Leni Zell
my favourite song
Kev Sev
love it so much
Enrico Pacino
Relax...with Sheeran
Clorox Bleach
Love this song so much
Angry picnic brought me here. "I'm Inlove with your bootyyy"
demi starty
very useful😙
I'm obsessed with this song
Ashmi Prasad
Hey guys!🙋 I love this song! I have done an acoustic cover of this one and yeah it's not as great as Ed Sheeran obviously! But hey , I tried. Do check it out. 😊
My heart brought me here.
Shiennamae Salabao
Wow I love the song❤️❤️
Kevin Weber
cool song
Viktorya A
I think I might be doing this for a performance in school with my Drama Club squad!
Utd Luke23
You are the best singer ever
סימה אלקיים
Bunny Chip
love it
Emma Vence
I love this song so much i keep replying it😍😍
Bella Fun Toys
Jhem Portugal
I love this song <3
Kiana Cheer
I'm not trying to be rude but doesn't say like a magnet do?
Faith Katayi
Alicen Cook
errr um Carson lueders sang it better
Suhail Gamer
what u speak in
Mini Cardenas
i love this song!!!!!!!! $$$$
jack Tsarukyan
This song is amazing
Debbie Herrman
I listen to this song every day
Life with Jayda
press like plz 😍
Bha s.s
Ethan Schechter
Who else is in love with the shape of the beat to this song ;) for real
Lime Deww
officer I swear the replay button said it was over 18
Geez Louiez best song of 2017 and it its not even febuary!
put it at 1.25 speed
Patrick Banka
Im ready for this to be overplayed on the radio.
Chevy Taylor
He's in LOVE with my 💋SHAPE💋
David Ahrens
I'm getting this song on iTunes its that good yeah I'm in love with your body
Shenise Lake
Ily ed😀
sandy brown
obsessing here love love love this song xxx
billie scher
xxxxx you're my biggest fan Ed Sheeran I love you
Kelley Houghton
I love this song!!!!
Edwuinqq lol
oh shut
Mushtaba Ali
I'm in love with the shape of the song
Krishna Patel
Awesome song. Sounds a bit like Scrubs by TLC.
Stef Carraro
Guys please take a second to check out my 'Shape of you X Don't' mashup, i hope you like it! Just another musician tryna follow his dream! Support would be apprecited :) peace x
milly mitton
love this song so much ed
Asia Slime N' Stuff
He's the best singer ever like if u agree
Alex JED
Io e te siamo quella storia che racconteranno tra millenni, ciò che facciamo in vita ,riecheggia nell eternità ...
Ti amo Bea ❤
Ola Haider
Key Rancey
His style changed but he still slays, it's more interesting having different styles guys be positive. Changing and mixing in the right way is amazing
Francisca Santos
Heyy guys the Lyrics are wrong in that part "we push and pull like a magnet too" its not too its do
chiare lucci 000
trop beau la musique! :-)
Amber Maria
07731974194 Ed Sherans real number
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