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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) discusses firing FBI director James Comey in an interview with Lester Holt (Michael Che).

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This is so funny it would be even funnier if Trump wasn't so stupid
Jacob Cleveland
How cqn trump be racist to mexicans when his skin color is closer to theres then white.
Jacob Cleveland
I know why he is so angry he is constipated maybe we should give him some miralax.
Kyle Stubbs
"He feeds me dog food."

-Paul Ryan
Snl sucks
"Paul Ryan?" LOL! xD
Liam Nigenda
Trump can never get rid of this, it's funny and the freedom of speech is protecting SNL.
William Mckimm
Omg I don't know how the F Alec Baldwin does Trump's character without cracking up. Because Everytime I see it I am cracking up
Lisa Micarelli
Why do I love this?
travis smith
paul Ryan.beat it nerd get the fuck out of here
Icey embrace
i want to see trump's birth certificate. oh, he's white, so I'll forget about it. these are good ole American racist subconscious thoughts.
travis smith
Welcome back snl
travis smith
real Donald Duck trump is a old creepy man lmao
travis smith
paul Ryan! lmao
Josh Stakey
I like President Trump. I do love the SNL skits.
Willkill Buck
When Jim un does come backπŸ˜‚
"Jazz-man", "OJ" and "Tupac" - this is so politically incorrect, and oh, do I love it! I hate the way some people think we should be so careful and tip-toe around, because we might offend others. Alec Baldwin is so hilarious, imitating Trump!
Leo Jakobsen
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i entered "SNL Did I Get Him" into the search box - and this video was top of the list
Donald started today by starting dare match with North Korea and nukes. I hope he gets replaced by Jack Black
Pete Craig
Alec Baldwin cashin in on the Donald again. I would call that capitolism. What a sorry excuse for a human being. In other words, he's a total dipshit.
Adam 1
Could have been better. They should focus on the fact that he's F.O.S. Show him constantly contradicting himself. People will love that.
Youssef Shaqroon
Where is part 1?
DJ Vids
Disgusting people who will BURN IN HELL
Art von hagen
same sad left wing bullshit ,,,the same people who voted Obama in 2008,,, voted Trump in 2016 ,,, That's a fact!
SNL said Steve Miller would be back, and whadaya know? Three months later he's been pumped full of formaldehyde and propped up in front of the public once again.
President Chump, am I right?
EnGraver L.T.K.
Baldwin really does a shitty impression of Trump, can't believe he gets paid for that. And I'm not a Trump fan either . Can't even force myself to watch Baldwin's impression it's that shitty
Luvsz S.D
All I see is Alec Baldwin with make up. Its like the kettle calling the stove black. Nobody seems to remember this guy before Trump. He makes Trump look like an angel. This shit aint funny its kind of brainwashing with the negative news. They are trying to ruin Trump so next election all you remember is negative memories of him whether true or not. Dirty Mugs....
Coco Nut
Spreading hate with comedy.
Zack Tailor
Can SNL not come up with anything funnier than making fun of POTUS?
michael sampson
as a trump supporter these are too funny thank you. make America great again
Dan H
boring and tired
Carmella Avant
funny as hell
Davey Numz
Obama=Worse president in US history. Trump2020
This attack on Trump is exhaustive.
Ireland Johnson
This jackass is officially being investigated for obstruction of justice by the FBI now.
Myles Vance
1:15 , how everyone feels about the DJT Jr email tweets.
Ari Valdiv
Real lol
Ari Valdiv
The funny thing is orange bigot trump is like this in real life lol lol
Angel Ortega
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Trump the clown.
"Jr., your staff has been insisting all week that you didn't meet with a Russian prosecutor working for the Kremlin because she had dirt on Hillary."
"No I did."
"...Wait, what?"
"I meet her because of Hillary. She said the Russian government was supporting us and that they had dirt on Hillary, so I met her."
"...And you're just admitting that?"
"Uh huh"
"...But that's collusion with a foreign power."
"Sure, okay."
"What so, did I get him? Is this all over? Oh no, I didn't? Absolutely nothing matters anymore?"
Valerie Bernstein
"He feeds me dog food". Fitting since Paul Ryan is pretty much Trump's dog.
Chris Austin
it absolutely amazes me as to how blind people are to this fucking clown. he is the most corrupt president we've ever had and it pains me. i want another Democrat in the office. 😭
Paul Ryan LOL
Henry Hahn
Trump 2020
cristi Wassink
Burnnnnnnn!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ”₯
War Hammer
Way to beat a dead horse snl .
You really know how to drive a skit till the wheels come off.
Yawn I say yawn.
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