Why you lookin at my name fagot
Awww his mom
"Carcass number" around 6:30 on the paperwork is a bit creepy, but good that they're keeping track.
they make the scenes a bit too dramatic
Mac Jess
They really should have had a blind taste test for a non bias opinion..
Kaleb Caprita
I'm hungry
Demon Slayer
heaven of food
Ellie Berger
Why am I watching this I'm vegetarian
i love how they eat these grand meals and then eat candy corn.
Purple Burples
i just realized something. these two remind me of dan and phil
this video made me DRULE
Sebastian Bronson Boddie
what do they do with all the leftovers though
I love how they have to put subtitles to understand adam
I just wanna know, did they buy Adam his own steaks or were they sharing with him?
Cody Levinson
In my opinion, every steak lover should treat themselves to the highest quality steak available (such as the one showed
at Cut) at least once in their life time.
Nouha Ben Lebbar
What do they do with the leftovers?
Is that mold on the steak at 4:10? Man these all look delicious.
Blessing Onsin
bad idea to watch when you can't afford...
Jasson Khoo
Why don't yu check chillis the restaurant about steaks
mikkel jensen
A steak pun is a rare medium Well done
Dreamy Cyborg
11$ - a whole meal , made by steak , egs , fried rice ...
306 $ - just a steak
Oh my god Adam is the star of this show
Junyi Kok
They never try Kobe beef dats y
Natalie Rangel
I'm craving😰😰🍖🍖🍗🍴🍴
Jody Xiong
why are expensive restuarants always empty?🤔
ali raza Hingwala
Andrew: “nothing grows on me ...... except some hair , probably some moles “ 😂😂killed me
Niels Mac
Andreas Roller ist doch locker Deutscher :DDD!
lauren jauregay
Some tell him to stop eating before start talking
JustWanted To Relax
I'm watching in ramadan
Geoda de Wizard
''Whats our band name'''
The unfuckables
Nusr-Et <3
Angelyn Tan
the CUT restaurant here in Singapore cost a few hundreds for a steak. So it is really cheap in America
Yasmin Elalfy
pause at 0:09 and look where both their eyes are looking👬👬👬👬
I want steak now 😭
Fan favorite name "The Cis white scum" because buzzfeed is pro feminism
Cope WhyFy
They should've came to Texas to get real steak.
berry grape
this Is the happiest I've ever seen Adam in a worth it episode
Riya Jhen Andal
Adam is still so precious XDD
Andy Ryoo
Ohhh legen~dairy I get it now
Ichigo Kurosaki
Okay, you guys can comment anything about the food but why not 3 plates? I hate seeing Andrew always end up with the leftovers
Sultan Fadhil
in indonesia,a fkng tasty steak only cost 3bucks....
So they ate 3 bites off of every steak.. The poor meat. Why not just eat one steak once every evening
Issa Khan
I am fasting
Christa Ferrante
Andrew is just so unbothered by everything lol
Ying Wang
$5 dildo vs $1000 dildo
Giovanny Hernandez
these guys act so gay .... how are yall straight ?
Keira T.

Oh and medium rare is the only way to eat STEAK...
Dukon LeVrai
vegans are new cancers
Zak Dalloul
I would love to be baked af in these places
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