Shawn Taylor
I put their name in the title, to pay this month's rent🤷
Abigail Kemokai
jake in the back
Jocelyn Qu
im not sure if this is true but I feel like this is a reaction to a different song idek 😂
shan chen
react to everyday bro paraody
Geminia valdez
Don't worry jake just make a roast of Logan
Zuleima Pelaez Garcia
{Kawaii Drawings}
Rip jake Paul
mugaw htoo
If he's a puppy then he can get more girls than you Logan sorry
XxRoblox GamerxX!
Julio Basques
Why are u saying that Logan looks like Donold Trumps son when u look like him
Sierra Rodriguez
Logan needs to shut up
Austin Cahanap
what is wrong with you all?
Hallow Shadow34
MinecraftMasterPlayer2009 c4456
I am sorry because you just rost him again
Seanna Twiss
When Alissa Violet came out ........😂
Lence Frckovska
That's it Jake
Izzy Shadwell
Boi 'i swear he's like Donald trumps son' so.. you'd be his son to cuz y'all are brothers sooooo
Balpreet Dhanota
I feel bad for you
Abigail Dover
its called team 10 because they have 11 people :P
Jacinto roblox
He looks so trigger
Jacinto roblox
He looks so trigger
Jacinto roblox
He looks so triggerd😂
Jacinto roblox
He looks so triggerd😂
Tanaya Moore
Lol jake!
wolfgirl fromcanjgamingvids
When Jake said he looked like Donald trumps son well so does he cuz he looks just like logan
Savannah Pilkington
At the end I started dying out laughing
Jose Chavez
Logan Paul should be a shame
Bailey Conover
It must be hard to watch this but you have admit you got money you got bars you got chicks
Luis Arredondo
What do u sing jake🤢🤢🤢
Jake looks like triggered
Jordan Lanuto
Is it me or is every reaction video the same
Tena Graham
i like you but i like logan paul beter so do not talk about him
Cat Von K
Killer Z Gnaner
hope you feel beter soon jake . I tould logan I am spanish
Killer Z Gnaner
logon your fucking weak bro im fucking spanish
Linda Longhorn
If you don’t believe me see for yourself
Cussie P
Jake is a maverick Logan is a sidekick
Cussie P
if I ever saw Logan I would give him a kick in the stomach If I ever met Jake I would give him a big hug
Cussie P
good boy Jake Help me help you Logan make a better song than that b***h
Cussie P
poor Jake are you crying
Xx_Hey___Its___Jenny_xX xX
When Jake says at the end that Logan looks like Donald trumps son,, I don’t think he resises that he is Logan’s brother and he is basically saying that he is Donald trumps other son?? No hate x
Carla Tomeing
go logan
michael aceves
guys stop if you want to talk about logan paul go to that video god
Shaun Lalchan
Logan rulessssssss
Ortal Abitbol
A Levato
You skipped the part when he said sorry ps logang for life
What is the original video they are screzming at
so is Jake calling his dad trump. that's just cold
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