Hydraulic Press Channel
Thanks to Idesco for sponsoring this video. I think crushing working RFID readers was quite interesting and they were also quite tough. And the vice was quite cheap cast iron one because I think the steel one would probably bend the piston and would be too big risk for the machine.

But thanks to these sponsored videos we are able to make the bigger press so maybe with that one. We have desings for cylinder and frame ready and production should start quite soon. It has been really hard project since the manufacturing costs are really high.
Crush what actually hydraulic press are made to crush for. I mean show us the purpose of hydraulic press instead of crushing random stuff ..
Hydraulic press and Robots are gonna kill humanity and rule the world someday. Im afraid...
bro press your penis please
Yuman Refaircon
I like how they put jokes in subs
Austin Stinchcomb
Noice camera
Artimus Protensor
Do more dry ice! Press red-hot steel into dry ice!
the slow month at 1:11 sounded so cool
Mike Rotch
Who is the lady thats laughing in the background? She sounds hot. I'd like to show her my hydraulic press...
Hugo van het noorden
I like you becus your voic is funny and wen i hear it i laugh and it makes my day AND HERE VII GO
lijhie 008
wheres the nokia?
A boy and his rifle.
Crush a pistol.
Caesar __
crush a scale
Michael MacGyver
7:00 It's comin' right for us!!!
What if you filled the Extruder 5000000 with water and froze it, then crush?
Red Baran
God I love the end of these videos
Ravenal Ravine Gaming Vlogs_Roblox
That pressing tool came out a lot. And it's being a baby.
JOSH 101
He sounds like the guy in hydraulic press pocket (thegame)
Can you press random objects into shapes? No idea how these work but I thought that's what their primary use was, can you mould weird objects into basic other forms?
Stunt boy
Just crushed this yesterday in the game. Awesome
Joseph Pickens
Crush a fake sea monster
Dream Chaser
a piece of metal could shoot right into those electricity boxes in the back and the whole place goes boom
Ryan Whitt
can you crush a pig carcass? I want to see what it would do to human like flesh
Arisshadow arissman
You Head press com on.. please...^^
Z0mbie0verL0rD9 Games
Don't get me wrong this is great, but why the fuck has this got 2million views😂
Reptilian Master
Turn on captions at 0:55
Edit: and at 1:17
Spark Youth
"I'm watching without socks! like this comment so I can find my socks"
Spark Youth
just like in the game! but the in game press tool was easily broke becuz of crushing the blue thingy
ettekste oo suomalaisia
Brendan Willoughby
Was I the only person to notice that the Card Reader and the Press were harmonizing in the slow motion part? they were both making an almost perfect octave
ATA Z.Reilly
put on the captions and enjoy supernova and a black hole forming
Vikas Rao
press an air conditioner compressor
Sam Jeffries
I love your press pocket game. My press is fully upgraded.
Samuli Tuikkanen
iso mutteri jonka päällä on pienempi mutteri jonka päällä on pienempi mutteri jonka päällä on pienempi mutteri... jne
can it crush a bag of onions and garlic
Adam Nowak
fuck you
Rizal Rider Kids
I lived in Finland for some time and its still funny to listen finish people talking english. You cannot say your not from Suomi!! Vittu Perkele!!!! :D and good entretaining channel by the way ;)
Please, what's the music during the slow mo footage
Scott Whitley
what force is the press?
Anonymous Rapper
I have an idea , press nokia 1100 :)
Bhushan Rai
hey net provider
The Red Spider
that stoat looked like it was actually a bit gory
Jonathon Carter
Best Channel on Youtube. Period.
when he says "we must deal with it" I crack up every time. this guys sense of humour is fantastic lol.
Legacy Life
i love that sound of the vice brakeing
joe slob
500,000 lbs Olsen press then we're talking this is shit!
This is pussy!
joe slob
50,000 lbs should be better you can do that then I'm impressed how bout 500,00 lbs Olsen!
Luiz C. ma
incrivel força da prensa, ok video, brasil ok.
Eric Gamplayer
5:44 triple h vs Seth Rollins full match
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