EXCLUSIVE - Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Fashion Show wearing only pasties


Despite the rainy weather, Singer Nicki Minaj arrives at Haider Ackermann Ready To Wear fall winter 2017 fashion show in Paris with her breasts out only wearing pasties
Paris, France on Saturday March 4, 2017
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DreadLife: 101
Females get away with being so damm Boujee and y'all be wondering why y'all can't keep the lady you got-" She aint the same person anymore.
Laroute Durhum
sombre biatch suceuse frénétique....
Dimitrios Dimas
And what you problem bitch fuck you
Dimitrios Dimas
Say what you want that the true you are a fucking cunt if you like what you see ok she was beautiful before now she look like a plastic doll everything in here is fake and your girls want to be like her so you think that's cool.?
Asheika Chase
nicki minaj is such a PUPPET. ..its raining outside & she has her breast out..& no coat on just to show her breast...JUST RIDICULOUS ..EVERYONE ELSE WITH HER HAS ON COATS...ITS SAD HOW NICKI PUTS HER SELF RESPECT ASIDE TO BE A PUPPET
Y'all jealous of her
All American Boy
Is anything real on that ho ?!
cattleya z
who is that man who was touching her he looks like a psycho
lakenya gay
so basically Nicki is skinny it's just her implants and ass shots make her look thick.....I'm looking at her arms and legs they are very little
John Lovelace
Pakistani bitch
Anthony Lombardo
Chance the rapper (I love New York) picking bugs off nicki's back for his next meal.
Paul Gregory
Why wasn't she arrested for public indecency
lawnman 1959
this is trash at its best
Puyr Kit
Imane Mankouch
When people do everything to get into news.
Only thing missing here is a nun shaking a bell and saying "Shame".
Tea of the GODS
i never thought this day would come but damn is it hilarious.
pinky jiy
Sricharan Madhyala
wtf is wrong with the slut
Jamil Emambux
want to cum on you nikki
Sharon Rose
Ooh y'all it's boobs how can she be so whorish showing her boobs like that the world is going to end people grow the fuck up 😑 and don't give me that "kids look up to her" bullshit. It's not her job to be a role model to these kids that's a parents job
kingkonglang long
The public made who she is now. She is a 21st Century whore.
pit man
ass lickers at the back
Raul Gutierrez
love you nicki
Miss Amazon
Oh Please!! Look at me!! Look at me!! puke!
that snob bitch
Nathan Rogers
what an example to set for all the young fans, what a self obsessed slag.
Mani Cann
you can get away with anything, when you have yes people around you.
Mani Cann
wow she has a male servant around, she must be very well off.
Victor Ryan
Role model for young whor... I mean girls.
fit and sexy prince
she just made me a remy ma fan now
fit and sexy prince
now its turning into soft porn, soon nicki will fuck a fan live on stage or in an award redcarpet
Lil kim clone clown #STINKPUSSYHO
Janelle Murray
pappi show
EroticVids Daily
she still bad af
Ashu Sam
bloody hell i think this fashion trend will leads to take off dresses one day..nicki is going over after her body and fashion
Recycling another one of Kim's looks? Unoriginal clown. A straight up walking L.
Marco Coduti
when I see such images I'm actually proud again to be European! and what's with the underdog in prison-shirt, is that her boyfriend? good lord what is he fidgeting with her dress like a fool?
Dimitrios Dimas
She is a slut a fucking slut and she's is a bad example for young girls that why I am saying it I am a man 😎
forever young
i feel bad...you can tell she has no real friends :(
Monika Boreikaite
soooo desperate
Burberry black
so this is how she wants her female fans to dress? pure filth
2Tru Muzic
Penelope Harvey
her tits saggy asf. she dressed a mess
Abdullah 28
Shameless creature!
alle ferraz
FREAK show!
Muja Kina
I love the way she still asking "how are you"
hazman norman
The fuck is wrong with this bitch?😑😑
sahil malik
nicki 🖕😏
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