How Many Times a Month Do You Have Sex?

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Valentine's Day is approaching and the 50 Shades Darker movie is coming out, so we headed out to Hollywood Boulevard to find happy couples and ask them a simple question: 'How many times a month do you have sex?'

Costco Returns with Cousin Sal

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How Many Times a Month Do You Have Sex?

First one for the girl

I would gladly change that number if you want to maybe πŸ’―πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dora T.
36 years wow
I was like isn't 30-40 normal before I watched this. Now I'm sad
Miranda Priestly
That guy has no idea who this Jamie dude is
tangee o
About 45 to 50 times a month. Seriously. I will be married 1 year next month.
LΓΈgΓ’Γ± !
It's like the Ellen show but just crapier prizes πŸ˜‚
Haniel Lopez
2:40 I feel bad for the kidsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I have a whip and duck tape oh hell no
Anyone else live in nj
Maya Horses
Am I the only one who gets bothered by people trying to get on TV πŸ˜ πŸ’£πŸ’₯
πŸ…± elinda with the πŸ…±
Phil is me. XD
Almiighty Ant
That girl look like teanna trump 😏
Nick Mordowanec
That look of concern at 4:25
What the? My wife tells me that once a year is average.
mac ferris
Thought that black guy was gonna write like 1000πŸ˜‚
I would get with the 1st girl everytime I can
Daisies and Lillies
The black couple were good looking
Daniel Tigas
It's every day bro!
2.634 could be the actual number. 10 the times he wishes to have
Fresh oysters? Only if the brand is called "Fresh"
George W Bush
Dude cuz sal is Awk to watch
Ian Vlogs
That dab
Black don't crack πŸ˜‚
Daniel Dominguez
DAB 1:05 in the back round
Geralt of Rivia
Stupid TOURISTS in the annoying...nothing worse than Tourists in big cities...
I am surprised that these people don't have cement overshoes put on them by their kids.
Michael Parker
I count mine in dog months being 7 times shorter.
Timmy Langen
I brain dead from the forms of fake news.
sam johal
Now a day fuking loosers just fuk around.... They dont have brain and patience to be in commitment
sumanth nani Enugala
Prolly she is using binary system.
Subhan Sabir
when belinda said 10, she wasnt talking about just with williams, she was indicating that shes been cheating 8 times a month for 36 years
Sabrina Romeo
Canada Ontario Toronto!!!! woohoo
Did anyone else think that the first guy they asked was Aaron Sanchez from master chef?
Jadyn Glunt
"Come in here before you're attacked"
Stanley Yelnats
I love how cousin sal never looks comfortable in front of the camera even though hes been doing this for years
K apa
Ayeeee that special guest πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
K Fallon
10 times a MONTH when only dating? That should be like 30.
Alicia Green
That last couple was adorable.
Moises Reynoso
That lady that pops out at 6:20 stays through out the rest of the video ... "like wtf is this" .
Lazer Point
arulraj kirubagaran
anyone else noticed the guy at 1:26 who wants to show himself on tv
Ghost Clan
Vicente Dagnino
George lopez
Jamie kurucz
first was cute
Dopple Ganger
Bruh 36 years??? They look like they're in there early 30s tf
guys I am 25, I stay with my 24 year old girl friend. Our number is in shambles. I have given up. We from averaging 15 -20 a month [weekends alotta sex happened], to merely 3 times a month, ever since she got birth control. The price for raw sex is too high
Lena Grace
Only 10? In a whole month? Lord that sucks.
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