Soccer Trickshots! (Dear Ryan)

dear ryannigahigaryan higatrickshotssoccerfootballhigatvpunsfunnystupidasianidiotdumbuglyyepthatsmeraventhat is so

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Vortex Minion
Vat 19 is dude decent
Lama Skyski
2017 anyone??
Make it say TEEHEE the chair btw
Dhruv Mehta
that Spongebob laugh was actually VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
Red Killer
Dear Ryan please try imitating youtubers
Benjy Lee
It's called Football not "Soccer
4:18 that killed me!! HA
William Wu
3:27 LOL
Ryan higa vs dude perfect pls make it a vid
Dxracer, more like DXRAPER
Seth Alcott
Dear Ryan,Can you do cap trick shots? You know, the kind where you throw a cap onto or into something?
Cougar05 plays Clash
Wow that sponge bob laugh was awesome he must've practiced it
Dragon Platinum
You forgot the H20Delirious laugh
Dragon Platinum
You forgot the H20Delirious laugh
Trang Trinh
Dude decent is already used m8
Ysabelle Voon
Dear Ryan
Can you do a video with your corgi
Dear Ryan, can you do a honest video game commercial?
Kevin Lee
Can u do football trickshots please!?!!?!?!?? 4 my dog
Top BottleFlips
Dear Ryan lick Marley cause u can MAR LEEE her ahah idek
That Thai Gamer
Orio lil
Sheddy Sheddy
The light in your eyes went really well with the evil laugh lol and the joker one
gowrie ramadhar
Dear Ryan,how old are u.
Mahmoud Ehab

Read more
Toast Master
Lel my name is ian
Mega Gamer Roblox/More
How about DXLacer?
Gabriel Isaksen
1:58 "oh yeah..." XD
Trig Flames
Dear Ryan do football TrickShots
Lee Lightman
did the funny laugh while watch zootopia laugh laugh
Mr. OG Duuude
At 7:35 , Ryan looks super young
Melissa Ye
Isn't that Guava Juice's chair???
Imam L
dear ryan,can you do hause flip
Rai Akbar
Dear rean what will you do if someone off your internet
Dear Ryan How Much Stuff Can U Break In One Video?
Dear ryan can you break your furniture
Jade Rush
3:43 More like 2:43, actually xd
Doge Games
its not friza itsd frieza im a dbz fan
Joseph Sarallo
Do a scare prank
Cringe Network
Thanh tang
Who's watching in 2017
bree Smithisrad
Did anyone else realise that the Oreo packet,said
Aleen Zhao
How many different types of hair flips can you do?
YouTuber_ Lover
I'm the weezer laugh
Gabrieledgardo 117
I keep laughing and laughing when they do a cool... oh oops, I mean AWESOME trick shot, they dont give flying Sh#t XD XD XD
Igor S
Dear ryan:
Pun Gun
I think you're better than derp perfect. I've only seen them so far shots and moving target shots but no ricochet shots.
Shoot to Kil
Squid ward 😂😂😂
Charlie Fantastic
Dear Ryan can you do dynamite trick shots?
Denis Jacuk
they are making soccer trick shots in a way they were cheating because most of them went in a container so they basically did basketball trick shots with their feet

this is not a hate comment
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