What do you think we should do!!?? Thanks for watching and always sharing these vids with your friends and family :) We love ya! Smile more :)
Keegan Britz
I live in sa so convert $ to R
Skit- Cat
The channel name should be smile gaming
Big fan games 999
Make a gaming channel 😎
Friskysharkfood 1
I think he should do it and just have fun with it.😀#smilemore
Massey Ferguson Kid
Make a gaming channel
Feltkitty705 fk7
Listen dales kids know how Roman is so they just joking
Crazy and Fun
I Rember when he got drunked and timelap
Hamza Milbes
the way she ate them
Esteban Ramirez
Infinate Plays
Congratulations on 3 mil
The sick Nasty's
Vaola Chavez
Vaola Chavez
Csmiley creeper
roman you should make a gaming channel
Ferny_ Games
No offense but that's rude I mean before you know you it you'll get old and probably not even get money or even gifts at all buy he's a kid so he probably dosent know that it's rude but he needs to learn smile more
Logan Dressler
I am the same age as noah
Kristi Osborne
when this vid came out 2:36
Creeper Hunter
I thought your kids are spoiled but they are real greatful and I don't see how Noah grows up at his moms and his step dad not roman. Just sits around and plays video games
he's only 8 ye it was ungreatful but I've seen loads of kids act that way, kids that age don't care but as they grow up they'll start to care
Jennifer Daniel
gaming channel please
Nathaniel Warren
Mario is a computer game
Lewis cairney
play warframe on ps4 its obest
LegendCrazy 769
make a gaming channel
Jacky A.K.A NyanCheeseYT
dale's kids are so ungrateful like some of us don't even get b day presents!!!!
Sub to me
TheDuper3Stars Erase the ring
The birthday boy is not nice
ben James
That little shit
Oliver Sharkey
Andre Dawkins
I think you should go paintball shout out
LittleDinoG 274
You guys should definitely make a gaming channel
he's a big fat brat
Nerdy Narwal
I love snakes
Seth Bowden
I have 250$
RileyMod 1
Make a gaming channel about all consoles
Ryan Milburn Gaming
that kid is so disrespecful , an 8 year old got $100 dollars the least he could do is actually read the card and say thank you
Marco Sanchez
Yes Make. A gaming channel
emany boy
Black ops player 420
Make a gaming channle
Samantha Mcarthur
I think you guys should make a gaming channel
Faith Iniguez
lol my dad said the same thing when he was little he got 20 bucks and it felt like a 100 to him
Benjam 897
My fav part is when he just opened the door and Noah is sideways on the stairs
Celestial Meeker
make a gaming channal
Faith Hannah
I have 134 dollars
Bobby Woodward
for your 13 million vlog do a nerf war
Trenton Thomas vlogs
OMG Dale's kid is such a freaking brat if I got dat much I would flip
Daniel Salyer
i ate dog food
Salt Bringer
GAMING do funny moments and gameplay
Nicholas Vilela
I just started
Nicholas Vilela
Can sum of you subscribe to my Channel it is called Nicholas Vilela thanks
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