Lester Holt Cold Open - SNL

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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) discusses firing FBI director James Comey in an interview with Lester Holt (Michael Che).

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W r o n g
Brian Gomez
This is the best skit ever
Rio Horn
I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years my ass
Socialist Nothingburger Liberals.
They have to rely on an washed up old guy to get laughs
Swagmaster Ultimate
2:33 when he called him ok! Hilarious as fuck
EPM 101
You know what's sad? The real one's funnier.
Brandon Penna
I love these skits keep up the good work
Brandon Penna
Trump is out of his league and is clueless on how to run the U.S.A for the better of the people.
tanya foster
Damn we have four years of him...
Kara Lyons
wow...what a down grade from the 70's... SNL
Yay, more Michael Che!
lmao, you snowflakes just don't get it do you, you don't understand middle america. #trump2020
Alec Baldwin for President
Born 2 Suffer
Lmao listen Oj 不不不不不不不不
i love this show, the trump parts are on the money dont stop trump will keep giving you ammo....
Plill Acio
I heard Lester Holt"s first name is Moe????
Cooper's eye rolls -- fell of the chair laughing
listen OJ
Captain Underpants.
Treasonous traitorous anti-American republican crime family.
Baldwins trump is terrible.
david barkley
Did he say "listen OJ"???.....OMG I DIED!!!!!Then he said "listen Kenan"!!!!
Jonathan C
Best Trump SNL clip ever! Pertaining, to Trumps impeachment it won't ever happen - from the words of our fearless leader" I could go out and shoot someone on 5th avenue and they would still vote for me" What a country we live in now.
Jeffrey Craven
They ripped off Cracked segment on Trump at the end where they act as of the Trump Presidency is the craziest TV show ever and they are the after show people wondering what will happen next
Richard Ghormley
Neil Gorsuch! Phooey! With a Republican Senate, and the Nuclear Option in place, Trump could have named either of his sons, Uday or Qusay, to the Supreme Court and succeeded.
Kevin Baker
"wait so........did i get him?.......is it all over??"

Ge In
"Elect a clown, expect a circus" is the best line I heard all week.
He feed me dog food Lmao
Laur Manolescu
Trump is Great.
only good thing he did is bringing back chocolate milk in schools.
Big McLargehuge
Okay, SNL, I get it...you hate Trump and everyone who supported him. Can we move on, please? Only half a year into his presidency and you're already past the "burn-out" stage...sheesh!
Nothing Available
nothing matters anymore :(
Dante Ficeti
This show is not funny at all. When it made fun of all the previous presidents they were not this blatantly mean. I'm so over all this
did SNL ever did a press interview on Obama like this one? NO I don't think so, we see your bias liberal agenda.
Shadow Phace
I look at SNL to blind myself from the reality that Trump really is president. lol
zakeea c.
"Did I get em?"
"Oh that's right, absolutely nothing matters" 不不
The President Show is way better
SNL: Triggering Trump supporters since 2016.
John Zaita
This link below is a way funnier skit

paulie dee
You know that was really funny. What's going to be even funnier is when the 20 trillion dollar and counting debt comes due and Americans are going to have to start paying it off, and they start cutting benefits for libtards. Watching the expressions on their faces is going to be priceless. Do you think the illegals and the countries they come from will help them pay it off?
dixie dragon
Well now we know for sure why Melania wants to stay in NYC
John Acobs
Michael Che is horrible as Lester Holt and looks or sounds nothing like him. Baldwin is horrible as a wannabe Trump. He's just as horrible as his acting career.
Best one ever yet, Thank you so much #SNL We need you so much now so we can get through this with humour.
Kate Taylor
BEE.YONCE SAY. Why is TRUMP talking about Beyonce at all? WHAT??? LOL
Cj Johnson
LMAO !!!
Robert Smith
Fuck that token niggah bitch
Solar Lord
Remember when Alec Baldwin was funny?
Valtteri Nieminen
"Wait so... did I get him???"
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