David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

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David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects.

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David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

Ruben Peralta
i love watching david blane do magic
Rick Philip
Jimmy should maintain his cool...he exaggerates a lot
Zerod The 2nd
I come back to this because of how godly it is watching The Roots freak out
roz b
lmao at Quest
Magic Max
How does he do the trick with the 9 of diamonds in the second position
elle bear
thats real magic over there
it's funny how back in the day Criss Angel basically took over the magic scene and left David in the dust; 10 years later and David is back on top.
0_0 .... wow ...
Angel Locsin
Fallon is sooo fake
Artur Marcio
at https://youtu.be/Z8Ws4PEky28?t=342 quickly he add 3 cards upside down, when the guy with hat finish to count he thinks that is the 10 card but the last is 13 card, ok I'm genius lol
Meg b
I always think of the "what the F!?" sketches when I see him 😂😂
iCeMaN tHe BeSt
9:23 Queztlo my man saying FUCK NO lmao
I think Tariq was in on it. Notice how he put the cards to his heart underneath his jacket. Also notice how David makes a point of shaking his hand and patting him on the back at the end.
Roberto Miyoshi
Very nice trick. But i got you blaine, the exactly time that you add more cards after count 10. WOW you´re so good!
Play 7:11 at 0.25 speed and you'll see him place down seven cards.
Cristiano messi
Jimmy is so high
How did nobody see David adding 3 cards?
Tiny Tibbler
Jimmy is high
JayDee SV
jimmy is the only one who on stage a stage of all black men who reacts to a magic trick like a black man
Vic P
he must be one of those christian bitches...........................
Pizza 101 Real
Obviously this deck is Mark
Yudy Suardana
damn so cool
Roberto Mejia Lacayo
his palming coulda been better but he's Blaine so imma let it slide
Hardcore Gamer
What if the frog was a prince that was turned into a frog by the evil witch and later devoured by the evil wizard David Blaine to make sure that the princess will never find the frog and turn it into a prince with a kiss so that they can live happily ever after.
mama Lyon
love it
the second is pretty obvious someone is sitting under the table
Rigid Runner
Jimmy is so annoying. He giggles like a 5 year old child 24/7, even if there's nothing to laugh at.
For those who didnt know:
05:19 - Real counting 10 Cards
05:30 - open that Deck up and hold a break under the 3rd card.
05:41 - Put that 10 Cards (showing up) on top of that 3 Cards with the pincky break (showing down). Setup: 3 down + 10 up
05:45 - Showing one Card, turn it and put it revers in the Deck (so its actualy the 4th card. 3 loaded + 1). Do it with one more
06:02 - Spectator turnd the remaining 8 Cards down. Now 13 Cards are loaded.
06:16 - Simple "Forced Card". The one Card over the 3 is a little shorter then all other. On "Stop" he is letting all all cards till the short one
06:56 - "Show" them how to count. He is counting exactly 7 Cards and put it back to his hand while holing again a break unter the 7 card
07:07 - Here (or couple secs befor) he is "palimg" all 7 Cards. 7 Cards are now in his Hand.
07:11 - Here he puts all 7 additional Cards to the Deck. The "new" Deck is now loaded with 20 Cards (10 + 3 + 7)
07:35 - He is looking for a "7" in his Deck to put it on bottom on his deck just in case "Plan a" is not wirking, he would do again a "forced card" routing to show the 7. But the Band chose the 7 (3+4) and tadaaaa. 20 Cards in his Hand.

Flys away
Martin Muir
Am I the only one who tried the frog in the water trick??
angel louise
He sounds so high
David Anderson
that man god damn hairline so far back i think i saw a caveman invent fire
Appellation Sobriquet
Twiggy Twigg
screw the card tricks. how the hell did he do the frog one?
Ahmed Shaikh
even if we know how he did the card tricks, he is still crazy. He walks around with fucking frogs in his stomach.
Jared Barton
That man is not natural.
sandra hoyte
how does he do that
orry townes
alright you may live for now
Game world
hahaha 7:11 he placed some cards into it!!!!!!!!!! FAIL I THOUGHT HE WAS A REAL MAGICIAN!!
Prānk Rēpublic
Bruh everyone talking about 7 11 and shit. like why not Chevron or Exxon
I just said the loudest 'what the fuck' I ever said
Crushing It
you can tell Jimmy wasn't staging it. you could tell he was completely nervous the whole time thinking "what's this motherfuckr going to do next"
ok jimmy blinked when he said "7" and he blinked when he said "hearts" in the first trick
Brett Loudermilk is the man that taught Blaine how to do this. He talks about it on the Podcast, "Penn's Sunday School"- episode 274.
That was lame he had the cards in his jacket before 😂
CRIMES Oceanside
I seen him click somthing in his hands
He blinked saying 10 and hearts when repeating the card sequence
kevin O
This is the guy you want to take to the casino!
Talent Chaser
7:11 lower the speed to 0.25...... You're welcome
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