EXCLUSIVE - Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Fashion Show wearing only pasties


Despite the rainy weather, Singer Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Ready To Wear fall winter 2017 fashion show in Paris with her breasts out only wearing pasties
Paris, France on Saturday March 4, 2017
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Duck Down
urgh nikki got thin legs. thought she was thick
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Ohh yass
Clarencee Dsilva
She thinks her brest can make her superstar
Trueblues gank
Garbage boobs
waqar umer
Thanks GOD im not a woman...
Texan Football Houston
like a woman with ass
Seriously wtf is this
I don't know what she feeling?
Karantouzia Cortez
Such a shame
Brigitte Bataille
Marche nue une fois c est mieux
Marigolds & Honeysuckle
Don't care if they are not real, I want to taste both of them delicate nipples.
Jereron Francis
Did u duds see her fat tits
Sk Ariful
Basu Dey
shenia pemberton
Oldies But Goodies
Viva Foreva
she's so ugly..eeiiuuuwwww..
Koppu Sanju raju
My Ny
I mean really the outfit was already done 15yrs ago!🤔
Raji Rajeswari
Waste fellow.
ju siregar
Lil Kim first. nicky mina just copy...
Jackie Ashley
u mean her fake boobs like everything else on her child please do trying of her already
Happy Pah
i dont know what happened about many people !?
Sonu Bhati
Rushan Husain
old aunty friendship karne ke liye mujhe ad karo wts up par 8668936914 im a boy
ernesto Orozco
cada mamada de moda o puteria
I will choke on those melons
Александр Сергеевич
да разденься полностью шлюха блять
Maxime Edjeou
i love nicki and fashion too but this fashion with boobs At the sight of everyone no no no
this is "fashion faux pas"
Mayank superhero
Nick's boobs are naturally big & huge. 🤗
Asad Khan
what the hell is wrong with people these days? i mean seriously? you have your tit out? why? whyyyyyy????
Yash Kapoor
she monkey
Sunny roy
I don't know why Isis bombed comparatively less slutty Ariana grande instead of out and out whore nikki the ugly ass minaj!
Bambilicous C
Is that meant to be chic....oh dear
Fagundez Cruz
hunter boy
huahhahaha susu mlocot ...
Mari Ranta
sohel khan
Malaysia imo 0147216885
Dr.Prof.Dipl.Psychiatrist Ektersetski Sekteretski
the guy with umbrella has probably jizzed in his pants next to her...he looks so red and full of adrenaline...
Sheeraz khan
Stripper who knows to rap 😂
selvam k
think about her mom. shame on guys.
beau nichon !!!
Jhon Wesile
wid out exposing these type of persons r nothing than common people...shittttt
najeeb alhadad
كس امك
Nur Anizam
mmg saje bio tetek tekeluo ke
Protonperdanav6 Perdanav6
Ivan Ortiz
she so fucken ugly!!!
Mark Mc Donnell
I think she's a bitch man most of us guys think that the way she acts like she's better then everyone
mr. Stig
nicki is being bitch like others.... shame on u
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