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No other brand has more J.D. Power Initial Quality awards than Chevrolet – for the fourth consecutive year. Learn more:

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* The Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Equinox (tie), Chevrolet Silverado HD and LD, and Chevrolet Tahoe received the lowest number of problems per 100 vehicles in their respective segments in the J.D. Power 2016 Initial Quality Study, based on 80,157 total responses, evaluating 245 models, and measures the opinions of new 2016 vehicle owners after 90 days of ownership, surveyed in February-May 2016. Your experiences may vary. Visit

Will M
Wouldn't the exorbitant amount of money they spend on these sets be better suited toward charity or something?
GM owns JD power right?
Zachery Ballenger
so fake,forced, and scripted.
Hey Chevy, nobody likes these ads. Get a new marketing crew.
Jay Li
I would never buy a Chevrolet in my life because of those DUMB commercials.
They are insulting people's IQ.
Make something better, come on.
Abram 134
who would want to buy a 30,000 dollar car when it costs like 1,000 to make and in a year it would be worth half
Jesus was a Carpenter
kind of know what Chevy is, a crappy American car, only now have to find out what JD Power is. Does is stand for Jewish Dominated Power or is it something else? Would have been more appropriate if you scam bags called your add Chevy get more of the unknown reward for unknown reasons based on unknown facts, you just have to take our word for it because this video looks legit and we are chevy we won't lie to you ofcourse.
Chevrolet lowered the bar for Advertising, even Scion was better at online ads.
gao xin
Viktor Step
Ford really stepped up the game. Their fiestas have the amount of power as Chevys suburban... And the fiesta is a Eco little 4 cylinder turbo engine, the suburban is a gas eating engine... Chevy really needs to step up the game! Ford stepped it up and Chevy needs to try and get on their level if they want any success. All Chevy is doing at this point is loosing sails everyday due to ford beating them in everything they do.
Andrew Melendez
Y'all I'm good with my decent-ish Lexus fuck Chevy and their fake ass ads lmao
Swarnjit Kaur
Tech Defender
I don't remember having a new 2017 camaro win an award 4 years ago. The ad is dumb. Like if your shit cars won awards at least show the correct ones from the correct year in order. I saw no 4 year old chevy in this ad.
Zackary Lading
Real steeples not tractors
So actors aren't real people?
Melino Liu
I like the toyota prius better!
Wanda Cosme
chiste Pepito
michael mcallister
Raised the bar of what crap can be approved by the DOT.
ramon Ramirez
produto medisinale
Nick Hartzell
Honestly if I had a Chevy I'd be offended that these are the type of people they want to sell to.
Toro SantanaVEVO
Will Wilkerson
it's not about Chevy, it's a Chevy, Isuzu, Suzuki venture and the Japanese run the show,
Noe Tamayo
Maybe if it was a Honda or Toyota!
Brock Maine
Guys i love chevy pickups the older ones. New ones are junk and so are ford and dodge now days they all are rigged to break down thats what america does. I really love chevy i own a 85 and a 97 cavalier but they do break down alot. True fact toyota pickups are the best they just keep running and wont stop and if you try and argue that fact your a dumbass that doesnt even know what your talking about.
golden Warrior
made in mexico shit box
Elevated Media
How many times do "not actors" switch places
This ad is fake af
It took them about 20 takes to get the "not actors" to be impressed.
Herminio Gacetez
The Snake Empire
chevy: "we got all these compliments and are better then other brands!" me: "well no shit, otherwise this wouldn't be a Chevy commercial.."
so why does ford sell more?
Ryan Risner
Lol still didn't out sell ford and the body style barely changed
Generic Name
Ford sucks
Fireysoldier88 Aaron
plus yah I'm going to buy a 100 thousand dollar corvette lol
Fireysoldier88 Aaron
I mean Chevy is my favorite brand but they just need to stop lying but any ways I'm a Chevy can fan but they need to stop just making stupid adds
Chris Carson
Thanks obama for the bail out. Still make ugly cars and trucks.
eltaco maxwell
Cyril Mathews
nonifactions on
Teriq Royal
Fuck Ford !
that's what happens when you sell out
wierdo 10000
i agree with james weldon
Zenaida Diaz
I think you need a van
Bramble Q123
I once had a Chevy (cavalier). I liked it actually, it was a snug little car. It desintegrated at 60+ k miles. Then I bought a Mazda (626), started get funny at 130. Then a Subaru (forester). I destroyed it in an accident when it was 140+. Bought another one, low mileage yet, can't boast yet. Sweet practical car though. Morale: Chevrolet my ass.
Ozwald Gaming
Chevy just raised the bar is probably the shittiest title they can think of. They literally say the rest of their cars suck up until this point. That is why I am here... the title.
Bramble Q123
Omg, such a blast of phoniness! How corporate. "Not actors, real people", lol. So what?
Peter Burnham
Chevy: I don't know who it is over there that keeps fighting to continue this series of commercials despite hideously low ratings, but you need to end it. You are becoming the laughing stock of the auto industry due solely to this piss-poor advertisement series, despite continually improving your actual product. This campaign is disingenuous, condescending, and above all simply untrue. These are not 'real people', more than half of them can be identified as payed actors with a quick look on IMDB. STOP THESE COMMERCIALS CHEVY, YOU ARE CRIPPLING YOURSELVES!
Zacc Ruuben
fuck dat shiiii
Elan Teichman
Real people, not actors. To what are they relating that sentence to. Every car in this commercial isn't actually there. I'm only commenting this because the Chevy Trax is pure evil. We rented one and there was almost no space, huge uncomfortable seats, and giant blind spots. We were supposed to get a BMW Mini Cooper, but when we got to Seattle the rental agency said "fuck you, we haven't rented those out in 6 years." Instead 2 real people, not actors were raped by the bait and switch. Adolescent Mediocracy at best.
not irving
pretty boy fredo spam it up
Joe Salem
Sure is fun when your wimpy door handles break, transmissions, rear ends, front ends seem shorter lived than ever. There's the check engine light. Better go buy another bucket of sensers and save up for a deluxe code reader. Hope that stupid air bag don't pop and crush my ribs.And I'm soooo worried I'll get a little scratch and devalue hell out of this thing. But I do love that Shiney $395 PLASTIC GRILL.HA HA HA HA $50,000 FOR THIS THING AND A PLASTIC GRILL!!! HA HA HA HA HA. SIGN THE PAPER, SUCKER. GET ON THE TREADMILL!!! HA HA HA.
Zackaree Hutton
They may not be actors, but there is overwhelming asthetics..,
Daddy and family
i want my vehicle made in america
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