Jade Biggs
Rachel you are awesome I've watched every single episode of yours keep doing videos πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
Funimate Addiction
I loved how they swapped drinks when they had the same drink LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ή
Liza Bell
I like the pda couple
dewa d
Olivia Cormack-Neto
You should get musically
Mike Chen
"Age gap"
BRUH, my parents are 8 YEARS APART
2026: Haeun Yun Kim
Why did you broke up with him
Porscha Nilest
Me and my boyfriend are the all ways kissing one
Treasure Dun
Thas my Birthday
Olaf Lambrecht
Rachel where did you get that outfit for the inseprebale couple πŸ’–
Baldwinbeasts Cherico
Please pick me I love ur videos
Skye Ryan
Hi Rachel your videos are so fun to watchπŸ˜›πŸ˜›
Ami Diatta
for 6th grade it's actually pda everywhere
Danielle Benji
Do you want Candy if you give me that
Fancy Bannah
You are amazing
Life Thru Liana
Peanuts help everyone
Nikki M
U forgot about the popular couple ya know (the quarterback and the head cheerleader)
But apart from that love the video Rachel!!
Lacy Ephraim
Subscribed since 2015. Ilysm Rachel!!😘
Jessica Ward
do more google videos
Marley _Star
The quote on the wall behind her in the intro isn't a Marylyn Monroe quote. Sorry I just had to say
Tiffany Tabuena
Desmond Briggs
pda couple
Victoria lynn
To bad she broke up with issack
peanuts 4 romance
Katie Dean
Did you have Invisalign in during the intro
Natalie Diaz
Love you
GG Girl
What's Rachel's Snapchat name
Kawaii Marshmallows
whos here after the breakup?
Refa Begum
I have surcrbied
_.Nev_. _.K_.W_.
I'm a new subscriber
Tubby Khz
Love your video
Jada Zara
They broke up ☹️
Her face at 4:51 had me dead
Mady Ungar
I hope I won the giveaway I subscribed
The BF rrmindse of Roman Atwood
JJgamergirl 123
Why did they break up they were so cute together😭😭😭
Brianna & Bianca's World
That boy that broke up with u is soooooo cute
Brianna & Bianca's World
Awwwwww sup right folks
Cool and awesome πŸ‘πŸ» right
Shay Gaglioti
I would love to win the give away
Morgan Welch
did they. break up???
Video starts at 1:06
rachel please put them on youtube
Ayue Lin
Princess Sarah
You know i was subbing for a long time 😘😘😘 also i really wanna win πŸ™ƒ
Ellie Gr
I love you Rachel.
Gaming With Samiha
Heyyyyyy random people scrolling down the comments
Madelaine Farlow
Hi ummm yeah hi
Kitty Godess
I like the High School Musical melodies/songs in the vid
Sandy Garcia
Yaeh me to
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