Eduardo O
"why would i go to taco bell when there's perfectly good tex mex all around"

bc its late and taco bell is cheap as fuuuuuuuuk
Angelie King
u shouldve tried more of the menu -__-
Hot HippyChick
watching this really makes me want taco bell, and I really don't like it!!
blurry face
patrick star's voice who are you people👀👀👀
Olivia Hope
that girls long white sleeves were stressing me out
This test should have included an hour waiting period after eating it so they can fully regret eating taco bell before endorsing it... lol
0:13 cough*Taco Cabana*cough
Never had a taco bell too haha
(Btw I'm french and we don't have taco bell there)

H-How have you never had FREAKING TACO BELL! How have you never had a quesorito (my favorite burrito)
'Oh it's a Taco!'-- Uhh.. It's TACO Bell?
Samantha Julia
they should have tried baja blast & cinnabon bites
Jami Peterson
That girl claims to have a thryoid disorder and can't eat gluten but is eating taco bell
Amanda D
Taco Bell Bean Burritos of today are not the Taco Bell Bean Burritos of the 80's and 90's. Nowadays I order them with extra sauce and onions because they are so damn dry and they are stingy af with their veggies!
Vaishnavi Shivshankar
May I know who you are I have never seen you here before?
Guen Garrido
My fave thing to get is the Meximelt. Not many people know what that is tho
Jenny Nguyen
Taco Bell needs to bring back the Naked Chicken Chalupa...
You should've gave them more menu options 🙄 😂 & wwwhhaattt ?? No hot sauce ?!?!? That's the best part 😋😋
The newness of these people... I'm thrown.
Cøcønut Shark In The Water
Taco Bell Saga was playing in my head during the whole video
Mexcians get SOOOO mad when they see others enjoying taco ball lmfao
Peaches And Cream
where did they find these people
Becca Hemmings
I for one am offended that they didn't give them a Quesarito or a Crunchwrap. Um Buzzfeed!?! Seriously the tacos aren't my favorite thing there but I'm always down for a Crunchwrap or a Quesarito.
"Oh its a taco!" I know! i would have never figured it out either-
Lisa ???
LMFAO!!! So sweet watching the delicate unique snowflakes experience life.
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