Danielle Bregoli Q&A Sesh

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Anime Izzy
If this hoe can get a tv show so can I
Sequoia Drake
Malu 4 life
Mr. Nightmare
You are an idiot
Selina Mckim
how old are you
Selina Mckim
how old are you
Luna Lumanis
I want to meet her just to send her to the hospital. Just don't get phased.
Damn if you could get famous off of being a dick I would have signed up my alcoholic Dad up months ago
I want her in my porn movie (HOW BOUT DICK)
the Realest
Hey guys I have 0 subs and I would really like if some of u guy subed to my channel 😁
Why are 2 million people subscribed to this creature? She’s famous for talking shit on dr Phil and before the meme was funny until people kept her relevant by posting shit she already did before she was famous as if it was news but people cared to subscribes to her

This generation is fucked
Alex the Master
U Bitch ass niga
Kyra Lin
I love you so much. but come you think black guys are always fine?
hanaan mahamed
WHO YOU CALLING PUSSY HO BITCH ASS go get a life dumb bitch you,re aq pussy ass ho
Ray Renee
Rip headphone users at 3:52 !!
Adarius Kling Jr
i know your story
Kimberly Hussey
That boy name that is kameron
Brianna Balbuena
1:22 lol thats random
Skylie Williams
Your,music is lit but keep up the good work
Trainz eld78 productions
So being Lazy is your favorite thing to do?
Jeanny Camacho
"ill meet marilyn moroe be cause ummm... I LIKE HER TITIES!!" dead
Jeanny Camacho
"ill meet marilyn moroe be cause ummm... I LIKE HER TITIES!!" dead
mickeyda awesomegamermouse
guys please tell me how old is Danielle?
XBianca LionesX
That's Brazzzyyyy my name is Bianca and my best friend's name is jasmine
Brandon Kiuby
Fuck you
Aleiyah Villalpando
You are so COOL💩
Michael Robinson
That's freaking funny
Linda Barrera
You are so f'''''''' mean
Rudnette Hamilton
Do you now ayo and teo
Ellienore Padlop
She doesn't act black. She is a white trash hillbilly red neck. Black people adopted the ghetto accent from the white trash slave owners.
Jay Hernandes
ay Danielle I love your voice unlike lice gum over here any way maybe we can date sometime-i'm 14
Jay Hernandes
ay Danielle I love your voice unlike lice gum over here any way maybe we can date sometime-i'm 14
Jay Hernandes
ay I love you Danielle and maybe we can date -i'm 15
i laugh like how she laughs, and everyone in my dad's family laugh like that too 😂
Latterel Libiran
Triggered tro anyone?
danielle mora
this lil girl acting like the hood and with social media and fame it's all lost in shit
savage kid
She's fine as hell
Jazmira Martin
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕name jazmira martin and l at 9.
Katie Warner
She clearly has mental issues
Jasmine/jazzy queen
do you want children? if so what will you name them? Danielle bregoli answer: i want 2 girls and a boy. i want my boy to be the oldest i will name him camron and i want 2 girls i will name them Jasmine & Bianca.... and my name is jasmine and i have a friend named bianca
total kill
You need help with your potty mouth
Or Andrew
LL cool J
Where’s the tv show
faze Fan
life is more real in roblox Live gamer
Aww I love you you dumb stupid bitch to 💞
Inarhe Compoe
you should watch that Clayton's video about kiss marry or kill
Nyasia Barnes
I love her and to all the people who said shes famous for the wrong reason get a life. She appeared on Dr.Phil and said the cash me ouside how now dat. but Kim k is famous for her butt ???? plus she's funny and like to be herself so stop hatin how bow dat
Aggie S
SHe said my name!!!!
Gabbie Dances
Her reason for wanting to meet Marilyn Monroe ACTUALLY had me laughing out loud
Chyanne Stafford
omg i want a boys and 2 girls the boy to be the oldest too and I want one the named Jasmin and the other bianca two omg that is really scary I'm not joking
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