David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

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David Blaine performs several simple card tricks with Jimmy and members of The Roots before freaking everyone out with an illusion no one expects.

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David Blaine Shocks Jimmy and The Roots with Magic Tricks

Jordan Faumui
What is the song in the outro
oc sorrells
That's not magic it's something else. Supernatural.
marios nikiforou único
7:11 you can see him adding some more cards with his right hand.Slow it down and you will see
CJ Whitt
Mark Allen
David Blaine is way too chill compared to Jimmy over there hopping around like a man sized bunny. David is too chill though it's kinda weird how calm he was throughout the entire clip of the video
JustAnotherGuy (najim)
If you look closely at the first minute where he shuffles the card he actually doesn't. When he puts the half desk in each other he pulls the right half deck out of it and makes the sound by ruffling through them with his fingers. So basically the whole deck is a setup, and he has probably memorized in full to force cards
zarin shapurjee
hahahaha jimmy's expressions are so funny lol
pablo gonzalez
8:17 questlove just lost in the bullshit
pablo gonzalez
4:44 when questlove realized David Blaine may not be bullshit
pablo gonzalez
3:34 when questlove found out magics bullshit
Jaste 119
I did something similar to the last one, but I have no idea of how he did that
luke valdez
Hidde Smulders
I say rigged
8:13 questlove sound like elmo
Jimmys Personality Is Cool I Cant Wait To Be On His Show One Day 💯
Chrome Gaming
That was the weirdest shit i have ever seen in my life
Shabbaz J.
starting to honk fallon used all black guys in this bit because of the "black reaction to magic" stereotype... or better yet BLACK MAGIC
Palash Surana
At 5:41 he picked up three faced down cards from his deck, so that when he was counting, he wouldn't know if he had finished counting 10 or not.
Lance Baker
Man its a great.... well u cant call it a trick but, the bullet catch is awsome im glad i got to see it, but u done it, its recorded so people can see it anytime. He needs to stop doing it though, no seance in killing himself or even taking the chance. WHY!!! U done it, great move on.
Lance Baker
God i love this David, but god he scares me. He's going to get hurt very bad one day.
Kid_ FL3X
the biggest trick of the night is : if quest love is there .. who is playing the drums???? .. Illuminati!!!!!
Ann M
Girl: David im pregnant look. (shows david the preg kit)
David: (snaps fingers 2 times) lets go see a doctor.
(after checkup)
Doctor: Youre not pregnant maam. Youre just full.
I'm like damm I'm chill , I'm chill , just got a frog up in me , son !
Ann M
Right i get it. Thats why davids neck always look stuffed.
Sage Feliciano
Jimmy seemed a Lil high
Matt Lewis
that frog trick is lame....
go to thailand youll see some real magic hahaha
He already know what cards jimmy have before jimmy picked them. He made the 5 cards peak out.
leaf mangoof
see's frog Me: Oh God
Jimmy is high af 😂
Thomas Bedouret
"Nothing weird" he said
hans meier
i freaking love jimmy fallon!!! but man, david blaine is the KING!!
Miles Todtfeld
I realized how he made there have 13 cards instead of the 10! He patts the deck putting cards on! After that is crazy going from 13 to 20!
M Borrego
Fallon is great lol
SH Shaduz
I've never wanted to be a frog so much
This has to be staged there's just no way
He sold his soul to the devil
Maniac Bob
that is insane, that is david blaine
Nathan Roux - Student
Anyone know the force he used to make them pick the three?
Christ, people on Youtube have crippling autism. Slowing down the video to a fourth of the speed, repeating the video multiple times, or looking up "Magic trick REVEALED 4 REALZ" and then going "LOL GUYZ THE TRICK IS SOO EAZY PEAZY" doesn't make you clever. Stop being autistic.
Baqir Syed
Jimmy is like 6 year old lmao
g c
jimmy one annoying prick
eric h
what the fuck is wrong with Fallon? the talentless hack couldnt keep his face straight on SNL. he ruins anything the tonight show was.
Well fck me!
Rick Miranda
Jimmy Fallon have similarity with Reince Priebus
Kevin Mincey
jimmy gotta chill
Angelo Catapang
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