CNN Rebuttal: Yes, Deport Illegal Immigrants/Criminals | Louder With Crowder

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ICE is deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants using ICE Air. CNN shamelessly turns it into a sob story. A thorough rebuttal follows. 

Taken from episode #154 of #DailyCrowder @CRTV

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Like Gavin McInness said, we're saying the exact same thing. They're saying "Can you believe they deported the illegal immigrant for a DUI?!" I'm saying "Isn't it great they deported that illegal immigrant by catching him on a DUI?!"
letting illegal immigrants stay in a country is the same as letting a thief keep the things they stole
Roy LeBlanc
We need to stop referring to them as "Immigrants" we need to refer to them as what they are "Illegal Aliens".
First offense is a class B misdemeanor. Repeat entry after deportation is a felony.
C.J. Shelby
An illegal person, a teenager, 17 yrs old was texting on her phone that caused a wreck hitting a 7 month pregnant legal immigrant killing her unborn child, that would have been her first child. This mother to be and father was so excited about the up coming birth of their child they were going to close all their businesses so all their employees (all American citizens) could join them in their gender announcement party. Yes, announcing what gender they were expecting, they were so excited they had parties for every occasion to celebrate this child's birth. Very very sad.
Coming here isn't a felony....I can't believe people take this guy seriously. Opinions aren't facts.
Jews Are Scum Nuke Medina
My friend got caught selling weed a few months ago, not even a misdemeanor. All he had to do was go to an anti-drug class twice. A DUI can get you prison time.

I want people like that deported to the worst slum in the worst city in the worst country in South America.
Colin Bross
Overall, my bad
Colin Bross
Over, good video.
Colin Bross
Assuming that every iligal immagrent committed s felony (which you did when you added the 30g to the five thousand) is flawed, i mean it's obvious that All don't
Look Outside...
My family and I came to the U.S. legally 15 years ago and have built ourselves up to pay our taxes, contribute to the community, and abide by the laws. Every time I hear people protesting the deportation of Illegals it infuriates me because they are nothing more than leeches most of the time and cry when they commit a crime and get deported
Gumby Venegas
I'm Hispanic and I agree with deporting illegals. I voted for Trump I work and pay taxes. oh and I don't drink and drive. Keep up the good work Crowder. 👍
Apartment On Wheels
God Bless President Trump and I.C.E. Keep the Deportation strong. We want these illegals out of here. Lol now were racist because there breaking the law and getting Deported. I guess they have no commen sense or rational thinking.
Sorry Steven hispanic is not a race.
I don't have fancy shoes or a smart phone.
I've witnessed the potentially disastrous consequences of driving under the influence. I've seen cars turned into twisted metal hulk and smushed human sandwiches. People get run over and brutally injured, if not killed. My Ma's never driven drunk or high but she's had a condition that made her black out at the wheel and nearly cost her her own life.

Point is, how is a DUI "just" a DUI?
How do you get a license if you're here illegally?
My weed smoking ass will meet you half way, Sir! Youre dead on
this is literally hate speech and anyone who agrees with this faggot should drink bleach
Lobster Johnson
What Mel Gibson film has the cool decapitations?
ICE needs to deport all the illegal immigrants. I don't care if they break up families or whatever sob story the left can create next. We break up families all the time in the U.S. It's called prison and it's a place you go when you break a law deserving that level of punishment. You have a family? Irrelevant. Here is your punishment.
julio iglesias
julio iglesias
Nathan Biller
If you don't wanna get deported don't come here illegally, and don't commit crimes. It's really that simple
yamaha biker
I'd rather fund ICE/deportation than Planned Parenthood, tranny delusions based protection/laws, welfare, prisoner's rights, etc...a lot cheaper in the long run AND......better for the environment.
I don't feel guilty for wanting to deport illegal immigrants, I would feel guilty if they were legal immigrants getting deported
Miumiu Banks
I really hate the term immigrants. cant you just say illegal immigrants? some of us are here legally going through the right process and putting the money into the government. I remember growing up immigrants and refugees were put in the same category taught to us and everyone thought i came from some war zone seeking refuge like wtf
Still can't believe seahawks didn't run the ball
Pakistan Media
I would make a deal and send half to canada and half 2 russia or usa is gonna be crowded
Honestly, all this is bullshit they act like a law made to protect us is hurting people. Liberals are just insane at this point.
Mikey P
My grandma was killed by a DUI
Stephen Crescenti
One of the best videos!!!
Scott B
Univision Noticias loves to claim that DUIs are "minor traffic violations"
Ignacio V
Hahaha DUI! Wtf? They make us look bad. Poorly educated, poor logic. Estúpido brinca muros de mierda. We don't want him in Mexico either. Done with that.
is it that hard to become a documented citizen?
alex grizzly
Trump supporters are a bunch of SHEEP!
Moises Hernandez
I'm Mexican bitches try deporting me.
Neil Robert
More proof we need a wall
Neil Robert
The new and improved tin foil hat


Medicare for all only 50% until you're 70 years old
The world is hollow not flat NASA lies
The Latino children that are allowed to stay = another generation of single moms and gangsters.
brian barnes
l·le·gal a·li·en
a foreign national who is living without authorization in a country of which they are not a citizen. lets do what we should call it by its name so you can fight it illegal alien no undocumented or illegal immigrant but illegal alien
Mary Benser
They need to find their families send em all back
Preston Vaan horne
Um. DUI? Like thats not a bad thing?????????MADD ring a bell???
Mercy is good, but forcing people to be merciful is not.
Bryanna Nickel
awsome channel guys #TrumpWarrior
Bryanna Nickel
awsome channel guys #TrumpWarrior
Spacebuilder 4d
13:28:i think it's best not to put them on "first class",they could fly it into a building like the World Trade Center,I'm just saying.
Apartment On Wheels
$2.000 is alot cheaper then them having Anchor baby's and collecting Benifits.
Donald Nyitrai
Great Topic !!! God Bless Your Show :-)
Chad Lawhorn
"No, iPhone!" I love that line
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