look at his wins and fight ..tha fook is that ?? split decision, opponents not really doing shit and floyd can't knock out
Nick Sos
Canelo is one dimensional. He throws punches going forward and backward only. When he started missing he mentally defeated. Pacquiao was the only fighter who cuts ankles resemble Conor but he is smaller fighter and over extended in most of his punches. Maiden is an hard puncher but he has a slow mind-body reflexes and less precision. Most of his punches are telegraphic. Canello, Pacquiao, and Maiden have strong mental games like Conor but fight in patterns and they are not smart. Conor is a combination of precision and timing, he is mentally tough plus his physic is going to be too much for Mcgregor. Conor will win via KO or decision.
Brandon Boudreau
To any comments below (and I'm purposely not going to check), but Floyd will beat Conor. I will say this one thing, Floyd would never step in a cage and fight Conor. #1 Boxing money vs. MMA money... we all know the answer. #2... Floyd wouldn't make it through the 2nd minute of the first round with Conor. As an all around fighter, Conor is his superior. When it comes to boxing, which is considered an aggressive game of chess and finesse, Floyd is going to wipe the floor with Conor. Boom and there's an honest Youtube opinion without trolling like all the other shmucks we all see! ✌
After seeing this I definately believe Conor can win. Floyd can be hit, therefore, he can be hurt. Floyd is more than ten years older than most of these highights. The ones near the end, you can see he was`nt the same boxer as in the beginning. If Coner pulls this off ould be a thrill and it is very possible he will hurt Floyd early and get the job done. Tkecareofthe defensive side of Things and all will be fine for Conor.
David Cooper got to win this, or Conor's head will not fit through the exits. People underestimate Conor's lightening fast overhand left, reaching over many defenses especially with his reach. Keep moving left and it should not effect you. But you know this.
Nick G.
Tyler Ortego
These are all wrong. Floyds greatest hits were against his wife! he is a low life piece of shit. and for all of you who are out there rooting for this little weasel, you are a disgrace to humanity and should be ashamed of yourself.
Now 49 - 1 soon
Cristian Mariella
Mayweather vs McGregor ----> #loading
Conor will lose but will force Floyd to actually try. But conor wouldn't even have to try vs floyd in the octagon
Bijay lama
corna will beat u in fucking 1round u mother fucker
Bijay lama
fuck u mother fucker....I can beat u in 1round.....get that fucker coward
Ody Mel
Cheap win the last one
Alan Call
It will more than likely be a technical knockout Connor will be schooled at least he'll be awake for the old man beat down
Pyro Magicforlife
Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are the Best
Petur Dimitrov
last fight mayweather was pussy
harry pot
Roy Jones way better until he went back down in weight.
Jones never had a close fight in his prime,no controversial decisions.
And Jones could knock a fighter out with either hand,in any round.
Next Level Unconstitutional Keyboard Warrior
In the last clip : There is nothing dirty to this, he just got hit in the jaw by a vicious
headbutt , ON PURPOSE. Then the guy is there acting like it was an
accident which is was clearly not. He then fakes honnest apologies.
Mayweather decided to get his revenge and koed him while the guy
cowardly gave fake apologies. This was supposed to be a fair fight but
the rules of boxing but the guy had to throw that headbutt like a
coward. Then we got you guys not able to use your brain to understand
what really happened it's ridiculous.
rickety gaming
Floyd will smoke mcgregor
Tyler Lopez
I'm glad mayweather knocked him out while he tried to apologize. Lol dick you just headbutted me πŸ˜…
Silent_ Watcher92
7:18 what the hell was that? I know it's legal but common, you need to have a giant vagina in your pants for that pussy move.
7:20 biggest piece of shit move ever....knows he might lose so he suckers him when the ref isnt looking...
Benzus Corax
I stop ThaΓ― boxing, i will boxing!
Juan Alcoba
Suparice suprice mothwr fuckers the king is back
Juan Alcoba
Maidana is the king
Envers Phone
last fight was a dirty win... he was too good to fight like that dirty
G YamBal
MAGA! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ🏼 One of the best boxers ever.
Nick A
pretty boy floyd step up i will crack yours
Rai 09
ortiz just dont box please. what a shame. just like gamboa with no brain.
Wtf was that last clip, honestly.
Dat Dat
do you guys know Tenshin Nasukawa
Connor McGregor get ready to be humiliated
Ahmedo Shakur
I know it's legal but it was such gay move 7:19
Con Petropoulos
Floyd is a great boxer and prob the best of our generation but he's not Sugar Ray Robinson. Ray got to 189 wins 1 loss. Mind blowing!
Mayweather should've went down in the match against ortiz. Fucking dirty boxer piece of shit
Sourish Saha
where's pacman vs mayweather u son a bitch
niggas always have the upper hand. both on stage and in bed. fucking monkeys. aryan brains can strike u monkeys someday! Hail Trump!
He truly acted like a little cunt on that last fight... looking a guy who's apologizing straight in the eyes while fucking him in the ass the next second... I truly hope McGregor's gonna pull a hell of a fight and beat the shit out of that honourless motherfucker
Shut your fooking mouth.
Matheus Lobo
R.I.P. mcgregor
Jacob Henley
Let's see him do a MMA with McGregor
Mayweather is one of the best ever at boxing and doing business. Wish he would've fought Pac-man earlier rather than imo dodge him for so long but that's business. I think the Maidana fight was a toss up and that the 1st Castillo fight was a loss for Floyd.
Carl D
"Mayweather's a bitch. He puts on lipstick. " ....... Conor McGregor
dolphin man
yul do nuddin ya wil
halts maul
Man this is the only suckerpunch in the hole world i love to See
100% justyfied what a moron
Antwann Singleton
d a man he messed gotti up
he'd beat conor anytime anyplace like janet jackson
Mayweather is surely the Thanos of boxing
Jay G
In the next 20 years nobody will remember this guy lol hell I forgot about him before mcgregor butted in.. floyd is a champion in how many different weight classes, he was supposed to inspire a next generation of boxers, not run like a bitch lol outside of the ring is worse, arrogant and no respect
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