David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

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David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects.

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David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

11 minutes, 11 million views....nice.
Jimmie blinked at "10" and at "Hearts" when he counted out.
7:10 can u see it ?
Kenny Rivera
Farrell Deebach-Carpenter
How adorable is Jimmy!?! He's star struck
yea have a shirt, put it under there like there is no cards, sure. easy trick
twiggy cc
how'd he do the first trick??
Bloke&Bird Gaming
My favourite 3 members of The Roots!
Beau Miá
The PRINCE and the frog.
Benny Boo
I realised that a lot of good magicians names start with d like David copperfield and dynamo and David blaine
jamie b
Am i the only one who feels horrible for the frog?
Jon Sugimoto
Aren't the black people supposed to be acting like Jimmy is?
Ayaan Boishakh
what what what what what what
Jax Clown
yeah I don't know how long he had to train to do that grog trick? but that's crazy
Robert Curtis-Haigh
I know how the trick is done and I have performed it many times. Thanks to hesterbeach (YouTube channel)
Rashad ahmed
What happened to Chris Angel?
redassassin 52
Yo is jimmy drunk/high?
Harry Thorpe
Was Jimmy high?
Roy Ridgewater
He's an alien
Louis Lazaris
For those wondering how he forced the "3" on Jimmy...

Most likely he's got a setup near the top of the deck like this: 10,7,10,7,3,random-card,3,random-card,3,random-card,3,random-card,10,7.

He knows Jimmy's going to say stop towards the end, so he just needs to stop somewhere in that stack, which is very likely and easy to do if you control the spectator. Notice the style of riffle-drop Blaine is using. He can peek the last card in the top portion of the deck (the one above the where the 3 ended up in the video). If the last card in the top portion still in his hand is a 3, then he uses that one. If it's not, then he knows the next one is a 3, so he uses that instead. But if by some chance he goes too far or not far enough, then he'll probably be at a 10 or a 7. In that case he can probably go to an alternate plan and use both cards and say "we'll subtract 10 from 7".

This is probably not exactly how David does it, but it's likely something close to that.
Jagmeet Gill
well hell is waiting for him..once hes done on earth
Vigilant Paradigm
I Acknowledge My brother Black thought is in Supr3me form! RASPECT👌💯🔯👑
Leonel Molbert
Does anyone here knows if the magic tricks he does are real? I mean, I totally believe in magic but I need someone to tell me how is this possible. Is there a mechanism behind all this or is it just pure magic?
kayla lewis
Japanese nose publication arm name twist thanks overall now mean
julian martinez
They almost mess up David's last card trick
I love black thoughts reaction lol
Dimitar Vankov
I got the 10 cards turning 13.. was so simple.... He gave 13 cards to the guy on right, but 3 were turned upside down and make the guy count and put them behind the stack. There were 13 cards but 3 already turned down, so he counted only 10 when he reached the turned cards and thought he already count them, but he didn't. So he got 13 cards from the start. Then David gave Jimmy the card 3 on purpose... very simple trick.
Cameron Clark
That's just a trick deck
The guy had 13 cards by his heart. Someone said 3 and then someone else said 4. That equals 7. 7+13=19..... He should have only had 19 cards by his heart... amirite?
Terry Deane
5:42 he adds the three cards.
Pau Rotmar
If you look closely when Jimmy says the number of a card that he has, he winks. Same with the type of card.
its Crimmy
I know how he made three cards travel into the "10 card" pile. the small moves he makes are so hard to catch though. he probably looks at everyone like they are stupid because if you know how to do that trick it's so easy and not complicated at all.
Trevor Renkevens
This man has a gift from God
Riley Smitty
OMG 😲 that guy has a frog 🐸 inside him
Extravatron P.
i guess you could say he had a frog in his throat
Richer Breault
Sara Keefe
Is it just me or does he sound like a pedophile trying to lure in a little kid with a lollipop?
kingofpop mj
Oh god .. I fucking hate Jimmy.
lool look at 7:10, it s putting the the rest of the cards, with his hand...omg is so lame :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Magic Levin
Whatch my new magic trick on my Channel guys✌🏻
Tyler Nguyen
Best poker player ever plus he also has a poker face
Christy Mummert
LOL at 8:34 when everyone's clapping Questloves just there like nahhhh I ain't fucking w this voodoo shit 😂😂
Giselle Loredo
Jimmy is so annoying, like even David looked annoyed. We get it, he's really good. Stop giggling like a nervous school girl and let him to do his magic
Tony Yang
obviously David cheated. he use his own card and if he could read cards. try read my mind? what number am I thinking right now?
Hüseyin Kadıoğlu
thats the guy who is my role model bruh. absolutely incredible.
abhinav anand
I'm a vegan and I was probably thinking about how the animal feels inside a stomach, but I'm done for today. I'm not thinking about animal abuse, fucking ridiculous insane, I'm speaking gibberish now what a magician
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