Diana Figueroa-Lockett
Congrats April...FINALLY and on my Birthday!!!
Pat Compitello
Cindy Lu McMorrough
Media can show murders but people complain about THIS? What is wrong with this world?!
Stephanie Smith
Good job April congrats she a mom now that really good you did a good job I am glad you give birth good and happy easter April
Roger Cyrulik
Loretta Bostad
April Come on Have Angel baby
Karen Below
you have some young man talking bad language ! His name is Daryn Jones !He is not doing you who takes care of April and Oliver a favor by putting you all down . I don't have Facebook so I am on YouTube
Karen Below
what did April have a boy or girl ?? when do we get to see her ? while watching for April to have her baby I still haven't seen the baby but I saw other giraffes having babies on you tube ,why is that ??
S. M.
Waiting patiently April. I myself have a six foot one-fifty pounder, he's 25.
Shannon Thomas
You said in one video that she was last mated in October. So if this is the case and they are pregnant 13-15 months, then she won't have this cafe till October this year to January next year, correct?
Marlene Valdez
it would not be right if you do not everyone watch the birth of April's baby could be going on now thousands have been watching every day for two mo please put video up now and leave on for everyone can watch very upsetting
Myleigh Carper
has she given birth
so happy to hear about fb live
Loretta Bostad
come on April Have That Baby And Get It Over With So We Can Name It
Marion Bartley
well checking in on April viewing from moreno valley, calif. here's hoping April can deliver very soon .
Karen Below
what about those of us whose been watching on YouTube keeping on her progress . Giving birth is a beautiful thing whether it's human or animals
Patch Davis
Does anyone care that a zoo in Europe is now dissecting unwanted animals for public edification, including a giraffe? If the animal is not producing income, it it expendable.
Arizona Sunflowers
And you should NEVER record with your phone in this position!!!!
Arizona Sunflowers
She hasn't given birth yet, so how the hell could it be edited!!!!
Debta Mendes
When is she going to have her baby
Bonnie Paley
I'm glad that they had to take the camera down and take it off of facebook live The giraffe needs her privacy and she isn't a new mother
Wanda Lebo
Do giraffe's have two stomachs like a cow?
Monica McGuire
birth is a natural thing, great for children & adults to watch . educational for all . Ok have to go. Ok
beth98362 R
don't you idiots know what copywrite infringement and it's cost when you get caught?
Rosemary. L Goonan
April please careful during Deliver the calf and have very healthy .Rosie L
Marlene Minehart
can't wait so excited
sandra dennis
Mama April👋💕
Penny Kunkel
The enclosure looks smaller then the one in the Dallas zoo .. they should give them more room
Sally Button
I so wanted April baby to be the April fool baby!!! Come on mama.........you have a

1/2 hr let go.
John Wilson
I see no sexuality in giving birth. Animal activists are sick and retartied if they think birth of an animal or human for that matter is sexual. These people need to get a grip on life and stop interfering with the rest of the world.😡
Klf Flk
This is not Animal Adventure park, This site is in violation of copyright lawws and needs to be shut down,
Irene Campbell
I don't even think she is pregnant. They just keep showing the same thing over and over again
Vicki Behrens
she's waiting until...April! ha ha...
Kathey Schroeder
y is it sunlight there
Kathey Schroeder
so it's live
Kathy Erow
April has not had her calf yet, folks!
br549 Lyfld
this cow hasn't had any signs of dropping a baby cmon,,,,
Karen Below
how's April's baby doing ?? what did they end up naming the baby??
Sayles Walradth
I can see more nudity watching the music video's. What is wrong with you...you continue to sho animal births all of the time...SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
Lady Trinity
Now, to clear the air on copyright and usage of our Giraffe Cam. No person, channel, vlog, or hobbyist has our blessing or permission to use any part of our cam in realtime, recorded restream, or still photo on YouTube, social media platforms or websites.
Bonafide News agencies that have reached out, have been given a written release to use the stream in realtime on their social media platforms, but are also restricted from recording and reusing content. The recent copyright steps and restricted use statement is the result of significant fraud and misrepresentation that is occurring. Victims are reaching out to us after being taken advantage of on unauthorized YouTube streams. It's saddening. Our hand has been forced to begin to take back control of all content, and go back to our one and only authorized live video - viewable at www.aprilthegiraffe.com
Beverly Iffland
I am an animal activist and what better way to see a live birth from such a beautiful animal, any animal. It is such a privilege to see such a miracle. People are sick to think these videos are sexually explicit. What are they thinking? Does everything need to be so negative to them. Nasty minds. I go to our zoo and I get sad to see animals caged but they are taken good care of and how lucky we are to see them. These animal activists and their concern for animals, wouldn't you rather see these wild animals protected. There are so many wild animals that are being targeted for their horns, ivory and whatever. These are the things that need to be addressed. They kill these animals and let them suffer and die. Which would you rather see?
Christa Adams
This is fake site they are violating copyright law.
Beth Kasey
I was enjoying seeing April every morning and every evening and now it's gone!
Maureen Martin
Interesting article but how comes they say they have taken down their You Tube page when we can see it on their website.
This is an elaborate hoax
caryl lopez
caryl lopez
Joran he is great
Sonia Dyne
People are still watching is there a live feed
beth98362 R
Anyone who protests this is a fool!
Lady Trinity
TO WATH APRIL GIVE BIRTH IN 2017 GO TO https://www.facebook.com/AnimalAdventurePark/ FOR A LINK TO THEIR WEBCAM ON APRIL
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