Shezza_ 77
The girl who is afraid of crockroesh I feel u
Just wanted to say the woman look beautiful with and w/out the makeup :D
Kylaney Banda
Just make me model half- way down the stairs. There you go. (Don't judge me, those things are death traps)
Megan Jafarace
Im basically afraid of nothing, so...?
Nobody is pointing out that that woman's name is isis king.
Karlie J
the crow is so beautiful!
Hay Hay Fio
Bird: flaps wings hard
Girl I forget her name : **** no!!!
Warda Moselhy
i hate cockroach and spider
Calisa Hardy
11:48-11:50 you see her mentality just switch!
so i would model in the air cause my fear is height
Brooke Rickhoff
Props to the girl who put a SPIDER on her head!
Erica Sedgewick
Can we talk about how nice Isis looks😍😍😍damnnnn
Phandom crap
Let's have a round of applause for isis king 👏🏻 you go! 😊
You're so beautiful.
I'm just afraid of plain/car etc. crashes so how in the world would I do this
I love animals, amphibians anything even insects
s w e e t - n i g h t c o r e
the animals are pozing heh
Courtney Won
"Ok get it off me....bring it back" 😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Conner Creatorion
I have zoophobia, the fear of animals
1:02 same.
Random fox Is Here
Who else is a girl and loves bugs :D
Brooklyn Greer
In all honesty that bird was adorable
Brooklyn Greer
I feel you on the snakes I live in texas and rattle snakes are most common
Libo Xue
The scary looking animals are always thought of being deadly the world is unfair ;-;
Can you model with failure?

Or ghosts?
WarriorCats 4Life Bloodclan
crazy cupcake
Don't worry Sheridan I'm the same 😂 birds freak me out
Sehar Aisha
i am afraid of the dark, creepy-crawlies, clowns and some dogs
Kai Faulkes
I'm deathly afraid of antique dolls, puppets/marionettes, clowns and being buried alive.
Sienna Butland
'i am really happy issis is here'
Azazel Strix, the Unholy
as long as they don't start flying, we're good.
Thunderclaps -
You know, I really don't understand why people are scared of animals, and why people think they have the right to judge the animal, if that makes any sense at all. Humans are just another species in the ecosystem. Just another mammal of Earth (wut). Animals are the same as us, and we shouldn't think that we are better than them. Because truth be told, pretty cub every single animal on Earth can do some better than we can do it, or do things that we just can't do at all. We are at the top of the food web, the Apex Predator, because of our ability to absorb knowledge, and use that to our advantage. I think that we all should come to realize that we, are equal to animals. Every single organism that has ever been on this planet, is equally important.

Edit: Just saying, this is coming from a 11 year old boy in Japan. Also, feel free to reply your opinion, as long as you don't start bashing my opinion for invalid and stupid reasons like " You're only 11, you don't know anything" and other bs like that.
Eve Cobb
I would model with all of them as long as they weren't on my face
Alice Benoit
Sheylene Jimenez
Who doesn't like birds?!?!? I hate that women now! 😡😡😡 😭😭😭😭
Mia's World Xox
I'm not scared of any of these
Luna Lovegood
I died of fright for these poor girls
Emily Peterson
How is that girl afraid of birds? I'm obsessed with birds I have two and I have 7 or more fake birds in my room 😂 she would hate my room 😂 but I'm not hating my cousin is scared of birds
Malainie May
I'd just wanna cuddle these animals honestly
Shaleera Johan
ok ik this is completely off topic but that crow is seriously the most majestic thing ever
Livi Clarke
I can do snakes and birds but NEVER touch me with a cockroach or spider.
Magic Pigeon
Well I feel sorta weird I don't think I have any fears I love all these animals except the cockroach I'm not afraid of it though
yo da
These photos were so amazing... I'm not going to lie I almost cried at how powerful they are. I would love to (with extreme hesitation) do this same concept.
rairiramu draws
I held a boa constrictor once, my brother dropped it on the ground. They weren't tamed. Somehow he wasn't harmed.
Unicorn rainbow Beast
Sheridan: f*ck no🏃🏃🏃.
Hawaii. Melodies
I would say am afraid of kittens
muffin swirl
is it werid that I was 7 and I loved petting a big giant cockroach! 😂
Coolwolf14780issocolAj Lpsluna
can you do This what about This or This
If I did this, I would be posing with a snake. Snakes terrify me.
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