i got fired from buzzfeed for trying every drug
The way they held the tacos at the beginning made me wanna commit suicide
Ryan Bowman
You forgot and having diureha
Dean Machine
You can't do this without giving them some packets of sauce...I'm calling a mistrial.
0:32 "oh its a TACO" what did you think it was going to be 😑
I have to say I do approve of taco bell...I prefer them over other fast food places...sadly I do not live in USA so I can't find get them very often.
Sarah Gene
this video is heartbreaking for for any normal human being that has ever had taco bell I am legit about to cry
Kade Lyfe
I have had taco bell but I dont remember that much. All I remember is grabbing a taco bell bag with 2 burritos.
Kiki Yang
i dont know about yall but i am ok with the asian guy XDDD
Erina Sekar Asri
ahh it looks so good! i wanna try it, but there's no taco bell in my country😟
They'll be having diarrhea later
Dårÿūś ß
Beefy Queserito best thing at taco bell 🔔
Anayha Aquino
If anyone hates Taco Bell then your life has been JACKED UP! Who doesn't like it? I swear to god if you comment saying you don't like it I will come at you best way possible! no SCRATCH THAT the PAINFUL WAY POSSIBLE
Lillian Litwicki
Where are the sauces !!
I have never been in taco bell, bc i live in finland and HERE IS NOTHING ok here is mcdonalds
"My appearance did not let me eat Taco Bell growing up and then by the time I got old.." says a woman who is barely 30... What the hell is wrong with this world? How does eating fast food once change your appearance???
Víctor Manuel Blanco
I always get the dorito
George Martin
Soft Taco Supreme with fire sauce...,.....
Kathleen Hand
worst diarrhea coming their way
Holly Lawliet
who else thought the guy in the thumbnail was Eugene?
I've never seen taco bell in Europe. Maybe it's just in the US.
ok but whos the girl in black and white <3.<3
They should have given them some of the good Taco Bell food instead of plain tacos and bean burritos. Crunchwrap supreme and cheesy gordita crunch is where its at.
I'm probably the only Texan that thinks Tex-Mex is a try hard version of actual GOOD Mexican food
MyLinh Thai
girl with pony tail is high key giving me amy's baking company vibe
Damian Betlejewski
I have one Taco Bell restaurant near my house... Only about 400 km.... Ye xD
Aya's Stuff
People, you may hate me, but I have never tasted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (or peanut butter in general) im sorry I'm sorry
Kardelen n
lahmacunla kapıştıralım
Illtempo 1980
Wow..... big surprise.... one of the most profitable fast food companies in the world doesn't sell terrible tasting food. This video was such a waste of time. Why did I just spend 2 and a half minutes of my life watching some guy eat a taco and then say that he is not a Taco Bell virgin anymore and just becoming a regular virgin. Wow... I think it is really time now to just kill myself
Chinasa Lekwauwa
What is she talking about? Everyone in Texas eats taco bell
Kaitlynne Walters
That's it?! There are so many wonderful items at Taco Bell and you give them the most basic items?!
Robbie Lulay
Give the woman some hot sauce!
Kamryn with A k
made me want a taco
Daeberethwen Arbenlow
where is the sauce
sAnz Ariq
belive me or not but i never have taco ever in my life
it bothers me how they cant hold a taco properly
Jennifer Davis
Why do they all hold their taco so that the stuff falls out the bottom? Y'all are weird.
taco bell is not in Sweden
Meditation with Holly
Two things? pathetic.
Elouise DeKler
"I don't ha....I'm not mad at it"

When the Texan thing she needs to try harder at being more Buzzfeedian
Whenever I hear someone say about a food dish that they just tasted "'I'm not mad at it", I keep wondering what would happen if they didn't like it and got mad. "I am not talking to you again".
Athena Jade Winters
Acts 3:19 & john 3:16 God bless!
Carlos Villalvazo
at least get them a crunch-wrap.....
They didnt even try a quesarito wtf buzzfeed
Why are they eating the tacos like a sandwich...?
I ate Taco Bell...once. Never went back. Never will.
I can't believe it's not butter!
I can't believe it's not butter!
All these people voted for Trump
Moist Vapour
they had 3 meh items, get some real items butt feed
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