CNN Rebuttal: Yes, Deport Illegal Immigrants/Criminals | Louder With Crowder

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ICE is deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants using ICE Air. CNN shamelessly turns it into a sob story. A thorough rebuttal follows. 

Taken from episode #154 of #DailyCrowder @CRTV

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Like Gavin McInness said, we're saying the exact same thing. They're saying "Can you believe they deported the illegal immigrant for a DUI?!" I'm saying "Isn't it great they deported that illegal immigrant by catching him on a DUI?!"
Stephen Cox
I can't think of any other item that should have all of America behind it.... (minus a few dweeb libtards). Hell even American criminals should be behind this!!!! Not enough crime to go around? Deport those illegals committing crime! There.......!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Cox
Bet... No one takes this guy up on being on this show to argue their leftist view..... any takers?
Bogeyshooter 53
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ! Adios and vaya con dios Daveed.
Huey Hulk
"common ground"
Bryan McHugh
Mexico is a country not a race. There are Mexicans of every color. Calling the Europeans against the "refugee" tsunami "racists" is equally as asinine.
Marcela Prestes
"Make America sober again"
michael mooney
when an illegal alien gives birth in the United States the baby is NOT a US citizen under the Constitution. all those "anchor" babies are not citizens.
kirk orr
That seemed like a pure Michigan ad.
Kelly Straveli
interesting fact: the guy that is being deported for 2000 is not getting the around 10,000 dollar theft payment fine & payments for the dui that Americans get Lucky him I would rather be deported then deal with the criminals of the criminal anti-justice system again it is a real gift what he is getting the tears he had must have been tears of joy
Jim B
I say we should just bus them to the border no matter where they came from. Mexico let them cross, let the Mexican govt deal with those not from their country by paying for them to go to their country. A mass rental of greyhound at $200 per person is better than $2,000 per person.
nunya bidness
You absolutely NAILED this. Thank you for your wit, keen analysis, and cojones.
J Shysterr
They shouldnt even be allowed a drivers license.
Gary Nelson
Someone listens to way too many pure Michigan ads lol
Fatty Ripz
Steven you are the reason I'm pursuing a poly sci degree I love your show you're unbeatable and a phenomenal speaker!!
Ed Stack
love it! especially the Ice Air commercial
Chris Kavanagh
11:20 The very fact that most liberals cannot find "common ground" with us on deporting ILLEGALS who've committed crimes, shows what Michael Savage has been saying for years! "Liberalism is a mental disease."

For some odd reason, liberals believe the U.S. is the only country that should not enforce it's Immigration laws, not enforce our borders, and just let a certain race of people sneak in by the millions. Get caught sneaking into Mexico and you're going to Jail, period. You're not getting benefits, a job, driver's license, etc.
Jeremy LeFevre
First illegal entrance into US is a misdemeanor, second is a felony.

Unfortunately, I've seen numbers that indicate illegal immigrants are a huge tax burden, and numbers indicating the exact opposite. (It's kind of hard to have any valuable kind of opinion when news media and other information sources can't agree on the numbers.)

When it comes to deporting people guilty of felonies (maybe not illegal border crossing felonies, I'm kind of surprised that's a thing), but any kind of murder, rape, gang violence, like you said, I totally agree we ought to deport people guilty of that kind of thing (in the hands of the authorities of their originating country). Despite criticisms Trump has received, there are some "bad hombres," and I would think most people can agree, we ought to not have that kind of illegal roaming free in the US, committing crimes at their leisure.

I know you may not call yourself a "centrist," but I appreciate you're at least making an attempt to find common ground on issues. That's important when bridging the gap/divide in our country.
Garbage Lord
They can be good people, but that doesn't matter. Breaking the law is breaking the law. Morality isn't a factor. Sometimes it sucks but that's how that goes.
Tina Bailey
No guilt here!##
Alex N
13:42 plane crash from Left4Dead map on Dead Air. Your sound guy is a nerd.
I want to see more of these short comedies from the FAKE news networks like the Clown News Network. I LoL'd hard. Kel Kel kek
Ice Bear
DUI that disgusting mexican says like it's no big deal, you could have killed someone.
David Simms
just a dui.... until you have a wreck and kill someone driving home from work. fuck you shit bag
El Socialista cooperativa
conservative christians let me pose to you a question...
Which illegal immigrants(escaping violence, persecution, and famine) would Jesus deny?
fuck that guy! DUI! FUCK YOU! I hope CNN gets run over by a drunk sanctuary illegal!
deport! Build the wall! Bill Clinton is a Rapist!
They took the shoelaces because they're very effective at breaking out of zip ties
Eric Vargas
This shit Is hella racist as shit. Hahaha "crappy countries". Nationalism is good. Extreme nationalism is not.
LOVE THIS GUY! Tells it like it is and should be told.
Honest question, are there not any illegal immigrants who work their asses off doing seasonal farm work before they go back to Mexico during the winter?
Austin Lael
The undocumented should have to fly on united
Handful Of Rag Tags
Crazy to think that the "conquerors" are the biggest fear mongering pussies in todays world.
Juan Vargas
Go back to Canada.
Garry Upton
O.M.G. ... your Prom Queen analogy is simply the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
Please do that commercial by itself.
Pamela Westenbarger
I am crying because I cannot afford a smart phone
They need to make a satire of putting murderers and rapists into jail and show montages of them smiling being with friends and family and putting them in prison after they rape/murder is wrong and try to make us feel guilty for upholding the law and punishing criminals.
why use a plane why not put them on an old bus?
The Valentine Show
I mean trying to put my heard around the fact that liberals are protecting "illegal" aliens. Last time I checked "Illegal" anything is not good. I am a legal immigrant. I paid my dues and so should everyone.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there is no common ground, that's why they must all go.
Tyler A. Angus
Mr. Crowder. If you sang, You'd likely be an Alto.
Rye S
14 minutes of logical point after points. damn son.
illegal + adult = deport
illegal + child = deport
illegal + felony = deport
illegal + misdemeanor = deport
illegal + no felony + no misdemeanor = deport
Rolling Bear
People want to bitch about the cost of deporting criminal's? Check the price of rope and put them on the plane.
Peter Janak Jr
Many come illegally because US policy doesn't allow for one to come legally. If you are an average Joe from some countries. You are simply denied. They come from places where there is little to no work. Surround by gangs threatening life for money and seriously corrupt governments they have not been able to change. So if the person is crossing illegally due to desperation. Compassion us tge order if the day.
Peter Janak Jr
The federal Bureau if prisons doesn't keep a record of one's legal status of those that they incarcerate. What they can say is that a mere 10% of people are incarcerated for immigration related infractions.
Peter Janak Jr
StevenCrowder I love your show. But the 54 Billion number Heritage claims is incorrect. ICE says the net burden is a modest 10 billion. They also say illegals commit far less crime than people native to tge USA. They also say illegals really don't do too much ID theft. The IRS says illegal immigration is great for the economy. Because all of the millions of tax ID's issued so people can work. They work but cannot utilize many of the programs their money pays for. Such as Social Security, welfare, tuition aid. Illegals are a boon for these institutions.
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