EXCLUSIVE - Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Fashion Show wearing only pasties


Despite the rainy weather, Singer Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Ready To Wear fall winter 2017 fashion show in Paris with her breasts out only wearing pasties
Paris, France on Saturday March 4, 2017
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Napoleonic Emperor
Why can't people be original? You can't diss somebody and want to be them at the same time! #LilKimClone
kea lockamy
aslaam mahdi correction
kea lockamy
aaslam mandi she sure is that's exactly what I said this bitch making sure her breast out trashy ass bitch this bitch ain't no fuckin role model that's exactly why there's alot of babies having babies cause these are the type of bitches these young girls look up to I wish the fuck mines would ever dress like this I don't care how old you are I will kick that ass
The Flash
asshole bitch
Albert Junior
This bitch regular degular,i dont get why people go crazy over her
عبدالله اليعربي
عبدالله اليعربي
صابره عبدالله
Iris Friesen
Mario Tsala
Hoes dont get cold lol
Steven Burkes
lil kim
love love
the dark side of human is horrible to watch
Bolo Jean-Luc
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hind fadi
not good very bad
Verry Nice
حنبعل ملك قرطاج
A technical whore ... women into hell
Paris merdaaaaaaaaaa
Ouji San
she is hot. her boobs though..
Ouji San
Medo 666
Ali Haider
Stupid nigga
ME:why are you wearing dress like that
NIKKI: what...i not wearing anything
Yepp, just another trashy female having to pimp her fake, enhanced body to get even more fame and attention. Pure talent is dead these days, it's all about shock value and selling sex.
ברוך לירון
are you judging nicki? beacouse if you are then FUCK YOU🖕🖕🖕 NICKI IS THE BEST!!
Navajo Joe
Passants wanna suck one of tities
Ceci Medina
niki estupenda, si c viste, mal,,,,,,, si no c viste, mal no mamen pendejos... amor y passszszss✌
William Colwart jr
at least free the nipple
Vladimir Polii
seems her tailor has not finish up the shirt before schedule, 4 yes's for creativity
Mohd Amir Riza Zainal
whats wrong with this bitch 😂
Aaftab Singh
her boob look so hard it's not even wiggling even on stairs strange
Jay Mantai
dee sarlin
awwww that button 😐😕
Jennifer Carranza
la k enseña mas mas vend
Alicia Hernandez
si tuviera yo dinero como ella igual me opera va todo jaaaaaaaa
amber lee
she looks funny
coach screw
Girl please Lil Kim did it better
angelo trajano
does hes father fucked her ass hahahaha black rotten pussy, so cheap.......
Smart Channel
LoL!!!! She is demonstrating how she would look like if she had breast cancer and must amputate one breast.
Lil Krown
Agatha jay
Then fan will turn around and say it's not all about her ass and boobs and that she's more than sex.
id suck those puppies so quick
DreadLife: 101
Females get away with being so damm Boujee and y'all be wondering why y'all can't keep the lady you got-" She aint the same person anymore.
Laroute Durhum
sombre biatch suceuse frénétique....
Asheika Chase
nicki minaj is such a PUPPET. ..its raining outside & she has her breast out..& no coat on just to show her breast...JUST RIDICULOUS ..EVERYONE ELSE WITH HER HAS ON COATS...ITS SAD HOW NICKI PUTS HER SELF RESPECT ASIDE TO BE A PUPPET
Debra Dias
Y'all jealous of her
All American Boy
Is anything real on that ho ?!
cattleya z
who is that man who was touching her he looks like a psycho
lakenya gay
so basically Nicki is skinny it's just her implants and ass shots make her look thick.....I'm looking at her arms and legs they are very little
John Lovelace
Pakistani bitch
Anthony Lombardo
Chance the rapper (I love New York) picking bugs off nicki's back for his next meal.
Paul Gregory
Why wasn't she arrested for public indecency
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