Danielle Bregoli Q&A Sesh

bhadbhabiedanielle bregolicash me oussidecash me outsidecatch me outsidehow bow dathow bow dahq&acelebrity

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Smithy 321
B🙄🙄🙄🙄 why
She’s trash
Still can't believe she's like only two years older than me
Kayle Martinez
Catch me outside how bout dat
Tgb101 Bentley
It’s awesome how you got famous by 7 words btw I 💗u
Joshes Girl
Everything about her annoys the fuck out of me
Makaila Jamerson
i love u b
Tiffany Baker
She's 13!!!! Damn this girl is going to have problems
She’s funny tho 😂😂😂
chances to change
You need a freak bad ass mom boy it's lazy ass here
Grace Bradley
But gal name ya kid whatsver chu want
Grace Bradley
Oh jasmine I like that name but instead of bianca it shoukd be jessie
General Lee
the biggest joke of the internet
General Lee
does she ever shut up
Jazzys Animations
My names jasmine
Classy Irish Kid
What a ghetto whore.
sia b
Hey babe sorry I’m late for work today and tomorrow morning and
Ryan O'Meara
I'm shocked. I didn't expect to see any arguments in these comments. LOL. Seriously, no one lose any sleep over this shit. I'll give her credit for staying pseudo-relevant for this long. However, I'd bet big money that before too long, she'll be irrelevant to anyone outside the courts and penal system she ends up in. Way to go Mom and Dad! You should be proud for exploiting the foul mouthed criminal you're raising.
A true comeback story would be the only thing that could extend her relevance, and make this a good story. Otherwise, we should probably all be ashamed (self included) for feeding this monster. .....ok, now rip that apart.
General Lee
so you think you can fight I'm calling you out you your all talk but no action . Redneck vs punk
Ramen Noodles Animations
Shes so savage though...
Bryson Lane
You look like a stupid ugly cunt
Jamyrah Tomlin
Can You Look At The Comments On Your Music Video Hi Bich And Do A Video On Reading Those Comments?🤔😊
Brick Squad
This hoe acts dumb talk dumb looks dumb everything stupid on her🤤
4 The Love Of Makeup
We are making idiots famous. Good job
Tabitha Weimer
Wait IS your favorite tv show
The Dude of Stuff
Can't wait to see her burning in hell
Cindy Denardi
Dude shut up I'm not even aloud to cuss at 16 or 18 ur way to Young to cuss
Savage Gamer
She funny af
Brandon Thompson
Man this girl is pissing me off by existing in this shit world XD
Anita VO
The way she screams still a kid
dude that's cool prouductions
My gurl: what up pussy hoes
Me: her legs...apparently
Dannie u cuteeee <3
a legend has been born
cheeta 101
me and my niggas used to throw eggs one the windows at dollerama because we aint get no free sodas
cheeta 101
nigga when i was your age we aint have none of this shit !
Victor Sanchez-Garcia
its funny how i always wanted my name to be jasmine but its Bianca i thought that was really weird
Get me at least 18 subs
Just saying i love you and you so pretty forget the haters and black isn't a color
Nyima Smith
I love your songs you are so cool
Alora Horton
Can you react to cringing musically‘s please and I think you are the coolest person ever
yandere-chan loves senpai
Dani: I would meet marilin marrose beacause I like her tittes
Me: oh gawd lol
yandere-chan loves senpai
You are amazing dani, I love you so much, and I wish I could meet you 💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤
I like the names Jasmine Bianca and Cameron they are nice
IShadow_ warrior
whassup PUSSY HO
So many thirsty 9 yr olds
dick sauce?
Jeanette Opal
She is right, you can't act a color. She is acting silly. That's what she is acting.
Aryam n Maldonado
You know white people or hispanics can come from the ghetto too? And basically be raised in this kind of attitude and lingos? Stop saying she acts black or appropriates a culture there is no such thing.
If you could be any animal what would you be ♡♡♡
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