Sarthak Ahuja
Caught the switch at 5:41! And the 3 of hearts that Jimmy cut too was forced as well. :D
bothers me how people have to deal with jimmy fallon just because hes the host. Dude would be better off violently petting a llama at a petting zoo like every other spazzy 9 year old
I see when he places the cards i just dont know how me makes them say 7 and pick 3
Jimmy at 7:15 XD
XD Factory
It's possible that the frog was actually in his stomach because the mucus would protect it from the stomach acid
Zach J
Dylan Madigan
First trick is an ordered deck. When he tells Jimmy how to hold the cards up, David takes a look at the bottom card of the deck, which was above the 5 Jimmy selected. It's a key card and lets David know all 5.
As to which of the 5 Jimmy chose to think about, I'm guessing at close distance you could see which of the 5 his eyes were looking at. The 5 cards were then shuffled as a distraction and so that the order of Blaine's calls don't show any pattern.
Jeffrey Chen
does anyone else only see a black screen and no video on all talk show channels?
Patrick Kitts
I have to salute David Blaine for his reaching so far back into history, searching the archives and mining obscure and forgotten gems of stage magic and illusion. He finds hidden diamonds, gives them his unique, personal lustre and introduces them to modern audiences who are dazzled.
Kyoya Astushi
If you are interested to know how this magician does it look up jinns and with it magic; because what he is doing is not tricks.
The fucking man right here
Kevin Fager
The secret is that the frog had a twin.
Nizzer Real
What’s the trick at 4:43?
Robert K V
Got all the tricks.... Except the Frog 😨
Questlove:Nopenopenopenopenopenope...NOPE! NOPE! NOOOOPE!
Kiendo Thompson
Jimmy looks like the Grinch. lol
Charles Molony
The shooting card trick is easy he has extra cards in his jacket pocket
Enders Turkers
Why magicians are always as chill as fuck
jimmys on crack 😂
Big deal, steve o 's been doin it for years
The funny thing is that I was thinking of the 7 of hearts as well.
anurg k chauhan
all fake. all in trick
Krzys Hill
If you slow down card number 2 to .25 speed you can barely see it fly through the air
Charlie Krzysiak
How does he shuffle like that low key jealous
brian B
Sneaky but i saw all the moves
Black people hate magic.
Alexandre Hamada Possi
The first one I guess he's able to take a quick look at the cards remaining in his hands (which he does) and tell which five are missing. Then Jimmy's blinking when he says "hearts" might be an involuntary clue (?) For the second one, you can see the exact moments when he adds 3 and later 7 cards to the suposed 10-card deck, before the guy holds them to his heart. The final one... I guess the frog was somewhere inside him all along, which might explain why he sounded and looked a little apathetic, probably fasting.
Noorullah Khan
Impressive or what😰😰😰😰
I understand how he does some of the tricks but how does he make them pick the number of cards especially when the didnt choose a card to determine the number
This is how people end up with the Roman Empire turning them into gods. lol
The real trick? Despite the fact that The Roots were on stage, the drums still played on in the background. Mindfreak.
ephraim vaiphei
i wana be david
Tyler Barker
David Blaine might as well grown his hair out and get a beard
Husnain #sakato
well the frog didnt wanna go in there 10:50
Jay Jon
It takes away from the Magic when you see the trick, but still very cool
I like Jimmy, but he is extremely fake most of the time when he's laughing hysterically at pretty much anything at all. Don't really get why the audience lap it up so much.
Seojin Youn
house of cards bts
Mike Parisano
I know magic is fake, but seriously, how the fuck did he do these tricks? Lol
Micheal Smith
David Blaine is the best
Is Fallon on drugs? He's acting like a special needs child. God, he's so annoying.
VJ Vadgama
Just by slowing it down, at 5:37 he asks why they aren't skeptical about the count being "10" or not. Now, he places the 10 cards on top of his upside down deck, meaning the first 3 cards were picked up from his main deck to the 10. That's why tells the guy to flip the card as he counts 10. The other 3 are already upside down.

With the numbers "3" and "4", at around 7:11 if you slow the footage down, he has cards hidden when he taps the cards and says "10. 10's the the original number". So, when the 13 cards are on his heart, there are in fact 20.

I don't know how they guessed 3 and 4 so it must've been subliminal from earlier on. That's all I picked up on :)
Jon Snow
he is supposed to kiss the frog not eat it...
Eugene Trofimchuk
what's the song in the end?
lebron james
yoo i felt something nigga
Brandon Gooding
The real magic is the drum fills being played when Quest is on stage and not at the drums
Black Floyd
You can tell Questlove is hella irritated by Jimmy freaking out the whole time.
We Remotely Low
"There's a couple of crazy things."
Corey Walsh
marked cards for the first trick
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