Women Model With Their Worst Fear

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“I should’ve said I was scared of kittens."

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MUSIC credits
Licensed via Audio Network

Isis King
Special thanks to Steve Mehren of Saving Wildlife International wildswi.org 
Hair Stylist: Justine Reilly https://www.instagram.com/tjustine/ 
Makeup Artist: Bailey Smith https://www.instagram.com/baybrooke/

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Caitlin Alexandra
These women are so brave!!! I could never do something like this, they are inspirational 😍
I wanna pose with the bird. I have 2 (conure + parrot) and theyre the sweetest and that bird is absolutely gorgeous
Agnes Firdaus
I HATE spider chrochoaches.sorry for the spelling
Meitha Artha
There was a cockroach on my foot while i'm watching this 😫😭 im shaking rn 😭
Isabelle Grace Coates
That snake is sooooooooooooooo paternd
Millie Mogudala
Cockroaches are my deepest fear I can't even watch this video when it shows bugs
That boa constrictor was so pretty 😍
Sharon Garcia
The bird is so cute ❤️
I LOVE Isis. So fab.
Tiali Danyluk
My mom was screaming because she saw a Cockroach.I just picked it up and petted it then threw it outside
I feel bad for the girl who got the cockroach >_<
Bianca's Blog
my biggest fear is getting kidnapped what would i pose with
who else has trypophobia???
Arwen KawaiiPotato
Im scared of KPOP particularly BTS can I model with them??
Hamilton With Fruit
PANIC Metal Craziness
so imma pose with my ex....NOPE
Edith Rosillo
This gave me the chills
Night Strike
I would model with any creature honestly, and this is gonna sound so childish and stupid, but don't EVER take a picture of me with the unknown. Ever.
jahlisa gipson
am I the only one that loves snakes and think there not scary
Peri Mutlu
Dude I have incredibly severe arachnophobia and i would have a panic attack if i did this
Jot Bola
ISIS King, wow
Mercy Oliver
isis!! i remember her omg!!!
Dalia Alegria
The cockroach on Crissy (Idk if i spelled that correctly or not) looks like a cool broach.
Space Lemons
How about people model with their pets?
Jishwafangirl TØP
that lady obviously watched the movie "Birds" too many times.
Marisela Ugues
I have a fear of all of those and I would like to try to see how many of their fears I could take a photo with
Queen Kaye
I'd probably have to do a group photo with Donald Trump, Putin, and Ho Chi Minh then
Snakes and bugs are not scary at all! Cockroaches on the other hand...
Yee AJ
The girl scared of birds is delusional
Rejane Florinda
Great, now lets do one with a big great white shark!!!
Rejane Florinda
Fear of animals is mostly fear of your own instincts. You fear what you can't control. Except for cockroaches. They are just really gross.
Montana Moore
Look fierce and not cry
how tf can you have a fear of birds
Breanne Kenney
Isis is so beautiful
Natasha Arnold
I am more scared of the man that didn't blink.
xlunax._ x
I'm scared of snakes, but I wouldn't want to take a picture with my ex...
Anibarsana Hazarika
What would I have modeled with? Test papers? idk 0.0
International Playboy
I like the look of snakeus, if i touch it, then thats the problem

Edit: spelled touch wrong lolololollol
Asabea Agama
I recently modelled with a python and held a tarantula in my hand, I HATE spiders so much, I felt like I was gonna throw up
Rianne van Etten
I'm literally pausing the video anytime the bugs get in frame and then I just start reading comments because I'm terrified too lol
Criminal Penguin
Being scared of snakes and spiders is ok some can kill you but why birds
Greta Lethlean
i'd get a photo with a moth omg
Turtle SeokJin
I am really really super duper scared with spiders especially TARANTULAS.. but this video makes me feel satisfied. Now, I want to over come my fear.
jerelly kuo mei kwan
i totally cannot take picture with a caterpillar. NO!
Annie Austen
I love birds so much I actually really want to model with a bird!
Rocio Guzman
LOL ISIS KING 10/10 wutch wow 👌🏼
Haley Morgan
They're so brave. If someone put a frog near me I would definitely cry hahaha
Literally terrified of all of these things equally so I don't even know what I would pose with if I ever had to do this...
Merwa Nazary
lol I own a bird 😂
Jazmyn Shorting
Jazzmyne my name is like yours but mine is spelt Jazmyn
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