YouTube ReRyan! (2016)

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Thank you all so much for a terrific year!  We're all going to be going home for the holidays till early Jan, so we'll see you next year!  Have a happy New Year, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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3 P's - 1 A
Dear Ryan, pls RKO Sean out of no where
Ducky Ducky Games
You reminded me of Glenn DX
Heidi Wallenberg
This is 100x better than the actual rewinds.
Phan Ham
Coco Puffs
Rip vine😭😭😩
Annie Candy
NigaHiga never pits commets
Jay Abe
I though the biggest trend was dabbing
High Noon
Wow this is one whole cringe fest
Esha Muzaffar
That was lit boi
You're one of the few Youtuber's I would watch a 1+ minute ad for :^)
Nightmare Plays
3…2…1 xD
Rika Kim
I like this one but I like the 2015 more than the 2016
Vivian duong
Who saw Smosh the movie
Pokemon Evolutionaries
William Whitman
This was amazing
Blade Master
This is better than the actual Youtube Rewind
Blake's Vlogs
I bet Ryan doesn't pin comments
puns at the end for planking and warriors sre frustrating RYAN,LISTEN TO YOUR PARTNER,AND I KNOW ITS A SKTECH BUT ITS STILL FRUSTRATING!
Wasn't Bottle Flipping The Biggest Trend Of 2016?
The Meow DIYer! :3
ReRyan starts at 2:51
GVG Everything
This has more views than YouTube re wind
Infires BETCH
He's the most creative person on Youtube.
4:35 eyeballs for everyone?
Sahil Khan
god damn it where are the ISIS beheading videos!
Alan Chavez
Dear Ryan can u do a front flip
I feel bad for Derrick
I thought it was only meant to be Ryan in it
Bella Naolu
4:42 LOL happens to me all the time
james tyron
Die hard Cavs Fan😂
FlamingCreeper - Roblox And More
ok ok derrick , i want derrick to do deriwind
Pancake Pride
That video fit together so perfectly
xxninja_chicken 2
poor Derrick
Boran King21
Mannequin challenge for Pokemon go because everyone stopped playing it
This is actually better than the youtube rewind in my opinion it's just my opinion okay MY OPINON
Gigi Love
I got so sad when he brought up Glenn dying from the walking dead😭😭
Lauren Sears
Poor Derik I would have left the first time he said it XD
WebSup Damer
There's three letters in gun.
There's three letter in one.
There's three letters in pun.
Those three words rhyme.
You rhyme in rap.
Rap has three letters.
There are 6 letters in 'rapper' and 'letter'.
6 times 6 is 36.
3 6 Mafia are a rap group.
They rap about guns.
Guns is a plural of gun.
There is one gun.
There is one phone.
You can make one call.
There's 3 sides in a triangle.
The triangle offence was ran by Phil Jackson.
Phil Jackson coached Michael Jordan.
Phil Jackson shares the same last name with Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson shares the same first name with Michael Jordan.
Michael Jackson was in the Jackson 5.
Michael Jordan was in the starting 5.
5+5 is 10.
The Bulls lost 10 games in the 95-96 season.
The Warriors lost 9 games last season.
10-9 is 1.
2 & 3 come after 1.
Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Draymond Green all wear/wore 23.

The Warriors blew a 3 to 1 lead.
Demarcus aunty
when warriors blew 3-0 lead, what will Ryan do?
ric skylar
dear ryan plz do a flash move trailer
banylla shallam
Dear Ryan, can you do a short Tokyo Ghoul movie?
10,266 Warriors Fans watched this
Jermzz tv
ryan which video editor are you using
I Am Me
▶🔘_____________ 0.27
I Am Me
I Am Me
▶🔘------------------------------- 0.29
Roag Mine
Ella Kim
Lol trump and Hillary
Dan The Man
3:22 That is the song of Sketch's intro
Know him?
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